Friday, January 12, 2018

Here comes the rain!

I've always known that I get bad spring fever, and even though it is only January 12th and it will be below freezing by Saturday night, the fact that I was just outside soaking up the sun before the rain storm in the 61 degree weather was wonderful. A lot of the snow still remains but a ton of it has disappeared, and with the heavy showers coming, more will wash away. But then in a period of 12 hours or less it will all freeze which is not fun, but in the meantime, I'll take it!

I am a little nervous being so excited for this weekend, with really nothing to do, because 52 weeks ago was the Stomach Bug of 2017. Not fun at all! *knock on wood* there hasn't been much word about illnesses going around (though I did see a news report of a school in Plymouth, MA shutting today because 20% of the school called in the sick yesterday with the stomach bug).

As usual I am glad to get another week behind us, though I still have 4 hours until the weekend actually begins. I wasn't overly thrilled with my eating this week, so I'll be glad to try harder this coming week (and not have the weekend be a free-for-all). I haven't exactly decided on my lunches for the week. I went grocery shopping last night so I wouldn't have to go in the pouring rain tonight. But I will need to go again on Sunday or Monday as there were some produce not available (I've heard that Thursday night is the worst time to go at our store).

Have I mentioned that I am going to start doing a 2nd and even 3rd trip to the store each week? I hate that we are kind of limping our way to the end of the week which doesn't always result in the best choices. And with my renewed desire to eat more produce, you can't just buy it once a week. And there are the occasions where I don't get what I want (this is especially true of bananas - I like to eat one a day before I leave the house, partially so I am not starving when I get to work, partially to give me a little energy, and partially because my vitamin makes me nauseous if I eat it on an empty stomach). Last week I lucked out with my bananas - I didn't go shopping until Sunday morning and they were slightly under ripe, so they lasted me the whole week. Last night there were no bananas except bright green ones (and only a few of them) so I skipped that.

I do hope though that these extra trip(s) won't add to our food bill. The store that I would go to on the way home from work is pricier than the one I normally go to. I could potentially go to our normal one during cub scouts on Monday but I tend to like to go home during that. Plus going to the other store does allow me to get a few items that aren't available at the other store. But I also have to be good about sticking to my list!

All week I have been eager to make this Thai Crunch Salad with Thai Peanut Dressing for lunch, but last night ended up being a "everyone for yourself" dinner (my daughter made Mac and Cheese for them both - the joys of having someone else able to use the stove! A game changer!) so I decided to make this for myself. I didn't even ask my husband to share :) But I was feeling hungry and we had pre-cooked Asian noodles in the house (I just had to microwave them for 90 seconds) so I included them as well. Not as healthy, but oh so good! Except I ate 2 servings of it! I have coleslaw left over, so unless I have more over the weekend, which is very possible, I'll try it without the noodles for lunch next week. This is the issue with me making yummy sounding stuff for lunch, I want to eat too much of it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Not feeling great.....

This week so far hasn't been great, hasn't been horrible.

Tuesday night I made a fantastic dinner - stir fry beef, stir fried pea pods with water chestnuts, and fried rice with pineapple, edameme, and scrambled eggs. But I ate too much of it.

Wednesday night dinner was spaghetti and salad and I only had 1 helping - that was really hard!

One day this week, and I can't remember which day because I haven't been as good as tracking, though I have gone back and tried to fill it out, I had another chicken salad tortilla as part (yes, only part) of my snack.

And yesterday, in desperation I found myself eating chocolate PB2 powder with water.

Things I have learned this week:
1) I need to mix up my lunches
2) In the afternoon I really am craving something sweet, and something crunchy. Apple slices with peanut butter perhaps?
3) Do better about tracking and also journaling
4) Get in more steps - last night my legs were so twitchy for inactivity

Life was a little easier this week because the school lunch menus were a lot of the kids favorites so I didn't have to oversee many lunches, but that just means in the weeks to come there could be weeks where they make their lunches every day.

I haven't menu planned for next week yet. I plan on doing that. Just because there is football on this weekend doesn't mean we have to do anything special. After all, my team is on at 8:15 Saturday night. If they make it another week then we will do something special for next Sunday afternoon.

For now I will enjoy that we will be in the 50s until Saturday mid-day and hopefully the rain will wash away a lot of snow.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Back on track?

Last week's storm and frigid weather just through me for a loop and off my newly found game plan.

By Friday I had run out of pre-made lunch foods (due to my husband eating 1 day's worth of egg salad), and having to WFH with kids cooped up in the house does not lend itself well to eating healthy.

Weight Watchers didn't happen Saturday morning due to the 2 days of poor eating and the fact that it was 0 degrees (with a wind chill of -15), and I barely slept Friday night due to work stress, and I had no other reason to leave the house that early.

Saturday's eating wasn't great, wasn't horrible.
We did finally leave the house at 2:30 to go see Star Wars again, where I had a water, small popcorn, and a box of Raisinets (there is fruit in there!) and then we didn't have an organized dinner.

Sunday was a blur. I got up around 8:00 and went grocery shopping, again in the bitter cold. I did make a couple of impulse buys - a bag of Jerky trail mix, and another dish of chocolate hummus (despite the fact that it didn't go well with the first one last week!).

I actually made dinner and did some work prep (my normal putting carrots and Cheerios in to bags, more hard boiled eggs, and made more egg salad and chicken salad).

Monday was good until I got home - My son had Cub Scouts so it was a little disorganized, so another tub of chocolate hummus gone (alone with bananas, grapes and pretzels), a little left over pasta, and I feel like some pseudo junk in there as well. I didn't really have dinner so did go to bed hungry.

One thing you have have noticed was no mention of any exercise at all. Friday and Saturday I barely had any steps (the only reason I had more on Saturday was walking from the car to the movie theatre and back).

Monday I took one deliberate walk but ended the day with less than 6,000 steps. I need to change that!

Friday, January 5, 2018

One snow day down, one to go

Today technically isn't snowing, but because it didn't stop snowing until 9 am and today is going to be bitterly cold (and it being a Friday may have factored in), the kids don't have school again today. The sun is shining but the temps are plummeting - though my husband was able to drive into Boston today. And now a snow day for me - Working hard both days.

Yesterday eating was okay until about 1:00 and then work got more stressful and the snow got more stressful and the eating kind of went to crap.

I barely had any steps because I was sitting in my recliner working, trying to avoid everyone in my family!

After my lunch of egg salad (which I think I have decided won't be part of the rotation, unless I make it that morning), I found myself nibbling on hot fries and chocolate covered pretzels. And I found myself eating a whole entire tub of chocolate hummus - first with grapes, then pretzels, then, just by itself!

Dinner was re-heated pasta prior to going out to brave the clean-up. Because my side of the garage door is broken, I had to dig out my SUV (thank goodness I bought a snow rake last week), then I moved it, cleared it off even more, shoveled out the rest of the original spot, and put my car back. This is all while my husband was snow blowing 18" of snow. i also shoveled the front porch and the front steps and a thin path down to the driveway (my husband later shoveled out the rest), I shoveled  path on our back deck (I am all about safety and wanted as many ways to get out of the house as possible - I must be my dad's daughter) and then I waded out the back of the house to verify that all the pipes were free.

I ended the day with 7,500 steps (you don't get a lot of steps shoveling) and collapsed in bed in exhaustion.

Today it is windy and sunny and bitter cold and just going to get colder through today and tomorrow. I am feeling stress about work. I am feeling very weak in the food department but I will try to be strong.

I would really like to go to my meeting in the morning but it is supposed to be -2 (not wind chill) tomorrow morning. So I may give it another week! But still work the plan on my own. I need to make a grocery list, but I don't anticipate going until Sunday morning (oh look, it will be -7 on Sunday morning). Thank goodness my husband bought milk on Wednesday night!

The good news is I paid off our cruise in April yesterday and I know it will be warmer by then, unlike friends who are in Disney this weekend for Marathon weekend and it is freezing!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Wednesday - the day that ended with ice cream

What is it about the stress of an upcoming storm that makes you want to eat crap??!!

The rest of the day went pretty well. A normal work day with some things of note:

1) I only ended up taking one deliberate walk break during the morning, so I left work at 3:00 with less than 5,000 steps. I should have gotten a 2nd break in

2) I made my chicken salad with 2 flax tortillas - 4 SmartPoints instead of 2, but I was afraid that just 1 tortilla wouldn't be enough filling, but I felt that both was too much food. I will definitely buy 2 packages of these tortillas next week - much better than the flaxseed Lavish bread.

3) I don't think I had an afternoon snack! I hadn't packed one because I knew I would be home in the afternoon but I got home around 3:30 we had to leave at 4:15 for piano - so I don't think I had a snack!

4) My daughter was a ski club until 7:00 pm and I didn't have anything planned for dinner, so it was a "everyone for themselves" day - I spiralized a sweet potato and cooked it with a little chicken, taco seasonings and added goat cheese and dried blueberries on top - I didn't measure anything which I should have. I also spiralized a zucchini and cooked it with some garlic and put a little pasta cheese on top.

5) I really didn't want to exercise and I was only at 6,500 steps at 7 pm, but I didn't have anything else to do, so I rode the exercise bike. I attached my Garmin to my sneaker, but after 5 miles/22 minutes, I only was at 8,000 steps. While the Garmin didn't register 10,000 steps for the day, with the exercise I am taking it as a win.

6) And then the ice cream happened. No, the kids were not having ice cream. I had finished my bike ride and the chocolate ice cream was calling my name, so yep, I had a bowl. I did leave a small amount in the carton for my daughter to have.

So now it is a snow day (but since I can WFH, I am) - I am going to do my best to eat normally, but it is 11:00 am and I've only gotten 975 steps and drank 20 oz of water. No every day can be perfect!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Year, New Foods and my Tuesday

For at least 11 years I've been eating roughly the same thing:
  • Breakfast: Yogurt, Cheerios
  • Morning Snack: cheese stick, fruit
  • Lunch: Lean Cuisine Deluxe Pizza, Carrots --> Downfall, I'd buy lunch instead
  • Afternoon Snack: Vitatop, fruit --> Huge downfall, would eat crap once I started going home in the afternoon to get the kids off the bus

The yogurt is Dannon's Light and Fit, but does have sugar - I know I should give plain, unsweetened another try - I will, once I make some other changes first. I do like overnight oats, but the point value is a little high. I can't stand the thought of cooking eggs at home and re-heating at work (I eat breakfast at 9:00 when I get in).

Morning snack - I am going to leave it as it

Lunch - This is the big one. I'll get back to it.

Afternoon Snack: A Vitatop is 4 points and I am trying to eat less processed food, and I want protein in the afternoons, so I am compiling a list - yesterday I had celery with Almond Butter and a few nuts and raisins on it.

Okay, lunch. One that I have been wanting to change for YEARS. I started having these pizzas when my daughter was born (11+ years ago), because then I started eating at my desk and it was easy and convenient. At times when I was losing weight in the past I would have to cut it down because it was too many points. But my desire to change was always outweighed by convenience. And now with the new FreeStyle, it is really bad - one pizza is 12 points and with FreeStyle I only get 24 points a day. And recently Lean Cuisine has changed their formula so it is all bread with very little cheese and pepperoni and veggies.

In the past I had created a list of lunches I could make, but worrying about points made me reluctant. Or making pasta and dividing it into 5 dishes to have for the week, I would find myself having one of the dishes as a snack, or just being overwhelmed by the amount of prep work needed when I had small children, especially when I was having to make their lunches for daycare or school.

But now they aren't as little, and buy their lunches more or can make their own lunches, and time to make me a priority and I need to try this again. So I've made a list again as well as a list of prep work I can do during the weekend. But now, also with only 1 kid at home in the mornings, who eats the same thing every day he brings lunch, I do have the luxury of more time.

So Monday I:
Boiled hardboiled eggs and made 2 days worth of egg salad (of which my husband ate one of!)
Made 2 days worth of chicken salad.

So how did my Tuesday go?
I had a piece of fruit and my vitamin at 7:30 (I can't eat it on an empty stomach or I feel nauseous)

I had my breakfast at 9:00

I got a walk break in before 10:00

I didn't have my snack until it was lunch time - I ate my snack and my lunch around 12:30. I had made the chicken salad on a Lavish wrap with some lettuce, roasted peppers and mild banana peppers to mimic the sandwich I would buy downstairs. The Lavish isn't great and it tears kind of easily. I will try something different for Wednesday.

I got another walk break in before leaving to WFH in the afternoon. I had about 5,000 steps by the time I got home.

Then I sat on my butt and worked for 2 1/2 hours and did have my snack of celery with PB and a fruit cup.

At 5:15 I walked 2 miles on the treadmill (this time changing into workout clothes so I wouldn't chafe myself).

Dinner was tacos - I had 2 flax tortillas instead of shells, chicken, black beans, quinoa, sour cream (light), salsa, guacamole, and cheese (regular, not light). Dinner maybe have been on the slightly larger side. I could have had a 3rd taco but refrained.

Both kids had had teeth pulled last week and we had extra ice cream in the house and my daughter lost another tooth right before dinner, so I allowed ice cream for dessert. I passed, but as I was putting it away, I chose to have 1 spoonful - yep, right out of the carton. Of course I didn't stop at 1 - wasn't as much as I would have had in a bowl (I don't think, but then again I was eating it out of the carton).

But what is done is done - on to another day (and Thursday will be a snow day - ie I will be working from home while the kids don't have school which sounds exactly like all of last week!)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Day 1 and Back to Work

January 1st was never supposed to be "good" eating day - From eating perspective, New Year's Day is a "cheat" day.

Yesterday was the 1st New Year's Day where I didn't run a 5K - I would have done it had it not be so freaking cold! But I never even signed up for my normal race - part of the reason is that they changed the normal medals. I love this medals. The one on the far left was my first medal ever so it has a special place in my heart. And I love this race because of the metal. But they changed it from a bottle stopper

To a bottle opener which just isn't as cool, because it doesn't make it special. So many races are doing that now.
I also considered another race "Hangover Classic" which has a optional Polar Plunge into the Atlantic ocean at the end.

But it was cold, cold, cold outside and it was nice to stay inside and continue (and finish!) organizing the house like crazy. Part of the organizing was grazing on some of the treats we still had in the house, treats that as of the morning, are now in the trash.

But in addition to running around like crazy, I did consciously exercise. To start the year off right and get 10,000 steps, I stepped on the treadmill and walked a mile and then the bike and biked 2.1 miles, so while it wasn't running, I got a 5K done and ended the day with 11,500 steps.

It is a good start! Tomorrow I'll talk more about my plans for different foods. Time to get away from the same foods I've been eating for 11+ years!