Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Catching up and heading out!

After 14 months, the trip is almost here. Two days at Disney World and then we get on the ship. I am not where I thought I would be in terms of weight loss (I've gained 15-20 lbs since we booked the trip). But I am am going to enjoy myself! And when I get back I will try to dive into a healthier me, at the same time that our normal "spring hell" which is what we affectionately call spring sports and all the end-of-the-year activities (school doesn't end until June 17). But for now I need this trip so badly. Leaving on my dad's birthday was not ideal, but necessary. And when we come back, 10 days later will be the anniversary of his death. While I know the grief won't end on May 4th, knowing that I got through the first year in a milestone in my book. I have a another huge milestone sometime in the future - my mother selling my childhood home. I can't even think about that right now.

We visited the cemetery early and brought him some flowers and a homemade cookie, and my 7 year old brought his bug farm to tell my dad about.

Saturday I blew off Weight Watchers (which I've been doing a lot of lately) and ran a 10K with a friend. It was a tiny race and we came in last (it was her 1st 10K and she was doing the run/walk method) but she did fantastic!

The insulation is done in our basement, so the wallboard and plastering is next. This area is going to be for crafts and working out. I can't wait!

Off to get some work done and finish packing and then we are off bright and early. I can.not.wait!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Time is creeping by....

In a week we will be on vacation, but right now every hour feels like a day. I have been in vacation-mode since last week so only getting the work done that really needs to get done before I leave.

My eating last week was pretty bad - I worked from home every day except 1 and at too much leftover Easter candy. I made the decision at the beginning of the week that I wasn't even going to bother going to WW until after I came back from vacation. Tuesday night I went out with a friend, so ate junk and drank. Wednesday we had an unexpected power outage so ended up going out to dinner. Thursday I had dinner with my mom and even though I ate well, I got lectures from her about my weight. Fun times. Friday I took a sick day and didn't eat well

Thursday was in the 70s and gorgeous, spring was in the air. But then the forecast for the weekend made it clear we were going to get snow.

Saturday morning I went for a run because I sure didn't want run in the snow on Sunday. I was going to run 7 miles - it was a route a friend had mapped out, but it has almost a mile of "add-on" which meant we almost got to our car and then had to run 1/2 a mile in a different direction. I had a ton to do that day so didn't get all the way to the turn-around point - I cut one street earlier and ended up with 6.75 miles. Not shabby. But really, really slow.

I got a ton of packing done and went to bed late Saturday knowing it would be my last day to sleep in in a very, very long time. We woke up to blizzard like conditions - it ended up only snowing a few inches and by early afternoon it was sunny and by the end of the day most of it had melted. Monday was a different story. It wasn't really snowing when we got up but by the time it stopped snowing (around 9 pm) we had 6 inches. My husband had to snow blow. I woke up to a car-sicle on Tuesday morning. It was 20 degrees. It looked and felt like January. Very, very depressing.

I didn't get up to run this week because it was in the low 20s with a feel of the teens. I can't risk getting sick so close to vacation. I will get out and do 6-7 miles this weekend - most likely Saturday, the "warmer" of the 2 days - ie mid-40s. This is our punishment for a fairly snow-less winter. I won't say mild, though we definitely had warm days until last winter when it didn't reach 40 for almost 7 weeks.

But in a week we will  be in Florida. It just better not snow down there!