Friday, March 24, 2017

Shopping when Plus Size

About this time last year I had to go shopping again because I needed some summer clothes for our upcoming cruise and nothing from the previous year fit. Thankfully Kohls was my lifeline when it came to buying size 18W shorts. I unfortunately need the W after the size until I am well into the 100s, which I am far from now. Last time around I was able to get into 16 after 16W before going down to 14.

But the clothing I bought last year isn't really right for a trip out west where we will be doing short hikes (2-3 hours) in sweltering heat (Moab, UT) and less-hot (Yellowstone). And I hope to get the family doing a lot of hiking before then, so I need hiking shorts.

LLBean - Fail
Lands End - Fail
REI - Fail

Even the stores that do go up to 18 (which most of them don't), I NEED the W! Thankfully it appears at the Columbia site is coming to the rescue.  I ordered 2 shorts and 2 shirts. Both are 1X (god I hate the "X") which is 16W - 18W. Even if the shorts are a little snug, I will have them in-house as an incentive. I don't usually need plus sizes on top (*sigh, there are some places I just don't gain weight!) but the length seems attractive which I feel like I need right now, to enjoy myself more. I can't wait for the stuff to come. Why can't all retailers be like Amazon Prime - I am so used to my 2-day shipping!

Horray For Friday

I am so excited it is Friday, though a little sad that my "vacation" is over - ie my manager will be back from vacation. I like her and she's very hand's off, but knowing that she won't even pop in on IM or email because she has been in Europe visiting her kids, has been nice.

Tomorrow I WILL go to Weight Watchers, so yet again, a Friday of trying to be strong-willed when it comes to eating. My dinners the last couple of nights have been so-so (meaning I have had seconds both nights, but not drastic).

Yesterday I had to leave work mid-day because of Parent/Teacher conferences - My last meeting of the morning was post-poned so I ducked out a little early to head to BJs to pick a few things up. With a hectic spring schedule starting any minute, I made sure we had enough paper towel and toilet paper to last us a while, plus I got a bag of chicken nuggets and Buffalo tenders. Not food I am incredibly proud of, but definitely necessary for our spring schedules. Also, I did my normal grocery shopping Thursday night so I don't need to go out tonight. Everyone in my family was very disappointed I didn't pick up any junk (ie no chips, no ice cream). The one indulgence I did allow my daughter was a loaf of yummy looking bread (from the bakery section), but I don't plan on having any.

Another thing to keep myself on track is that I have my physical on Monday, so more blood.

While it has been cold part of this week, I feel a little spring in my step that the 10 day forecast doesn't have any days until 40. And there is rain, which hopefully will get rid of some of the snow.

We have some very exciting shopping this weekend. We are getting new bed pillows for the whole house. We are in desperate need of them, so we are biting the bullet and just buying them all at once.

I am also going to do some shopping for our trip - I worked on what we need and will space it out over time. My big purchase will be a Garmin for hiking. And I got my REI rebate, so I will go shopping there too.

I pulled out all my camera stuff and my dad's camera stuff and will determine what lenses to bring on the trip. As much as I would love to bring the huge lens he has, it isn't practical for this trip. While I would like to get some nice pictures, just seeing the sites and being with my family is more important. But I do want more than just my Iphone as a camera!

Happy Weekend! Be strong!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hump Day!

Thank goodness it is Wednesday - I just want this week to be over. It hasn't been overally bad, I just want the weekend!

My eating has been so-so, though this morning the scale was still up 4 lbs from 9 days ago! Yesterday, at the last minute I left work a little early to go get my Iphone screen replaced. I had a 4:00 appointment and then had 90 minutes to kill, at an outside mall, with no phone! What a weird feeling. I wandered around for 45 minutes, window shopping but not buying anything. I was looking for anywhere to get a book or a magazine but it is a high-end outside mall so nothing (though an Amazon bookstore is opening soon - I didn't know that type of thing existed. Remember when Amazon was only books?!) I decided to get something to eat because i was a little hungry and knew I probably wouldn't be home in time for dinner, so I got a small burrito (which is actually the middle size) and a small Nutella shake (again, the middle size). And then I decided to go back and sit in my car. My car was parked behind the GAP and there was a big sign at the GAP saying "free wi-fi" and it did reach to my car so I could use my work laptop for the second half. How sad we are to be tethered to our devices all the time.

Today I am working from home again. My manager is out through this week so I am taking advantage of that and WFH (other co-workers normally WFH on Wednesdays so there would be NO ONE from my group in the office today!). I did yet another purge of the fridge/freezer/pantry and I already made my grocery list. My family isn't very happy that there is very little "fun" to eat in the house, but for now that is what I need.

I haven't run in almost 2 weeks. My high of the 70 degree weather in February has crashed and burned because of the cold and snowy weather lately. Yes it was 55 yesterday which melted some snow, but not a lot. The snow banks are still huge. Today it was 37 when I woke up but will be 20 by the end of the day and 15 when I would get up to run in the morning. Since our step challenge is over, I have been incredibly sedentary. Not good.

So  I am hoping, praying to be good today while I WFH. There isn't a ton I could get into, but there are some marshmellows and some semi-sweet chocolate bits that I could do damage with, but won't!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Can I Turn It Around???

The gluttony has continued - I am really hoping I can turn it around before next Monday, my physical.

Friday I worked from home and I made my way into a bag of mini-Reeses. Why, why, why did I even have them in the house? Such a weakness of mine.

Friday night was my son's party - I had 1 piece of pizza and a piece of cake at the party, but was actually starving when I got home, so had ice cream with chocolate cake way too late.

I slept in on Saturday instead of going to Weight Watchers.
I had Mac & Cheese with my son for lunch.
I went to see 'Beauty and the Beast' with my daughter - popcorn, soda and raisin-nets.
Spaghetti and zoodles for dinner, more ice cream.

Sunday I didn't run - I was just annoyed on the last day of winter that we still had so much snow and it was not warm (but not really cold - maybe 30 with some wind) - I worked ALL day researching stuff for our trip this summer.
Finally at 5:00 we went to On the Border to celebrate my son's birthday - 2 margaritas, chips and dips (salsa, queso and guacamole) and Shrimp Fajitas. Then ice cream and cake when we got home.

I purged the rest of the ice cream and cake when we were done.
So I SHOULD be able to eat well this week. I need to! My stomach is hurting from over-eating.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A horrible few days

And everything was going so well....Some months I feel that ovulation time is just as bad as period time.

Monday night for dinner we had Korean BBQ pork. It was too cold to grill, so I just pan cooked it and made some white rice in the Instant Pot (to date, the only thing I have made in it). I completely overate and my stomach was killing me. I wonder if it was also because I had had rice which I don't usually eat.

The next day was the blizzard and I had taken the day off. Besides some crafts, I also made:

1) Rainbow Jello
2) Chocolate Chip Cookies
3) Taco Pizza (because it was Pi day and Taco Tuesday)

Wednesday the kids had a delay because it was icy and then I was home alone. Pretty much all I ate all day was chocolate chip cookies. I felt like crap and go into bed at 6 pm.

Today is another day. I am going to TRY to eat well for the next day or 2 - Friday is my son's birthday and birthday party and we then have TWO other eating activities over the weekend to celebrate.

As for exercise/running, I haven't run since last Thursday. I haven't actively exercised since Sunday. Yesterday I think I got 3500 steps! It is freezing out and the snow is here to stay for a while. I need to get my heart back into the treadmill and bike. But at least I am still weighing myself every day - even if the # is kind of scary.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Bring on the snow!

Will spring hurry up and get here?! In Massachusetts we are awaiting a blizzard on Tuesday, and I bet schools will be closed on Wednesday as well, which will stink, because then that will push our last day of school from a Friday to a Monday - that is never fun. We can pray for a delay.

The weekend has come and gone. Thursday and Friday I ate well and my weigh-in on Saturday was 223.2! I finally got my starting weight at WW straightened out (they still had my weight from the 1 time I went in September, which meant they were registering a gain, not a loss).

Saturday my husband was gone all day so I took my son to soccer, then took both kids to do lots of errands. We tried to go to Cheesecake Factory for lunch, but by 12:15 the wait was already 45 minutes, so we headed to a Tex-Mex place. Despite my less than healthy lunch, I did get on the bike for 30 minutes.

I had my normal spaghetti and zoodles for dinner Saturday night thinking that I was still going to try to get in 5 miles on Sunday despite the very cold temperatures. My window of over 20 degrees wasn't going to be until 4 pm and even with the wind chill it would have been miserable. And I just wasn't feeling like the treadmill. My knee felt a little off, so in the afternoon I decided to walk the 5 miles while watching The Bourne Identity. I finished Sunday with over 19,000 steps! Our step challenge ended on Sunday and we came in 38th out of 450 teams. I hope to keep it up as much as I can.

My eating on Sunday wasn't terrible, but wasn't stellar, so I was up a pound on Monday morning since Saturday. One day at work and then I'll probably be home-bound for 2 days. I may even take tomorrow off all together. I am going to try, try, try to eat well this week. My son's birthday is this weekend, so we have a friend party, a special breakfast (just the 4 of us), a family party, and me and my daughter are going to see Beauty and the Beast, so popcorn there.

Oh yeah, the most exciting news!!!!! Next year we are visiting Orlando just to go to Universal. We've been planning this for a long time. Friday morning, on a whim and after seeing people posting Disney pics and Caribbean pics for so long, I decided to check out Disney cruises. Turns out there is a 3 day cruise leaving when we are down there, we just need to start our vacation 1 day early and then we will come back 2 days later - the kids would only miss a day of school. So we booked it!! I can't wait!!!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wishing it were Friday

I worked from home on Tuesday which I usually never do so early in the week, so it really threw me off for the whole week.

My eating has been pretty good so far this week. No soda (I will try my hardest today because I am so tired (more on that later) so far - the last time I had any was last Wednesday or Thursday.

This coming Sunday is our last day at work for the Step Challenge - I really hope I can keep it up
Monday - Walked on treadmill
Tuesday - Couldn't wake up at 4:30 but got a 3 mile run in later in the afternoon
Wednesday - 40 minutes on the bike
Thursday - 3 mile hilly run outside and then 1 mile walk on the treadmill (had my 10K steps by 6:30 am!)
Friday - I will walk or do the bike
Saturday - Will try to be active during the day and walk on the treadmill to get any more steps
Sunday - 5 mile run

Last night I fell asleep at 8:30 while watching TV, but then my husband woke me up and I was awake (in bed) until 11:00. And then at 2:00 he woke up and was reading his phone in bed. WTF??!! So I have been up since 2:00 am. It was only going to me and one other person going running this morning so I didn't want to blow her off, and if I went back to sleep I wouldn't want to get up. I am seriously dragging today. But I won't drink soda today! I hope to go get my blood drawn tomorrow morning so don't want to eat badly today.