Monday, December 4, 2017

Back to WW and a busy weekend

I did make it to WW on Saturday - I was 224.8 on the scale at home - that is a +4 gain since September 29, the last time I went. But I am so glad I did go! They will go over the new plan next week, but I got the email so I kind of get the jist - A lot more 0 point foods, so a huge incentive to eat more protein and starchy vegetables.

But then the weekend just got crazy and the eating was bad.
Friday night I made Chex Mix and Chocolate Pretzels which I always do the day before we get our tree. But I didn't eat any Friday - I told myself maybe we should do all our holiday baking on Friday nights!
But then Saturday, after doing some shopping, I let myself have 1 Chocolate Pretzel. Which ended up way too many over the course of Saturday and Sunday.

 I had a healthy lunch on Saturday with the anticipation of a date night Saturday night to celebrate our 15 year dating-versary. I had bread and butter, onion soup au gratin, salad, filet mignon, green beans and a little of my husband's baked potato, coffee ice cream with chocolate sauce, and 2/3 of the bottle of red wine.

Sunday I wasn't feeling great, but I got up, showered, and did more and more shopping which included a trip to the Mall - ugh. But the good news is I am done shopping!

The rest of Sunday was trying to get decorating done, decorating the tree, and my usual Sunday craziness. The day resulted in poor eating and not clearly defined meals.

But today is another week and I am going to eat well!!!!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

2 months away and I am back.....

I never, ever intended to be away for 2 months. When I went back to WW in September, I really thought "this is it" but one bad weekend and things slipped and we were busy.

I stepped on the scale this morning....226. Could be a lot worse. But it is time to own it.

5 years ago Saturday I walked into WW weighing 231.2 - Lost 50, gained 45 back. I've been feeling pretty low lately, but I am eager to walk back in on Saturday morning.

People think I am crazy to go back at this time of year, but 1) they are launching the new plan this week or next and 2) I need to keep myself in check during December. 5 years ago I didn't lose in December - I may have even gained a little, but it was a lot better than it could have been.

Last weekend we drove to Maine and visited the house we are renting in August. I stood on the beach and thought to myself - I can't feel this way in August, I can't look this way in August. So I need to start NOW! I've lost the last 2 months of progress. But I CAN do this!!!!!

Friday, September 29, 2017


This week seemed to drag on forever, and while it is only 9:30 am, I feel like Friday is going to drag as well. The kids have a half day - I wish I did! But I did take a half day earlier this week.

Monday was a great day - as well as Mondays can be, and Monday when TOM arrives. But I felt good, I felt like my eating was fantastic.

Tuesday - not so much. At all. TOM really took its toll. I ate like crap - I blamed TOM but really it was the anxious feeling of being home in the afternoon and having a ton of work to do, work I didn't want to do (I did all the work I liked on Monday!). So a bag of popcorn - gone :( And candy that was the house - gone (though I did throw some of the candy away).

Wednesday I felt like crud (overeating hangover I think, plus allergies) so I worked from home, but ended up taking a half sick day because I didn't work the whole day through - but I did get a lot of stuff done.

I've been doing pretty well otherwise - I will sit on my hands today if I have to! I am hoping for a pound loss tomorrow at my meeting - we shall see!

I won't be able to make my meeting next Saturday morning but I am planning on weighing in on Friday morning - which will help me eat normally on Thursday, even though the Patriots are on Thursday Night Football.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Weight Watchers DID happen/ Running did not

Weigh-in: 223.4 (this is my at-home weight, my WW weight was 224.4)

I had a pretty good week last week and was excited to get back to Weight Watchers on Saturday morning. I was surprised when they automatically had me start from scratch, while when I re-joined in January and hadn't been there in 18 months I had to fight to get my weight started from scratch.

So that means that while I am 7 pounds from my highest in January, my 5% of 11.2 starts now instead of being close to it, but I am okay with that. I wonder if they are doing this so they can track better how long it takes someone to lose weight.

We were and I was pretty busy all day Saturday but I made good food choices. I planned on running on Sunday so I made pasta, with roasted tomatoes from our garden, and baked zucchini from our garden as well, along with thin chicken pan fried.

I didn't get to bed as early as I would have liked because I got sucked into watched a Hallmark Fall chick-movie, so didn't go to sleep until 11:00. My alarm went off at 6:00 - it was going to be 90 on Sunday and I wanted to get an early start. I got up (and was happy to see the scale say 223.2) but pretty quickly decided to start home and get a ton accomplished from my To Do list (including slowly deleting 1 million, yes, million work emails). I am okay with my choice. I got a TON done yesterday (including shopping for winter/snow clothes for the kids) which makes this week earlier.

Eating Sunday was so-so - it could have been so much worse! I didn't eat anything while out doing errands. I had made pasta salad for dinner, but ended up having some for lunch and as my snack as well.

Dinner was steak tips, grilled asparagus, and pasta salad - an annual tradition we usually have for the first weekend of football because it was the first meal my husband made for me for the first football game he took me to. I probably didn't drink as much water as I could have and dinner was salty, so the scale said 224.2 this morning. Incentive to try harder today, but TOM is coming so it could be a little harder.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Weight Watchers Do Not Happen

It had nothing to do with me not wanting to face the scale, it had everything to do with this.

A little history: 5 years ago we go into a fender bender as we were moving - it wasn't our fault, but we didn't have the time or desire to deal with it - the damage appeared minimal and superficial. Over time we thought it may have been more, one of the symptoms being the tire would lose air and every couple of weeks I need to put more air in. One day I needed to put air in 2 days in a row -instead of dragging a 3 year old and 6 year old to the tire place (my husband was away) I went to my parents summer place as planned and woke up with a flat tire. My dad and I changed the flat and I drove into town and ended up with 4 expensive tires (my car was 5 years old at the time, so definitely due for new tires).

Then 3 years went by and the same tire started losing air again. So in my mind I have thought it was the rim - I've been putting air in the tire for 2 years now! Sometimes it is months, in the winter when I was parked outside when our basement was getting done, it could have been once a week. I put air in last Sunday, which was the first time since we came back from vacation. And Thursday the light came on. Friday I worked from home so didn't need to drive until me and the kids were in a hurry to do errands Friday night. I backed out of the garage and I knew it didn't feel right.

My husband had plans that evening but thankfully hadn't left work yet. I needed him to run to a store to get a mouthguard for my daughter and then come home so we could mold the mouthguard and make her field hockey game. We were also desperately in need of grocery shopping, so we went after her game, then ran to AC Moore at 8:30 pm because she needed items for a homework project.

Despite the fact that we are planning to buy me a new car this winter, I knew I needed 4 tires (a mechanic this summer had told me so) so I made an appointment for 8:30 the next morning. My husband had changed my tire but said the spare was flat, but he was able to pump it up with a bicycle tire. He looked at it every hour until 1 am when he went to bed and it was holding air.

I got up at 6:30 to go to WW and went to check on my car and the spare was flat. We had a ton of errands to run before noon because we were tapped out busy for the rest of the weekend. So my husband called AAA - luckily the tire place is just 4 miles from my house so no extra charge. And $600 later (that is with the cheapest tires) I have 4 new tires.

Through all of this I continued to eat well - Friday I was stressed as heck but thought I would make it to my meeting, so continued with my normal Friday WW eating. And Saturday was great. Sunday...Not so much. But that is a different post.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Twas the Day Before Weight Watchers

Ugh. Tomorrow is the day I am supposed to walk back into Weight Watchers and the scale said 228.0 this morning. I have watched the scale go up and up and up this week. I sware it is ovulation that does it to me. Yesterday was not a good day - I ate lunch downstairs after I swore I wouldn't (this required me to walk out to my car to get the few dollars in cash I had in the car) and I had to go to the grocery store on my way home because we had run out of cat food and milk and right inside the door was this Reeses Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Log thing - the 4 of us finished it off last night so at least there aren't any leftovers lurking around.

Today is my normal day to work from home and I am trying so good to be "good" - not that there is much around here to dive into, but I would find it - I've been known to eat bowls of Cheerios when I shouldn't.

My daughter bought Nutella earlier this week and I ended up throwing 1/2 the jar away because I was dipping into it.

This afternoon I need to go grocery shopping and really going to stick to the list, which will include some snacks because, well, I have kids! I can't have nothing in the house for them.

I hate that I am going to go in tomorrow and most likely it will say I am up 8-9 lbs since April 29, the last time I went in. But I am going to go in!!!!

Monday, September 11, 2017

3-Day Refresh Fail - sort of

As I wrote at 11:30 on Friday, my morning at the time was going slow and I wasn't able to eat/drink everything in as much of a timely fashion as I would have liked.

I was fine with the breakfast shake, because that is what I am used to. The "Digestive Sweep" you are supposed to drink fast and I didn't so I couldn't get it all down.

I was fine with my lunch shake (albeit late) and had carrots and hummus, and had more carrots and hummus as my afternoon snack.

When it came to having my dinner shake and then have a salad, I just couldn't do it. The dinner shake you aren't allowed any fruit it it. And when I opened the fridge, the leftover Asian peanut noodles/stir fry veggies and steak were calling my name. So I had a normal dinner. A small dinner because there weren't a ton of leftovers, but not the dinner I was supposed to.

Saturday was going to be crazy - I had the shake before soccer game #1, I drank the "Digestive Sweep" quickly in the late morning and that was okay. But we were going to be gone from 12:45 until 5:30. Leftover mac and cheese looked a whole lot better (with more carrots and hummus). And I was okay the rest of the afternoon. I drank lots of water during more sporting events. And then in the afternoon I also decided that I wasn't really following this thing, so I COULD go running in the morning (you aren't supposed to exercise during the 3 days because you really haven't had enough calories). So I had leftover spaghetti for dinner.

And Sunday, despite not having slept overly well, I got up at 6:30 and drove to my beautiful rail trail and ran 4 very, very slow miles (the nice thing about only running 4 miles is I didn't have to eat much first, so I didn't have to wait an hour before running). But I ran the whole thing without stopping. And it was glorious. Cool (around 51) and humidity around 75%.

I still ate pretty well the rest of the day - didn't go crazy. We were on a tight budget this week, so the catch-up grocery shopping I needed to do had to be less than $50 so that didn't allow for any extras! I didn't have a few WW cheese sticks about 15 minutes before dinner because I was getting famished and dinner wasn't ready as quickly as I would have liked.

So how did the weight do - Sunday morning I was at 224.8 - so excited to be under 225, but this morning was back up to 225.6.

But I am going to try really hard this week. I want to be at least 224 when I walk into Weight Watchers on Saturday. Back to Weight Watchers - a topic for another day!