Thursday, August 18, 2016

I am still here.....

But having a really hard time. But I will start with the good news - I got up at 4:30 am this morning and RAN (and walked :( ) - It was HARD even though it was fairly cool and not too humid, but it is dark :(  There was a full moon out when I got up and it was fairly light by the time we finished, but knowing the days are getting shorter is hard.

I could have run the full 3.1 miles if I hadn't been chatting - I ran with a friend whose been recovering from knee surgery - we haven't seen each other in months. But my endurance is no where near what it was, so I can't run and talk like I used to.

I was all over the place trying to identify what my near-time goals are. I just really don't know. Part of me wants to go back to just running 1 a week (and doing 6-7 miles on Sundays) but I know I need to exercise more than 1x a week. I have a treadmill in my basement, so I could get up at 5:30 (a whole extra hour of sleep!) but the treadmill is just god awful!

I officially changed my goal on Runkeeper from 400 miles this year to 250 (to which Runkeeper told me that was being too agressive) - But I am going to stick to it.

But in the meantime we are trying to get off on vacation and work is crazy, but when we come back we can finally put our house back together (which will mean getting the rest of the stuff out of the garage and finally being able to park in there after 7 months of driveway parking!!!) and back to school routines will be in full force. And new routines for kids means new routines for me (like another New Year's) so I am excited. But in the meantime I am excited for vacation!!!!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Seriously dragging this Monday....

The poor eating habits continued for the weekend:
--Breakfast - Normal

--Saturday lunch @ Cheesecake Factory: Bread (was starving), Sangria, helped my daughter finish her ridiculously huge Oreo milkshake, Summer Rolls, Appetizer size chopped salad - still huge. Because of the milkshake, we didn't have room for dessert - it was our dessert!

--Saturday dinner - spaghetti, salad, ice cream (with homemade chocolate fudge) and cupcake

--Sunday breakfast - normal

--Sunday lunch at the beach - 8 oz coke, water, PB&J, carrots, grapes, potato chips, cupcake

--Sunday snake - ice cream and chocolate fudge - serious fail here

--Sunday @ Melting Pot - 4 courses (cheese, salad, meat, chocolate, plus wine) --I felt so uncomfortable when I got home and still do - I am used to finishing eating at least 4-5 hours before going to bed - not 90 minutes. I slept sitting up, but still feel so gross.

I want to eat well today/this week, but I am seriously dragging - I slept very little and ate poorly = more food choices. I may not do well today, but hoping the whole week isn't shot!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday fails....

I was okay until about 11:30 and then bad eating got to me - chips and homemade salsa, these most amazing garlic croutons that we all love but haven't been at the store for months (yes, we eat them like chips, they are that good). Nothing really out of control but not what I had planned and felt like crap because of it.

Dinner was Chocolate Shakeology, and I didn't go crazy at the grocery store (except to buy things for this weekend).

Tomorrow is another day.....

Bring on a weekend of celebrating....

Today the scale was 220.2, same as yesterday.
Yesterday at work was crazy - I barely moved from my chair, which also meant not getting as much water as I would have liked. But I did eat my normal foods, even though I was stressed around 1:00 and was tempted to buy my lunch instead.
I brought my dinner to my mom's but had asked my husband to get my a sub at Subway instead, which I was fine with.

I am working from home today, but the scale tomorrow is really motivating me to eat like normal, plus we are going to be celebrating a lot this weekend
1) Saturday lunch at Cheesecake Factory
2) Saturday dinner at home, but with ice cream and cake
3) Lunch at the beach - we only go once a year, so always bring treats
4) Dinner at the Melting Pot

I am a little sad I am not doing my 10K in Maine tomorrow. This is the last of the races that I am signed up for that I bagged out on. This isn't a "in shape" thing - I really thought I would want to celebrate a decade of being a parent by taking a day to myself. But I realize I want to spend as much of the time with her (her birthday is Sunday), plus I really want to watch the Open Ceremonies of the Olympics (and with my family) instead of having to go to bed early to run a race. I may run tomorrow - I will see.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Over the hump of the week.....

The last couple of days have gone fairly well - 220.2 this morning. So close - definite motivation to keep me doing.

Eating during the day has been spot on.

Tuesday night I went to my mom's for dinner and brought my dinner - 2 hard boiled eggs, flax tortilla, carrots and an apple. I used fat-free mayonnaise from her house (we have Light at our house) - my "treat" was Skippy peanut butter to eat with my apple

Wednesday night's dinner was again a little much - not a full 2nd helping, but some extra of pasta and chicken sausage. But I did skip the ice cream treat the rest of my family was having. I am saving myself for our full weekend of celebrating my daughter's 10th birthday.

Tonight I am going back to my mom's and bringing the same dinner.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 1 was fairly successful

Scale was 222.6 this morning. Hoping that isn't just a pre-TOM dip (I've always thought it was weird that the day TOM arrives, the scale is low. Very weird)

I ate my lunch I brought, including my 8 oz coke. Another thing I do is not drink the coke while I am eating my lunch - I have it as a treat afterwards.

I didn't move enough during the day - I barely got 6,000 steps.

I didn't really track my water - I don't think I was too good.

I had a little bit too much dinner - but nothing out of control.

It may not sound like a successful day, but it was in my book and I felt good getting on the scale this morning.

Tonight I am going to my mom's house to help her get the house ready to sell. I bring my own dinner when I go, so I packed all my good for the day this morning - dinner will be 2 hard boiled eggs, a flax tortilla, carrots and an apple.

Today I plan on doing the same as yesterday, but less dinner and hopefully more steps.

Monday, August 1, 2016

August is here.....

After being pretty out of control the last few weeks, I decided I needed to step on the scale this morning (TOM is almost here, so I figure that is a good time as any to have a "1st weigh in") - 223.8. Awful. How did I gain 7 lbs this summer?! I know I did - my clothes are really, really uncomfortable lately, which is a lot of what is prompting me to finally make a change. I am less than 10 lbs from my starting point, which means I have regained more than 40  lbs in less than 2 years. God awful!!

August will be a challenging month since I very busy and away a lot, but there are a lot of "normal" days in there. So my goals for August are:

1) Not to buy lunch at work at all - I've been buying pretty much every day and I realize I've been buying because I've been back on a Coke kick. And 12 oz regular cokes. So, as much as it pained me, I bought an 8-pack of the 8 oz cokes at the store - So I still have my Coke fix, but not all the extra calories of buying my lunch, and it is 4 oz less. And I plan on weaning myself off of it at some point.

2) More sleep - hopefully by 10:00 each night. I've been up late (11-12) binge watching shows and ready trashy books for months it seems. I need more sleep!

3) Try to get more steps in - at least wear my tracker. I wore it today - I've been in meetings all day so I really haven't gotten many steps in, but wearing it is a small step.

4) Back to daily weigh-ins, no matter how bad I think it may be

5) More water

I know there is a big thing missing here. Running. I don't know what I will do in this area. I know I should get up 2 days a week, but I also know it is easier to kick-start the weight loss if I get more sleep. I shall see.