Monday, February 27, 2017

Another bad week done

Last week felt like the longest week ever. The kids were on school break, so we were all off our schedule. My husband was home with them the first 3 days and I worked from home the other 2 days. We went from snow over the weekend to 30 days of 70 degree weather.

I didn't run at all during the week. My legs were achy from the hilly 5 miles and my legs balked when I tried to run on the treadmill. I got my 10K steps in every day except for Thursday.

Eating was horrible. Kids kept wanting to bake during the day which meant goodies in the house, their eating schedule was off which meant unplanned dinners. Finally we went out to dinner Friday night and I was so mentally exhausted that I enjoyed the food at Dave & Busters, and the alcohol, and skipped Weight Watchers. I had told myself I would still go to WW even if I was up (which I would have been) but I decided I wanted a 'I-am-not-leaving-the-house' Saturday because I had so much organizing I wanted to do. And I did it! It felt fantastic!

Sunday I was supposed to do my 3 mile race. 2017 was supposed to be the year I didn't blow off any races. But I woke up early and just wanted to run - not drive an hour, deal with everything you deal with with a race, not run until 11:00 and then come home. So I decided at about 4 am that I would run 5 miles from home, not 3 miles far away. And that is what i did - I was done by 10:00, showered, did a few things around the house and then did a well deserved sit on my butt for the rest of the day (not because I ran 5 miles - but because I've been organizing like crazy and wanted to!)

Today is Monday - kids are back at school and work is crazy as can be. I was supposed to be "back on Program" again - until leftover cans of Coke were left in the fridge and I snagged one to have with my lunch because I was dragging from staying up too late to watch the Oscars.

Here is to a better week!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Run - Hilly 5 miles

What a difference a week makes - this Sunday was close to 50 degrees when I started my run at 9:00 am, so I ran in capris and a short sleeve shirt.

The next 3 weekends I have 3 races -3, 4 and 5 miles - the same series I did in 2016 and 2014. All the races include hills, so instead of running with my friends, I hit the hilly neighborhood.

I did a couple of loops with some rolling hills and a big hill that i did a few times. It definitely wasn't easy - I walked 1/2 way up the final hill. But it is done!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

February 18, 2017 Weigh-in

Starting Weight: 230.4
This Week's Weight: 228.6
Total Change From Last Week: +0.2
Total Change: -1.8
Height: 5'6"
Highest Non-Pregnancy Weight: 232.2

I made it back into the meeting room this week after the snow day last week.

A lot of what we talked about was purging stuff out of your pantry and closet. I was sadly reminded that when I lost the 50 lbs I finally gave away all my size 18 and XL clothing. It felt so good at the time. And since then, since I've been regaining, how awful it has been to have to buy new clothes or have very few clothes.  And reminded me that I really need to step up my game to be able to fit into the clothes that I bought for the cruise just last year.

 Today's activities will be cleaning my kids rooms and putting the final touches on the basement and then I think I am doing organizing for the time....oh yeah, and I need to start making clothing lists for the kids for the spring :)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Catching up

It's been a week since I wrote, which is never good. It's been a rough week all around.

After my rough Friday, Saturday was a snowy one. I had already decided not to go to Weight Watchers, which was smart - the roads were slick. But I did get a lot accomplished around the house. Late in the afternoon I did get out for some retail therapy :)

Sunday was snowing, yet again, but I needed to get my run in. It has been 2-3 years since I've run out in the snow - it was beautiful and not too slick. I ran 5 miles around my neighborhood.

Monday was another snow day for the kids - 2 in 3 days of school.

Tuesday was my mammogram. I had one a few years ago but never a repeat one. It was quick and not too painful. Wednesday they called and said they wanted me to come back in for some more scans and an ultrasound. I was completely freaking out. This had happened last time, and I know it happens often, but still. So I had an appointment for next Tuesday. But then Thursday they called back and said they had received my scans from the old hospital and I did NOT need to come back for another year. Serious happy dance!!!

Yesterday we also got out final invoice for our family room project - 2100 less than expected. More happy dancing!

Tuesday I ran 2 miles on the treadmill - Mentally I just couldn't make myself do 3. Tuesday we started a 10K/day Step Challenge at work. I've gotten my steps in all 3 days. Though yesterday I just walked instead of ran - which means I need to sneak downstairs now and get 3 miles in.

Eating has been so poor. I am just hoping for a maintain tomorrow in WW, but it could be another gain :(

One of the things on my To Do list for this weekend (okay, it's been on my To Do list for 2 weeks) is to try out our exercise bike. I am eager to see if I can make it get steps in while riding it!

I need to get in 5 miles on Sunday. It is supposed to be almost 50, but we've gotten so much snow in the last 9 days that the snowbanks are high so a little dangerous. But I will try to find a quiet neighborhood to run in.

I did a mini-purge in the kitchen this morning. I just need there not to be junk in this house. Not great seeing that we are going into the kids' vacation week, but my husband is taking them lot of places the 1st 3 weekdays so they can eat their junk out of the house!

Happy Friday!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Crappy, Crappy Week

I do so well when the situations are controlled and I am horrible when they are not.

I only was in the office on Monday
Tuesday - Snow, that really didn't happen until the afternoon
Wednesday - Was pure ice (though it ended up being 50 degrees later in the day) - there was a 55 car pile up on the road I take the work
Thursday - Blizzard
Friday - 2 hour delay

My eating has been horrible - too much left over cake, yesterday kids had a snow day and my daughter made chocolate chip cookies (my food that would be my last meal). Even this morning I was eating cookies for breakfast and then made my daughter take the rest of them to school with her.

I am not bringing the kids grocery shopping with me this weekend - I need a junk-food-free weekend! Next week is Valentine's Day, but it doesn't need to be another Halloween.

Tomorrow morning it will be snowing again so I am calling it now - I am not going to Weight Watchers, but that doesn't mean I am going to eat like crazy today!

I will still hit the reset button Saturday morning like I always do.

The good thing is I've gotten 2 runs in on the treadmill this week (though I hate the treadmill!) Tuesday was before dinner and then this morning. I was supposed to do 3 miles yesterday and I could have done them outside before the storm started but I was worried about ice with everything that would have melted with the 50 degree weather and then re-froze over night. And I just didn't get to it yesterday so I forced myself this morning. I had not excuse. With a 2 hour delay the kids didn't have to be on the bus until 10 (and I had a 9:00 conference call).

I still need to menu plan and create my grocery list for next week. Lots of fruits and veggies!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

4.4 lb gain in ONE day!!!!

Yesterday I was super sluggish

Pre-breakfast -
Banana (normal)
Banana/Flax tortilla/Nutella (extra)

Breakfast -
Cheerios and yogurt (normal)

Snack -
2 cheese sticks (normal)
Whole large tub of tabbouleh (extra)

Lunch - bagged the lunch I brought and bought
12 oz coke, burrito, corn and rice

Snack -

Dinner - mismatch
Chips and salsa, leftover corn fritters, cake and ice cream

I drank very little water and moved very little (less than 5K steps)

Yesterday my weight was 226.8 and this morning it was 231.2!!!!

I did quite a bit of a purge before trash day this morning, but the ice cream and cake are still in the house because today is my daughter's 1/2 birthday so she wanted to keep it around :)

Today I am working from home because of snow and because the Patriot's parade is today, but I am trying really, really hard not to eat anything out of my ordinary and to drink quite a bit of water. As of 11 am, so far, so good. But there is a lot of time left in the day.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Busy Weekend

I realize I never updated my stats on Saturday - it wasn't just because I did gain (as expected), I was just very busy!

Starting Weight: 230.4
This Week's Weight: 228.4
Total Change From Last Week: +1.2 (WW had me up by 1.6 because I went to the bathroom after weighing myself at home and I didn't have time to remove all my clothes and weigh myself again :))
Total Change: -2.0
Height: 5'6"
Highest Non-Pregnancy Weight: 232.2

Part of the gain was that I ate poorly on Friday - I was very hung over from my runner's club annual party the night before and I hadn't been hungover in ages and just needed food to make myself feel better (which didn't really work). Plus I was really anxious/excited to complete the next step of our family room remodeling project and anxious/excited about the Super Bowl.

After the painting was done on Wednesday, the contractors came on Thursday to hang the TV and fix our slider. Because I was out on Thursday night, we didn't get to put the furniture in until Friday. This week/weekend (once the paint has cured more) we will put the books and knick-knacks on the shelves. We are beyond excited of how it turned out.

In order for me to complete my February running goal of 31 miles (but preferably 39 to catch up from falling short in January) I needed to run on Thursday. I couldn't bring myself to get up on Thursday morning to hit the treadmill (and it was too cold to go outside!), so I did 3 miles on the treadmill before showering and getting dressed for my party.

Because I am superstitious, I knew I couldn't run on Super Bowl Sunday (because I did that 5 years ago, the year of the Patriot's 2nd Super Bowl loss and 2 years ago I ran on Saturday before the Super Bowl and that turned out well for us). My friend is running her 1st half in Disney in 3 weeks and she needed 11 miles. I knew I couldn't be there for 8 am, but I knew I could be for 9 am after she finished her 1st 5 miles, so after my meeting I ate a waffle with jam and a banana and headed out for a 5 mile run. It wasn't real pretty but it was 1 minute faster than the previous week.

After showering it was time to start making our cake - I make the cake and frosting on Saturday and put it all together on Sunday.

I was anxious/excited all weekend (I hate it when you wish for the weekend to be over!) and finally the Super Bowl was here. We made a ton of food, but I didn't eat too much of it. And today my eating isn't great because I am just too freaking tired (not hungover thankfully) - We stayed up until after 1:00 watching post-game coverage.

Tonight is trash night so all the super bowl food that is left will get tossed. And then back on program!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February: A New Month!

January, my least favorite month by far, is over! I always do a happy dance when February 1st arrives and I love Ground Hog Day, even if the groundhog predicts 6 more weeks of winter (I didn't realize until 3-4 years ago that 2/2 is actually the 1/2 way point of winter - that year was especially hard and in January I decided to figure out when winter would be 1/2 over so I could celebrate - I was pretty embarrassed when I realized it was February 2nd!)

Last year in January we had the weight of the upcoming basement renovation hanging over our heads - we didn't start emptying out the basement until mid-February and they didn't start until the third week in March. This year we will be done this week! (The painters will be done today!)

I finished up the month running 23 miles - the 1st 20+ mile month since May (and in the last 7 months, my highest monthly total was only 13 miles).

In order to hit Mark Zuckerburg's 365 miles in a year, you have to run 31 miles a month. So I have some catching up to do and I would like to get it done in February.

Since it was 18 degrees yesterday morning I wasn't going to run outside and needed to be up and dressed by 7 am for the painters, so I decided to run before dinner. I would have liked to have done 4.5 miles to have an even 25, but I just couldn't do it. I ended up doing 2.5 and walked 1.5.

My eating has been pretty poor this week so I am not expecting a loss this week, but eating well does remain on my mind. As I've said before, I get side-tracked very easily and with the painting going on and being excited about that, it is very hard for me to focus.

Do I have goals for February?
Run  between 31 and 40 miles
Get down to 223 pounds so I will weigh the same on 3/1 as I did when I started running on 3/1/2013.
Get in my steps (we have a Step Challenge starting at work on 2/12 but I want to start before that)
Get my water in
Reduce my sweet intake