Saturday, January 21, 2017

Back to Weight Watchers

I finally, finally made it back

Today's Weight: 230.4
Starting Weight: 232.2 (1/1/2017)
Change from Last Week:
Total Change: -1.8

While my eating hasn't been stellar at all this week, I knew I had to get back there this week. Zero excuses. So I did! I went back to my original meeting at 7:00 am. I lurked in the back - though did talk some. I didn't go up to the Leader and tell her I was back (It has been almost 2 years since I was in this location). I just took it all in.

So glad I did! Now I need to go through all my normal foods and see what "SmartPoints" they are - I did check my normal Lean Cuisine pizza and it is now 12 points (instead of 10). When I was losing me weight I was still having it but actually cutting out a portion so it was 8 points. I've been telling myself for years, and years, and years, I need to come up with a different lunch. But the pizza has been so easy - no having to stir it 1/2 way through, I can eat it with my hands while I work (I know, not ideal, when the topic this week was Mindful eating), but most of all I don't have to make it and measure it. But I know I should be having real meals for lunch. Not even ones that are lower points because I do want to stay full through the afternoon, but I need more protein and less bread with my meals. Baby steps!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Another week, another Friday

Thank goodness it is Friday again. Try to recharge my batteries and start anew.

This week has continued to be poor in the eating department. I've seen the scale go up and up. Wednesday was me vs. a package of Oreos - I definitely did not win. I don't mind the kids having junk food in the house over the weekend, but I really need to get into the habit of getting rid of it before the school/work week begins.

Work has been stressful. And I feel like I've been battling boredom or depression or maybe a little bit of both the evenings this week. I've just wanted to curl up in bed and read really trashy books and will the day to be over so we could be that much closer to....To what? This is always my thing - When I have something to look forward to I literally can not think about anything else. Very often I feel like I would have done so well with Ritalin in college because my brain does wander so much.

So what am I looking forward to?
The AFC Championship - Yes I want to win, yes I want to go to another Super Bowl, but will my world come crashing down if we don't win? No. We've been beyond blessed. This year I really want it for Tom. 2 years ago it was for us, Patriots Nation. This year it is for him - not that he will retire, but he can get #5 and he can stick to Roger Godell. If it can't be us, I want it to be Atlanta (or even the Packers - anyone except Pittsburgh!)

Our family room being done - I can't wait to display all the things I collected from my parents house. To have all the books we picked. To have all my photo albums out. And to be able to sit in the room and enjoy it. Of course work has been slow this week - but the flooring people are coming Wednesday so I told the contractors they had to be done by EOD Tuesday.

Getting some small organizational projects done around the house - with the stomach bug 2 weeks ago and still not feeling great last weekend, my To Do list from New Year's is still around and to know that I have the time to actually get it done (though easier said than done when I am enjoying relaxing!)

And relaxing means I haven't run in almost 2 weeks. I plan on getting out for 5 miles on Sunday on my own.

I can't help but think about what this winter may still have in store for us We notoriously don't get a lot of snow in January, but the past years when we have gotten a ton, ton, ton of snow, it hasn't been until February.

And then there is the fact that today is Inauguration Day. I loved the Obamas. I really hoped that something would happen at the last minute to stop the scariness. But that hasn't happened. And now we must deal. I hate feeling the way I do. I want to feel joy in this country again.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Need to get back at it

Eating has been pretty off the last few days.

I was pretty lazy over the weekend and just didn't feel like doing anything which resulted in me grazing through the kitchen.

And my daughter made Tollhouse Cookies which I just can't keep my hands off!

And Monday the kids and my husband had a holiday and I came home around 3:30 before a conference call and I proceeded to make popcorn to eat while on my call (I've been seriously craving popcorn for a while).

The scale is definitely up, but the good thing is I am getting on the scale every morning and logging it in my RunKeeper app (which reminds me if I don't) so at least I am doing baby steps!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Weigh-in #1: Non-Weight Watchers

I wasn't going to post a weight here because I didn't go to Weight Watchers (though when I am going to WW, what I do post here is my home weight). My head cold was worse last night, so I crawled into bed around 6 (though watched TV until 10:30). I didn't set an alarm, but told myself if I woke up at 5:30 and felt good, then I would go. I was awoken at 6:30 by my daughter's alarm (she got a new alarm clock for Christmas and she forgets to turn it off on the weekends so this is the 2nd Saturday it has gone off!)

Weight: 227.2
Highest Non-Pregnant Weight: 232.2

I am really going to try to eat healthy this weekend/week. This past week hasn't been realistic because of the illnesses, but if I can keep my weight away from the 230s and heading towards the 2-teens, I will be thrilled.

I do like football, but there is NO reason to eat munchies during the game. The Patriots are playing at 8:00 pm - I'll be watching in bed because I am supposed to go running in the morning. And none of the other games are "my team" - I will reserve munchies for the Super Bowl, regardless of who is in it, because to my the Super Bowl is a great celebration that winter is half over!!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday already!

I was so excited, and nervous, last Friday, knowing that I would start Weight Watchers again the next day. And that just wasn't meant to be. The whole week was just a blur, but thankfully we are here back at Friday. I feel the same as I did last Friday in that I am working at home and trying not to eat myself out of house-and-home.

I am just starting to get my appetite back and that resulted in some snacking yesterday afternoon. When I got home mid-afternoon the house cleaners were there, so me and my daughter had to hide out in the basement for a bit while they finished up. I had had my snack at work with my lunch, so the only thing to eat/drink was some ginger ale that was left in our basement fridge. And once I could go back up stairs, I scrounged up some trail mix from my husband's stocking.

Now that my stomach is better, I know have a pretty bad head cold :( I hold it just stays at that and doesn't become a sore throat and/or cough. I've been trying to rest this week to get healthy.

While we got 6+" of snow last Saturday, we've had weather in the 50s and 60s the last few days - you can't really tell through the window below, but all the snow is gone! It will be chilly for the weekend, but in the 40s next week. I will take it!

The highlight of the week has been having our contractors here. The bookshelves are done, and they will start working on the entertainment center. Tomorrow the flooring people are coming out to measure so they can order the carpet. In an ideal world the room would be done by the Super Bowl, but we aren't holding our breath.

Happy, healthy (!) weekend!

I can not wait for this wall to be done!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Taking Care of Myself

I will admit I have been neglecting the doctor the last 2-3 years. I had a physical with my new local PCP a week after my dad died (so almost 2 years ago) but really the only reason I went then was to get a new prescription. At that point I had regained 20-25 of the 50 lbs. She put in an order for blood work but I didn't get it taken - kept saying I would go back when I had lost some of the weight. Also, my GYN is far away and I kept saying I would find a local one, but that didn't happen until now.

So today I say my new GYN. I really liked her. I haven't had a female in over 10 years. I made an appointment for a mammogram in 3 weeks, and I have an appointment with my PCP at the end of March. And I was thrilled that my blood pressure was very good. What I wasn't thrilled with (totally my fault) was when the nurse was inputting my weight, a warning flashed that the # was more than 10% from the last time (May 2015) so she had to input it a couple of times. Embarrassing.

When I made the appointment with my PCP she put in an order for blood work (since my old one expired). While the lab was in the same building as my doctor's appointment, I chose not to have it taken today because I didn't feel that it would be completely accurate because I haven't really been eating the last few days. I do worry about what my sugars and cholesterol look like. But I know I CAN turn it around.

Now to just get myself to the dentist :) But even with dental insurance, that is big $$. $$ we just don't have now.

Oh yeah, and I should get my eyes checked. I think it is reading glass time.

And my PCP will order a colonoscopy (like they have been for 5-6 years and I keep blowing it off) - Maybe that one will wait until the Fall.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

All Down Hill After I Posted

The weekend took a major turn for the worse on Sunday afternoon. Just as things were winding down and I was looking forward to relaxing in front of the TV, my daughter got the stomach bug. She was down for 6 hours and just as I was done with that, I didn't feel great and got ill myself :(

Yesterday I lay in bed all day while my husband worked from home and my daughter was home too, even though she felt fine. The contractors were at the house working on the family room, so I really, really didn't want to leave my room, not that I felt like it. My head hurt too bad to watch any sort of device, so all I could do was lie there in agony and moan :)

Just as I was ready to get up because the contractors were gone and I was starving, my husband came to bed saying he didn't feel good. I high-tailed it out of there! Thank goodness we now have pull-out couches in the basement (where I spent the night when I was sick) and our office (where I spent last night so I could still hear the kids (and my husband)) in case they needed me.

Thank goodness our illnesses weren't as bad as the kids, so I was back at work today, my daughter was back at school. My husband is home, but apparently feeling better. I had to cancel the house cleaners today but thankfully they can come back on Thursday.

I guess 45 kids were out from my son's school yesterday! People are saying you really should keep your kids home for 3 days after being sick. The policy is 24 hours, which I did with my daughter. Us working moms - no way I could keep my kid home that long - plus they would go insane. But I also understand the Norovirus is very contagious.  I am going to go home and clean even more. And pray this is the end of it!