Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodbye Irene...

We survived fine - just a little water in the basement and a lot of downed twigs and leaves. I hope I am not kidding myself that daycare will be open today. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be Mommy and Daughter days - little brother not invited!

The last 2 (okay, make it 3) days have been pretty off foodwise.

Friday we unexpectedly ordered pizza out instead of in. I did get a greek salad as well to share with my husband.

Saturday morning was rush, rush, rush around the get errands done before the hurricane arrived. I was up really early so ended up having 2 breakfasts plus a snack, then my daughter and I went to the mexican restaurant we had all been planning to go to but my son desperately needed a nap so my husband stayed home with her. We ate a ton of chips, but no soda. Our evening plans were canceled so we had sausage BBQ we had planned for Sunday.

So we woke up Sunday with very little food in the house so we all kind of grazed, though not heavily, all day and dinner ended up as Breakfast for Dinner. I skipped the sausage and had fruit instead.

The one thing I did on Sunday was plop the kids in front of the tv (I never let them watch tv ALL day, but I did yesterday so I could get stuff done). I organized all of the binders I have for recipes, as well as the binder I have that has all the ideas for food for kids, so after we hook up the printer again and I can print everything out, we'll be good to go. All organized for new and delicious and healthy food for the fall.

The next couple of days, okay, let's make it the next week, will be equally as hectic and out of routine.

Tuesday September 6th can not quick enough!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Skipping jeans day....

I am wearing my stand-by capris again today, even though it is Friday. I tell myself (and if anyone were to ask) that it is because it is muggy outside. But really it is because I am scared to try on my jeans. The Size 18 pants are long gone and I refused, absolutely refuse, to buy more. But I don't think the 16s will fit.

Today the scale said 202.8 which suprised me because I had 2 large servings of spaghetti last night for dinner. After today I am on vacation until after Labor Day. We are home for 6 out of 10 days and I plan on eating really well those days. Even the days we are away I am going to try to not overdo it. How awesome would it be to start the school year off at 199.8?

But for today I am not being "good". I am having my 'last' breakfast at work - which really is 2 breakfasts - a sandwich and a yogurt parfait. And I didn't bring my lunch or snacks either.  I am going to enjoy my food today and then cleanse the system after today!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Couldn't face the WW scale...

I did go to my meeting, but I didn't get on the scale. To me there just wasn't any point. I won't be there next week, so in 2 weeks will be my WW renewal. I am even going to return to her my 10% keychain and 25 lb weight. I need/want to earn them back.

Weight was down slightly this morning - 203.8. I was surprised. I ate way too  much dinner. I made tortellini salad with lots of fruits and veggies, but also a lot of cheese. And we finished up the ice cream for dessert.

I am avoiding the work Scooper-Bowl at work today. It isn't high-end ice cream which I love, so I am going to avoid it. The calories aren't worth it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Got on the scale 2 days in a row...

It said the same as yesterday. Not that I was expecting anything different. I had an impulse small bag of Smart Food mid-morning.Someone had left 20 bags in the work kitchen. We had tacos for dinner (a meal I never only have 1 serving of) and I hadn't had time to eat my afternoon snack, so I was extra hungry.

Getting into the shower this morning I was thinking about how much I miss being excited to wake up in the morning to get on the scale to see if it went down because I had eaten well the day before and thus expected the scale to stay the same or go down. I really miss those days. It has been a good 6 months since I have done anything to warrent the scale going down. I am looking forward to those days coming again very soon.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just putting the number out there....

The scale this morning said: 204.2. Ugh. I didn't want to get on it but I forced myself on it. I am glad I did, despite not liking the result as well. I am up 19 lbs in the last 6 months.

I am also wearing a sundress to work - yes it makes me look pregnant, but honestly I was afraid to put on my pants. And I am more scared to try on my non-capri pants that I will need within the next month when the weather turns colder. Though if tomorrow it was 50 degrees, I would still wear my capris. I am scared that the pants won't fit (and they have NO give unlike my capris). I am seriously considering that I might have to buy size 18W pants. I really, really don't want to. But even if I started losing weight tomorrow, my fear would be the pants wouldn't fit.

So the number it out there and it will continue to be out there, because I can't hide from it. Shame brings on the weight gain (well not just shame - stress, stress, stress does it too).

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Year Undone

I originally started this "blog" a year ago, shortly after my 40th birthday. It was originally called 'Getting Fit by 41'. Well, 41 has come and gone and I am exactly where I was a year ago. On August 30th I saw 200 for the last time until July 19th. The lowest I saw was 185.4 on February 25th. But the last 6 months have brought almost a 20 lb gain. They have also brought my husband being laid off, work being out-of-control busy, and my husband experiencing a freak household accident which had him incapacitated completely for 6 weeks, but unable to drive for 8. Alone, any of those would have been okay, but all together have been too much for me.

We have changes coming up - mainly being our leap into the world of elementary school - as our first child start Kindergarten in 10 days. At one point I hoped to be at my goal by her 5th birthday. Another time I hoped by the start of first grade. Now I have no goal (though a lingering one is by June 2013 for my 25th High School reunion - of which I will NOT attend if I have not made substantial progress).

Accountability has to be key. For the last couple of weeks I have stepped on the scale almost every day - too see if get even higher in the 200s, but not once have I recorded the weight in my spreadsheet or here. I have not attend Weight Watcher meetings as I have not been at work on a Thursday in a month. I haven't even checked in in 2 different on-line "challenges" I have been part of.

I need to get back to all of that. Daily recordings in my excel spreadsheet and even daily entries here if that is what it takes. But definitely entries here. Weekly checkins with my online challenges. And attend WW if I can (for instance I will be out again next Thursday) - hopefully the next session will be renewed.

But on a good note, I asked my husband for sneakers for my birthday so I get to go pick those out very soon - maybe even this weekend.

With our new routine starting soon, I hope that means early mornings for me (gotta tell my husband that no, he can NOT watch tv or study in our room at night - I want lights out at 10:30, even if that means watching a 10 pm newscast of people I don't particularly like).

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday time

We are back from vacation - we've been back almost a week. But I haven't been able to get back on track. My weight is hovering around 201 - today it was down a little, but I think it was my pre-TOM dip.

Last Thursday was my husband's birthday but the celebrations were drawn out from Wednesday through Monday when we finished the ice cream and cake. And my daughter's 5th birthday is Sunday but her party is on Saturday. But my hope and desire is to start C25K again on Monday. My dream is to do a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving this year. I know I won't be able to finish C25K in the alloted 9 weeks, plus some extra weeks to practice running outside, I think I should be in fine shape. My birthday is in 2 weeks - I am hoping to buy myself a new pair of sneakers as a gift.

I've decided to eliminate my normal Lean Cuisine pizza from my lunch - it is 10 PointsPlus, which is too "expensive" from a Points perspective, and too expensive from a $ perspective, plus they stopped making my favorite kind which was only 9 points. So I decided I am going to try to actually make my lunch. A lot more time consuming, but necessary.

With the preparation of starting to work out again, I need to start going to bed earlier again. I need to get my husband in the habit as well - when he was hurt with his emergency foot surgery, he was recuperating in bed. But now he is studying a lot, but still has been studying in bed. I need to kick him out so I can go to sleep at 10:30. Then hopefully it will be a habit again when the new TV season starts in 6 weeks, so I won't stay up watching tv.

I see good on the horizon. I am definitely not where I planned on being in August of 2011 (originally my "blog" name as Fit by 41). No, I am not changing it to 'Fit by 42' - way too much pressure. Just sometime in my 40s is okay :) Though my 25 year high school reunion is in 2 years so that would be good!