Tuesday, February 20, 2018

10,000 Steps

Yesterday was my first day at work with my FitBit. Even though my routine in the morning wasn't normal due to the kids/husband being in bed, thus I arrived at work with less steps than I normally would, I ended up taking 4 walk breaks at work! Around 9,11, 1 and 3 (since I didn't have to run home to kids, I stayed at work for a full day). I think I left with about 7,000 steps. I joked to my manager that I would probably end the day with less than 8,000.

On the way home I had to pick up a new bicycle for my daughter. With today being in the 60s and tomorrow being almost 70, I hope we all can get out for some rides.

Before dinner I took a short 1/2 mile walk on the treadmill to get in some more steps.

After dinner I was helping my daughter set up her fit bit and I noticed I was at 19,990 steps so we walked around her room to see what would happen when I hit 10,000.

I also signed up for Beachbody On Demand. I am no where near ready for 80 Day Obsession, so I am going to try 21 Day Fix. Anything to get my body moving in a different way, even if I heavily modify the routines at first.

This morning I hadn't gotten to re-make the chicken salad my husband ate Sunday night, so I was very tempted to buy today, but I like the streak. So I packed one of my Lean Cuisine pizzas - not great, but better than buying!

And I stepped on the scale this morning - 229.6. But I did it - hadn't stepped on the scale in 10 days. I NEED to do it every day!

Monday, February 19, 2018

3 weeks away is never good

I am really going to try to figure this whole cycle thing this month. Because I can't get an traction with how things are going.

So where were we when I last wrote. End of January. Superbowl 52 was coming up. Even though I really can't care THAT much if Tom Brady won a 6th Super Bowl (last year I cared - we wanted 1 for each finger; we wanted it for him for his mother; 2 years before that we wanted it because it had been 10 years). This year I just didn't care that much. But I was still a bundle of nerves. And that weekend also corresponded to "ovulation weekend" which lately has been way worse foodwise than PM.

I went to Weight Watchers on Saturday February 3rd - I lost 2.6 lbs. I bought flowers because that is what I do over Super Bowl weekend (ie 1/2 way through winter). Saturday we drove up to the area we are renting a house in August and I got to take pictures on the beach with snow. We went and had pizza and the same wonderful pizza place we are over Thanksgiving weekend, but I didn't go crazy and I didn't eat the rest of the day. Sunday I spent cooking for the Superbowl. We weren't going crazy. I made some healthy stuff.....But then I decided to drink a whole entire bottle of white wine during the game. I stayed up late watching This is Us.

Monday I was hungover and tired and dragging. I didn't make wise food choices. That carried into Tuesday.

Saturday I went to WW and was up by 2.2. But I declared in front of the whole meeting that I was challenging myself with how many meetings I could go to. But then I chose not to eat healthy at all that week - Valentine's Day and such. Not a good week.

But this past Saturday I did go. I chose not to weigh in. But I still went. I don't want to keep using the "no weigh in" because that was part of why I gained 30 of the 50 lbs back while still going to WW. Because I gave up caring what the scale said.

And my period arrived yesterday and even with cramps, my mood immediately changes (we won't think about how in 8 weeks I will be on vacation - you do the math :( But at least that means that vacation should correspond with me feeling good)

I wasn't perfect, by any means, this weekend, but I did try. It is a weird week because my kids are on vacation so our schedule is thrown off a bit. I am working most of the weekend, but my morning routine is different, the evening will be different. I haven't menu planned at all because I am not sure what their plans will be.

But through this all, I have still not bought my lunch. Last night my husband ate my lunch but I just made another. Last week I had lunch with a friend and she needed to buy and I was tempted to myself. So at least I've got that going for me.

This week I've got to start incorporating exercise again. I bought a FitBit (even though I have a Garmin) and I am temped to try BeachBody. Vacation is 8 weeks away - I need my clothes to fit better by then. I can do it!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hump Day Check In

Thank goodness it is Wednesday - I just want this week to be over and I want it to be Sunday night. Why do I let a freaking sports team stress me out??!! Every year I tell myself I won't go through it. The years we don't make it to the Super Bowl I sigh a sigh of relief that I can be done with football for the year. I said last year that I wouldn't care again, but this time I REALLY mean it! I would love 2 Dynasties and then he can retire, but we know he won't. But he should. No way he is going to play until 45. I don't think his wife will let him! I just don't think he knows what he will do when he is done. And if we don't win (And I am pretty nervous that we won't), I still really won't care, because then it wouldn't be 2 Dynasties. It would just be a 6th ring (that and his winning/losing % goes down - Win 6, lose 2 looks much better than Win 5, lose 3).

This past weekend was another quiet one. I thought the weather would be nicer, that we could get to the beach, but Sunday was going to be overcast and not make it to 50 as planned. So we puttered about and my son got a lot of Cub Scout items checked off his list.

But some time during the weekend I ate a pint of Ben & Jerry's (in 2 seatings) - It was supposed to be for my husband, but tween angst caused me to overeat. Not good! We've got a lot more of that coming - I can't let that happen! In addition to the ice cream, I downed a bunch of chips too (these really good Mexican tortilla chips which are 1/2 sugary, 1/2 spicy).

But I got a lot of menu planning done and have had a fairly good week....until last night. I made this Thai basil Beef with Coconut Rice. It was SO yummy - I did add in a some hoisin sauce because I thought it may not have been flavorful enough. I had 2 cans of Coconut Milk in the house - the light one was expired so I had to use the regular one, which did add Points....And I had 2 servings. THIS is so much of my issue! I made things I love and then I overeat. Eating junk (okay, forget about the Ben & Jerry's!) is not so much my issue. Overeating definitely is.

I think I need to start making a tupperware of leftovers when I am dishing out dinner. But I don't tend to like leftovers. And I can't track leftovers quite as well (I have such a hard time tracking dinners I make for the family).

I didn't weigh myself this morning because I knew with the 2 helpings and soy sauce it wouldn't be pretty and I have a pretty stressful day at work planned. I didn't need this extra stress!

I've got 3 days to make up for the mistakes of the week.

Tonight we are menu planning for the Super Bowl - Every year I tell myself not to eat anything because I can't eat because I am so nervous - Though with the game being at 6:30, there is no real reason to eat during the game.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Back to Weight Watchers and Bagels, Bagels, Bagels

I made it back to Weight Watchers this morning! I was thrilled to be back. Not thrilled with my weight (229.8) but the important thing is I got back. Since I wasn't there the week they rolled out Freestyle, I got all the info. And I threw out my old book, so I started fresh. I even stayed after the meeting to get the shpeal from the leader. So I am armed, ready to go!

Last night I decided to try the Skinnytaste Easy Bagels. I had bought the Everything Bagel mix from Trader Joes. Turns out our top oven is not working right, so the first batch didn't really turn out great. But I tried it again this morning (since we had turned on both ovens and found the bottom one is working fine - couldn't waste a good hot oven! But my thing is I don't usually eat bagels, so I don't feel like I am substituting something not as health with these. I am eating these in addition to my normal food.

This morning I tried on my clothes for the cruise. They fit okay, not fantastic. If someone gave me a free cruise tomorrow I could go without having to shop, but I wouldn't be as comfortable as hopefully I am in 11 weeks, after 11 weeks of doing well and at some point getting some exercise in.

Speaking of exercise, I am hoping to get in a nice long walk tomorrow. It is supposed to be 50 degrees! (Not that it is going to last).

Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday already?!

Wow, how did we get here already??

I ended up working from home both Tuesday and Wednesday because it was pure ice. The kids really shouldn't have had school on Tuesday. Me, my daughter and my son all fell - the only reason my husband didn't fall was because he never had to go outside - he drove from garage to garage and back.

My eating wasn't TOO bad except for Tuesday night. My running group had a fundraiser at The 99 (15% of our food $ was donated) - We hadn't been out to to eat in a long time and I was starving because we had no fun food in the house, so I had a pineapple jalapeno margarita (wow was that good!) and we shared some apps, I had a salad with chicken for dinner, and we shared some desserts.

My walking wasn't good this week - I was really, really busy at work so really glued to my desk. My husband is going to start on the bike again, so hopefully I will get motivated.

I need to try on my spring clothes for the cruise this weekend. That could be no fun, but I've got to do it.

Scale this morning - 231. Really not good.

WW tomorrow morning?! We shall see. It is the plan.....but it has been the plan all month too.

Not a lot planned for this weekend. Just figuring out the clothing for the cruise and some cub scout stuff for my son. I may want to take a drive on Sunday if we get all our chores done tomorrow. It is supposed to be almost 50 before it gets cold again.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Lazy, lazy weekend

It was very nice to have another weekend of really doing nothing! I spent the majority of the time reading 2 books I got for Christmas about Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Both were written by women who moved there.

I finished up Yellowstone has teeth

 And started and finished Altitude Adjustment

Both books made me eager to get back out West - I am really hoping that me and my husband can next summer but I am tempted to go even if he can't get the time off!

Friday night I went grocery shopping and was very successful in not buying any junk, even though later in the weekend I regretted it!

Saturday was also spent finally getting our flu shots. We went to CVS at 11:15 and the wait had jumped to over an hour (which really meant 90 minutes, but then she had to take a lunch, which meant 2 hours) - but when we checked in we were able to leave our cell phone #s so we went home and waited (and read) until we were instructed to come back.

We did family movie night on both Friday and Saturday night where we introduced the kids to Back to the Future and Back to the Future II. I hadn't seen them in years so it was fun.

I actually cooked Friday and Saturday night! Friday was just pasta and a salad, while Saturday was Pear Chutney Chicken with Israeli Couscous and green beans.

 Saturday I also made chili to eat during the football games on Sunday. But with how my stomach felt towards the end of the Patriot's game, I didn't eat until it was well over.

Monthly visitor arrived Saturday evening, more on the early side, and I was pretty crampy Sunday morning (enough that I actually took Tylenol), so another excuse to be lazy and read all morning. I then got my food prep done before sitting and watching football.

Yesterday I was doing laundry and was looking at my jeans that I wear to work. While they are the correct size, they are starting to get worn between the legs :( Which means I will need to get new pairs fairly soon.

Once the monthly visitor is gone, I also need to review my clothing for the cruise. I did 90 day Online Check-in Friday night, so the clock is ticking! Usually dates sent the scale climbing, but in the case I REALLY need to lose 10 lbs (AND exercise so my legs are smaller) prior to vacation because I REFUSE to buy new clothes!!!)

Friday, January 19, 2018

Really back to the beginning

Scale was 232.2 this morning - that was my starting weight at WW on 12/1/2012. Yep, all the way back to the beginning.

But I am feeling energized (despite having pulled a muscle in my quad squatting down to play with my cat) this morning - I realize this is the first full Friday I've had to myself at home in a month! Feels great, despite it being freezing cold again (though we have slightly warmer temps to look forward to this weekend). And I get to do on-line check in for our cruise, so I need to get cracking! I want to be down 12.2 lbs by then!

I purged some more food today and made my grocery list for shopping tonight. I added in Vitatops again, which has been part of my afternoon snack. I am thinking that I made too many changes at once, so I going back to basics for my snack and see how that goes. I was so tempted to just say "Screw it" and go back to my Lean Cuisine lunches, but I really want to keep going with this. I'll skip the egg salad for next week, because I realize that isn't something I can have every week. Since I didn't make chicken salad for this week, I'll make some for next and try something new next week as well.

I am making chili for dinner on Sunday - I usually make it once a year and during the NFL playoffs. I can't wait to have it! I sometimes make stew as well, but I am not feeling like it this year. IF we end up in the Super Bowl AGAIN I will make our usual cake, but even if we don't, I do make something sugary because Super Bowl weekend corresponds with Ground Hog day!

But for now we have another quiet weekend, which is fantastic!