Friday, May 31, 2013

Off with the shorts!

After having another fail week of working out, I had a nice NSV this morning (along with a nice showing on the scale). Since I work from home on Fridays and it is going to be in the 90s, I put on shorts. I wore these shorts last night, but when I zipped them up, they practically fell off my hips. I could easily pull them off. They are a size 18W and I am definitely between sizes, though all the pants I've been wearing to work are 18W because the 16W just aren't there yet. I grabbed 2 pairs of 16W shorts from the closet, one being the pair of shorts I was wearing the day my daughter was conceived (sorry, TMI) and they both fit! Maybe a tad tight when sitting down, but passable! I feel wonderful.

I have definitely been stressing about what to wear for my reunion next weekend since I hate all my clothes, and I can't find new clothes I like. I just want the reunion to be over. I hate going weighing 70 lb more than I did when I graduated. But I guess that is better than 90 like I was 6 months ago! But I am going to go and get it over with and see people I probably won't see again and wait for the day that I can post to FB that I have made it to goal!

Still haven't had soda since last Friday!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Willpower Wednesday

Sitting here at home, alone, at 4:40 pm with a bunch of brownies in the other room. I ran home from work (18 minutes when I don't have to pick up kids!) to take a call. I had my snack around 3:30. Day 2 at work with no soda. Both days this week I've had my snack (WW cheese stick and fruit cup) along with my carrots, so the only thing left for lunch is my Lean Cuisine pizza (with a chunk cut out to make it less points).

I am sipping water like crazy to get through the hunger - and I am not sure it is hunger. It is willpower because I do not want brownies!

I did wake up and worked out this morning! Intervals for 30 minutes - so better than not getting up! Not sure what I am going to do in the morning - running? go to the Y for bootcamp? strength training?

I need to find a new activity to do at night now that TV is over for the summer (I am trying to avoid looking for new tv shows) - Reading? Working out is reserved for the morning. I want to try to stay away from the computer since I am on it all day. But I am usually mentally bushed by the time the kids go down.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back to the grind...

My stomach is in rebellions after a large meal for dinner last night. And it wasn't that insane - hamburger (no cheese) in a wrap with veggies. Salad with pinenuts and goat cheese. Corn on the cob with Promise Light. Dessert of a brownie, ice cream, light cool whip and strawberries - not that large. All last night my stomach was just making the most obscene sounds. And still now I feel gassy/hungry, despite having had breakfast and a ton of water so far.

I didn't bring a soda to work today! We'll see how the next 10+ days go before my reunion, then I'll make a decision about what to do. Hopefully it will all be out of my system and I won't feel like I need it anymore!

Yesterday we did take a walk around the reservoir - it was 2 miles, mainly through woods or rustic roads. I am not sure if it would work well for trail running - not to begin with. There were a lot of roots. My son complained about 1/2 the time and my husband carried him some, but for the most part he did it all on his own. Someday he'll do it without complaints! I can't wait to do more hikes.

The rest of the day was pretty low key - a lot of getting ready for the week. This is always a weird time of year. The "unofficial" start to summer, but she still has almost 4 weeks worth of school left - some towns (who start school after Labor Day) have 5 because we had so many snow days. But I am looking forward to 3 days off - 1 1/2 days to myself, and 1 1/2 days with my daughter. Then the busy summer camp schedule starts.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Here in New England it has been crazy weather. Rainy since Tuesday, which we really needed because it has been a very dry spring. But Saturday and Sunday were crazy cool too - it was 41 when I woke up yesterday. But it will be 90 by Thursday and could be our first heatwave if it makes it to 90 all the days it is expected.

I am kicking ass in the food department - though I plan on having today be my "cheat day".

Saturday the kids had a lunch playdate, so my husband and I went out for BBQ before doing errands. I had a pulled chicken wrap - sure it probably had an insane # of calories, but I picked chicken over beef or pork, I didn't get any sides, and I had water to drink.

Later I took the kids back to our old town for a birthday party. Since it was at 4:30, pizza was served. I passed on both pizza and cake. I had packed a PB&J sandwich in the car which I ate on the way home. Day #1 with no soda.

Sunday I got up and went running, in the cold rain (but it was on a rail trail, so the trees covered us). We went 3.5 miles - the furthest I have ever gone. We don't run at my normal 12:30 pace - we go slower, which is fine by me! She said she wants to try to increase mileage by .25 miles a week, which again is good by me. I downloaded a couple of 10K training plans and they had me going from 4 to 5 miles in 1 week (granted, later in the program) and then 5 to 6 miles. I need slower than that! So we'll see how that goes.

Sunday was a nice lazy day around the house- the rain finally stopped later on, though it was chilly. I spent some time kicking a soccer ball around. I get the idea of wearing workout clothes all weekend, so you can spontaneously do something!

The eating was pretty good - may have had too much blue cheese (the cheese, not the dressing ) on my tiny piece of steak. Again, no dessert, no soda!

I am not sure how far I am going to take this no soda. I know I should just cut it out all together. Then I say maybe just the 4 days I am at work. Maybe I will try to go without it at work this week since it a short week and see how it goes.

Today my 6 year old said she wanted to go running, but 5 minutes into our intervals (running very slowly and walking) she said she didn't want to do it anymore. So we walked home, I dropped her at the end of the driveway, and decided to go for a "quick mile" - I did it in 12:00. I need to find the closest track to us (our high school is being rebuilt on our fields, so our track is no longer in existence) so I can do some speedwork and see how fast I really can do 1 mile (driving to wear I run on Sundays is too far just for 1 mile). The mile from my house has a slight incline for the first 1/3 mile - so I would like a flat place.

Not sure what we have on tap for the rest of the day - we are thinking of going to explore the reservoir near us - ?place to do some trail running?

Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weekly Weigh-in #26

Starting Weight (12/1/2012): 232.2
Last Week: 215.0
Current Weight:  212.8
Change Since Last Week: -2.2
Total Change: -19.4
Height: 5'6"
Goal: 149

Wow! Totally wasn't expecting that this morning! Though I do always say that I have a dip in weight right before TOM.

But I will take the loss. Let's see if I can lose at least .6 this week to make it 20 lbs!

4 lbs away from my 10%

5 weeks of loosing!

Off to work out!

Friday, May 24, 2013

BIg fail in the workout department....

Third morning in a row I was wide awake before the alarm at 5:30 and I still didn't get up. This morning I got up to pee at 4:30 (I've got to stop drinking water so late at night), but didn't weigh myself. Got up around 5 to weigh myself, back to bed. Got up at 6:30, went to the bathroom again, weighed myself again. Such a sick game I play. But I WON'T stop weighing myself daily. THIS is what works for me.

I have a spreadsheet where I put in my daily weights, and then I have 2 columns - what did well that day and what I did not. I recently added a column to my Exercise log of 'what I didn't work out' so I can be accountable to myself as well.

I am trying, trying, trying to eat like a normal day today hoping I can week out .2 lb today and have my 1 lb loss for the week. Looking back at the last 25 weeks, my average weight loss has been .7 lb a week. I have had gains 7 out of 24 weigh-ins. 5 of those 7 I have not gone to my meeting that week. I don't want to do that anymore. If I have to miss a meeting because I am away is one thing, but blowing off a meeting for a gain - not good!

Bring on Saturday morning - bring on a new week!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

And the next morning didn't happen either.....

So much of this change of living thing is mental and with mental I seem to fail miserably.

I was up at 5:00, I was lieing in bed wide awake at 5:30 when my alarm went off. I had already gone to the bathroom and seen happy numbers. I was lieing there feeling my hips and thinking to myself how much better I feel at this weight than 3 years ago when I was just starting out at this weight. But I still didn't get up!

I've just got to start getting up at 5:30 am every day no matter whether I am working out or not. I know everyone says that you just have to make it part of you routine, that it is a necessary part of your day like eating and sleeping. I WANT to get to that point, but it is SO hard!

I decided to work from home today - Despite the fact that it is going to be a rainy mess from now through Sunday, I wanted to get some chores done between working so I can concentrate on my family for the long holiday weekend.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Okay, so didn't wake up the 3rd morning....

I am kicking myself.

Thunderstorms were active for a lot of the night, so my sleep was not restful. And since I was so sore from the 2 days, moving around hurt, so I was exhausted when the alarm went off at 5:30, and it was pouring and dark, so bed was very inviting! But I am mad at myself.

But I also feel wonderful walking around all in pain. I have missed those pains so much!

Maybe I will try to get in a workout tonight and then run in the morning!

Bring on Summer!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2 5:30 am workouts - feel great!

I decided to change up my working out this week - well, the fact that I haven't been working out exept for running 2-3 days a week (though when I was doing it on the treadmill I was doing some weight lifting as well).

Since I didn't get my run in on Sunday, I knew I couldn't take Monday off. Plus with the TV season being over, I have no excuses not to go to bed early.

I've been part of an on-line bootcamp since March, but really haven't been doing it. So I decided I needed to give it a try so I can decide whether I will want to do the next session (starting around the 4th of July).

So Monday I got up and did a cardio/weight lifting workout - lunges, squats, etc. I also never did the fitness test 2 weeks ago, so I go to see how many pushups, situps, and jumping jacks I can do, and how long I can hold a plank. Very sad! I am very sore today - I love the feeling!

This morning I tried an interval workout - definitely got my body moving in different ways, but I wasn't drenched in sweat like I would have liked. Tomorrow I will try a similar workout to yesterday and Thursday i will go running. I am going to put my all into this bootcamp for a couple of weeks so I can really test out the workouts.

Today is my 8th wedding anniversary - I hope to be at goal in 2 years when we got to Las Vegas to celebrate 10 years.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bring on a new week!

Is it Friday yet? I am kind of dreading this week and just want it to be over and have it be the long weekend and the "unofficial start to summer". I can't believe it went so quickly!

Speaking of quick, the weekend went by really fast too!

Saturday, after my meeting, I did a HUGE food run, because I needed so much to start cooking more interesting foods again! Then I did yardwork for a couple of hours. And then got dressed up and out to dinner with my husband. I still feel full! The meal was amazing, but I slept like crap - I was so hot from all the sodium, I don't sleep well even after only a couple of drinks, and I was still full. I woke up feeling like crap. Not hungover - well, maybe a food hangover.

And the day didn't progress well because I felt like crap. We drove down to get the kids and had a picnic with my parents - definitely too many cookies were eaten today! But unlike last week, there is not evidence from the picnic for the week!

So I hope I can have a good week - I need it!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekly Weigh-in #25

Starting Weight (12/1/2012): 232.2
Last Week: 215.6
Current Weight:  215.0
Change Since Last Week: -0.6
Total Change: -17.2
Height: 5'6"
Goal: 149

Another small loss after a crazy beginning of the week - I will take it!

Making no predictions for next week - though next week will be PMS time. The week could be pretty crazy at work because my counterpart will be out on vacation, but I am hoping not to let that affect my eating.

Tonight DH and I are going to a 5 star restaurant for dinner for our upcoming 8th anniversary. I think I am picking the onion soup over the lobster bisque, not sure if I will get a salad, getting steak au poivre, will have homemade ice cream and chocolate sauce, and definitely red wine. Oh yeah, and this place has the most amazing bread. And I am going to enjoy every last morsel of it, and tomorrow will be another day, back on track.

 I am a little sad about my attire for this evening - I really don't have anything nice to wear. I have my dress I wore in NYC 2 weeks ago, but that is a little matronly for a date with the husband. Plus it is too big for me. But a new dress isn't in the budget right now. I may wear what I call my WW dress - I haven't tried it on recently. But something cute and new would have been nice. I did look on-line but everything I liked the look of was sold out in my size :(

Friday, May 17, 2013

Quick week!

So glad this week is almost over, though the weekend will be pretty busy and will probably go quickly as well.

I am going to have a small gain tomorrow, but I am okay with that - it should be a lot less than the 2-3 pounds I was worried about earlier in the week. Though I am sitting here in my Work from Home day trying to stay in control. I originally was scheduled to have a 8:00 meeting so I didn't go grocery shopping. The meeting was moved to 9:00 but I didn't know that until too late. I usually try to buy groceries to tide me over to Saturday until I can't make it on Friday, but I didn't this week for my breakfast food, so I needed to get creative. I am feeling starving already but trying to stay in control!

I vow that next week will be the week I REALLY start to work out! I have never worked out more than 2-3 times a week, ever I don't think. Maybe, maybe 4 times when I was trying to get in shape for my wedding (and that was all weight lifting in my basement). But now is the time!

I looked to see if there were any 5Ks I could do over Memorial Day weekend or the weekend after, but nothing sparked my interest, and money is a little tight right now, so I will just to stick to my own thing.

I started looking into CrossFit - there are a couple of gyms not too far from me, but wholey crap expensive! So since I am already paying for the Y, I might as well start using it!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Early morning 5K

After a couple of mornings of almost freezing temps (and the distinct feeling that I was getting sick and thus didn't want to go out in 37 degree weather in mid-May), I got my butt out of bed at 5:30 am and ran a 5K by myself for the first time since February 5, 2012. It took 39:14, so a minute slower than my fastest time before, but I am okay with that!

As expected, it was a tight "squeeze" to fit a 5K into our neighborhood - by going out of my neighborhood, the roads are very tight and windy. But by going up and back to the end of my street, cutting off on a side street and back, and doing a little doubling back at the end, I was able to get in a full 3.14 miles. Can't wait to do it again!

Of course now, I feel like I am starving. I had a banana when I was feeding the kids breakfast, and tried to drink a ton of water, and ate my normal breakfast, but my stomach is grumbling like crazy and it is only 10 am. More water, more water, more water.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Out of control....

I jinxed myself on Saturday by saying I can't lose for more than 3 weeks in a row. And this week will be a gain. Ugh......

I don't know if it is around ovulation time that I get a little out of control.
Or because I am cranky that after some beautiful days, the last 2 nights have been below freezing.
Or that I just can't have certain foods in the house - in this case I had made pasta salad for Mother's Day and ate way too much of it on Sunday and Monday (Monday I had a full serving of it BEFORE dinner!). And also I bought chocolate chip cookies for Mother's Day and even though I told my mom I had got them, she brought chocolate cookies, so too many cookies in the house, me being weak, I ate too many of them, including FOUR BEFORE dinner last night! The eating between getting home and dinner on the table has been a huge downfall for me and a lot of reason for my weight gain. I eat a snack before leaving work. I need to be better about drinking water on the way home and when I get home. But a lot of it is stress.

The weekend wasn't bad We went out for Mexican food for a late lunch on Saturday and I made pretty good choices - not perfect, but okay.

Sunday morning I got up and ran 3 miles in slightly less than 40 minutes - when I run with this friend we tend to run more slowly than I do when I am alone. So I am graduated from C25K....but I have not exercised since :(

Later on Sunday I did a ton of yard work outside, really moving my body, and finally getting to enjoy the outdoors of my house. Finally!

I have 3 days left of this week to turn it around but I am not incredibly hopeful to lose 2.6 lbs by then! (see when I gain, I really gain!)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekly Weigh-in #24

Starting Weight (12/1/2012): 232.2
Last Week: 216.0
Current Weight:  215.6
Change Since Last Week: -0.4
Total Change: -16.6
Height: 5'6"
Goal: 149
A loss after my weekend last weekend is very exciting!

And here I go making more predictions/setting goals for myself. Since re-joining Weight Watchers, I have never lost for more than 3 weeks in a row.

So I am hoping for a loss next week - any kind of loss!

My "enjoy it all" meal this week is Mexican food for dinner!

Tomorrow morning I am going running with a friend - Happy Mother's Day to me!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Welcome to Class 1 Obesity

I noticed this morning that my BMI is now 34.9 so I wondered if that meant something new on the Obesity chart. Googling told me that Class 1 Obesity is 30.0 - 34.9 and Class II Obesity is 35.0 - 39.9 (I was 38.1 when I came back from Florida weighing 236 lbs, and 37.5 when I started WW at 232.2 lbs)

Of course I've got 30 more pounds to lose until I am just plain overweight (I was there for 1 day because in February 2011), but it feels a little better to be on the lower end of the 30's. Even if I am at my weight I started WW in March 2010 *sigh* But I feel a lot better!

Still haven't exercised this week :(

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mid-week check in

Trying to get back on track after the weekend away. Doing a pretty good job in the eating front, but not the exercise front.

As of this morning, 2.4 of the 3 lbs were gone. Hoping I can stay on track until Saturday and have the 3 lbs all be gone.

I am continuing to feel out of sorts because I am not menu planned and we are in desperate need of food and I am still not organized after the weekend. Monday I was able to through together dinner from the freezer/pantry, but for last night I had nothing. We had a stressful afternoon bringing my son to see a specialist - I was so glad to have thrown a protein bar into my purse to eat on the way home. With no prospects for dinner, I suggested going out. After all, we had celebrated Cinqo de Maio yet, and Monday was a celebration day of sorts - a year since since we put in the offer on our house and it was accepted. A year since we stepped foot inside our house for the first time. I have visions of Mexican food, but in the end, we were home too early and my husband wanted to mow the lawn and the kids were cranky, so I just ended up making them and me Mac and Cheese (and I had a bunch of fruit and veggies as well).

But the exercise hasn't happened yet. I haven't officially worked out since last Tuesday! I am itching to get out - I thought it would be raining this morning (it wasn't) - but I stayed up too late last night.

Online ootcamp started again and I am going to try to make a go of it this time around - baby steps. And maybe next week make it to real bootcamp at the Y.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Back from the Big Apple!

My fun weekend in the City is over, but I am glad to be back where things are more predictable. I really am such a homebody.

The weekend with my mom and my daughter was fun, but not without my mom's digs about my eating and my daughter's eating - honestly, my mom is getting even more cruel and more self centered as she gets older. She really doesn't want to hea what I have to say when it comes to eating or being healthy. But I didn't let that dampen things - it was beautiful weather.

Friday we picked her up around 9:30 and hit the road. We pulled over around noon in a state park for a picnic lunch (mine was PB&J, hard boiled egg, carrots, banana, rice cake chips, 1 cookie, my 8 oz coke) - I didn't think we would get a chance to eat before dinner (and I was right) so I wanted a big meal!

We got to our hotel around 2:30 and immediately headed out to stroll down to Rockefeller Plaza and the American Girl store. Me and my daughter did quite a bit of shopping there and literally had to run back to the hotel to change to make our 6:00 pm dinner reservation. Food was Italian - I had some bread, a few olives, a couple glasses of wine, a salad, pasta (the portions weren't very large), and chocolate mousse for dessert. Yummy! Satisfied but not stuffed.

We went to see 'Cinderella' - fanstastic! We got back to the room at 11:00 and I fell asleep immediately.

Breakfast was at the hotel - I got 2 scrambled eggs, bacon, wheat toast, home fries, and OJ. The OJ wasn't worth it - It was fresh squeezed and I don't like pulp. I had a nibble of the home fries (they weren't real home fries - they were deep fried) and ate the rest.

We wandered through Central Park and made our way over to Serendipity, with the thought of having a morning snack of Frozen Hot Chocolate. But it was 11:00 and it didn't open until 11:30, so we decided to wait and have lunch there. Before getting in line we went to a candy store, but only got some stuff for the kids. Lunch was a burger (not a very good one, which I didn't eat it all) and we all shared a frozen hot chocolate. Yummy!

After lunch, we went a bunch of places and then to Tiffany's so I could check out their Keys, which I plan to buy once I hit Lifetime. At that point my mom and daughter headed back to the hotel. I kept looking at Tiffany's and then went and got a snack New York bagel with CC and a Coke - not very healthy!) - I never did get a Pretzel, Pizza, or any other street food like I wish I had. Next trip!

After  a quick rest at the hotel, we went to the Met to meet up with my mom's cousin. I knew there was nothing at the restaurant for dinner that my daughter would eat, so she got some pasta at the cafeteria while my mom and cousin got tea, and I had water.

Dinner was at Turkish Restaurant. We got bunch of appetizers, and then I got a Kabob for dinner, and Backlava for dessert. Yummy. Again, satisfied, not stuffed.

I had a horrible nights sleep and knew I had a long day ahead. I indulged a bit for breakfast - pancakes, egg, bacon - No OJ. I didn't know when we would have lunch. We drove to NJ to see my cousin preach and then back to her house for lunch (takeout pizza, no salads). We left around 3 and at 4:30 stopped at a rest area. I needed caffiene, so got a Mocha Frappe from McDonald's (my daughter got a chocolate shake) - Turns out that was my dinner as we didn't stop again and got to my parents around 7:30. I was starving but exhausted so chose not to make myself anything at home. I was in bed at 9:00!

The scale was up 3 lbs this morning - Not sure how much of that is "real" - One thing I don't like about traveling is not being able to get my water in. My body kind of rebels.

But back to the grind and hopefully back on plan, even though this week is kind of off kilter.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekly Weigh-in #23

Starting Weight (12/1/2012): 232.2
Last Week: 217.6
Current Weight:  216.0
Change Since Last Week: -1.6
Total Change: -16.2
Height: 5'6"
Goal: 149

Weighing in a day early before my trip to NYC.

Very happy to see 216 this morning!

I saw the scale say 236 after my trip to Florida in November, so 20 lbs gone. But officially (well pseudo officially because I won't be able to get to WW this morning) 16.2 down since December 1st.

Making no predictions on my weight a week from tomorrow. I am not using a 3 day trip as an excuse to eat everything in sight, but I am going to enjoy myself as well. But Monday, exhausted or not, back on track.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

One Pound at a Time

I know I have constantly said here that I don't do well with goals and 'I want to lose X # of lbs by Y'. I always fail, miserably. Any week I say I am going to do well, I gain...a lot.

We all say Baby Steps and I think I just need to concentrate on 1 pound at a time. Make good decisions that will allow the scale to go down by 1 pound. 1 pound a week at this weight SHOULD be attainable. Not trying to do 1.5, or see how many pounds I can lose by my next meeting. BUT should I not lose a lb, I think I should work extra hard the next week to make up for it. So that is how I am going to think from now on.

So here I sit at home, trying to work, being very distracted by housework I am trying to do before I leave for the weekend, packing for the weekend, being excited about the weekend, being excited about all the weekends to come (I love spring!), and trying not to dive into goodies I bought at the grocery store per the request of my husband (who will be home with my son) and my daughter (road trip food).

I trying with all my might because I am dieing to see a new number. I have been stuck in the 217's for 3 weeks (okay, I've been way above them as well, but the first time I dipped into the 217s was on April 13) I haven't seen 216 anything yet. 216 is the elusive number because that was my starting number on 3/25/2010. Granted, even if I saw it tomorrow morning, it ain't going to look that way on Monday!

Speaking of which, this is what I think my weekend nosh will look like. I will confess that I am very nervous about this all because I am going with my mother who is hyper critical of my weight and also of my daughter's eating habits (even though I keep telling my mom that one of my issues is that junk food was a rarity and forbidden in my house so as soon as I could buy my own food, I bought junk (though that majority of my weight gain is from overeating, not eating junk food) and thus I am teaching/allowing my kids to eat SOME junk - not a lot, but I don't want them to think it is forbidden. Granted, my daughter has turned uber-picky and only wants the junk food. So my mom will be hyper critical of snacking. She believes if I don't give my daughter snacks then she will be forced to eat whatever we put in front of her because she will be starving. Can you said food issues much?

Friday breakfast - Home as normal - may be larger than normal because I doubt I'll bring a morning snack for myself, as i will be driving
Friday lunch - Bringing a picnic lunch
Friday afternoon snack - either something in the room or something on the street!
Friday dinner - Italian

Saturday breakfast - hotel
Saturday snack - Something I bring in my purse
Saturday lunch - TBD
Saturday snack - Hoping for frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity or candy from Dylan's
Saturday dinner - Turkish

Sunday breakfast - hotel
Sunday snack - something I bring in my purse
Sunday lunch - TBD - with my cousins after church
Sunday snack - in the car
Sunday dinner - TBD, probably on the road

I didn't wake up to run - I am mad at myself. I am hoping to go out with my daughter after school or before dinner.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Size 18 Pants are a No Go

As expected, the Size 18 pants from Lands End have to go back. They are too small in the thigh area. Which means I have to wear black capris I hate until I can fit into my 16W (I tried them on for encouragement, but I've got a long way to go!)

I've been making some new meals the last couple of nights which has been very challenging, as the food is really yummy. As it is I probably ate too much as a first serving, but it took everything i had not to have seconds.

Cross training needs to start next week! I'll finish out this week with running, but next week, when my next Bootcamp starts, I am really going to try!

It is May - I am so excited!!!!!!