Thursday, June 29, 2017

I am around....

It's been a long almost 2 weeks, and I have no pictures to share, so I will bullet

* Friday June 16 - Last Day of School!!!! Lots of time on Facebook trying to figure out who is in my son's class next year - My daughter won't know her Middle School schedule until late summer
* Saturday June 17 - Lots of sports, lots of organizing
* Sunday June 18 - We went into Boston for Father's Day and had a wonderful brunch at the top of one of the skyscrapers
* Monday June 19 - Me and the kids went to Water Country USA - So much fun! Beautiful weather and not many people there because a lot of schools weren't out yet
* Tuesday June 20 - My daughter went to a friends, so me and my son had a lazy day around the house
* Wednesday June 21 - My husband took the kids to Maine - 5 minutes after the left, my mother called and I had to take her to the hospital - the pins from her broken elbow last fall started coming out
* Thursday June 22 - I thought I had until 1:00 to get stuff done before having to take my mom to the hospital for her surgery, but she called at 10:00 and they pushed up the surgery, so for the second day in a row I had to rush out of the house without a shower and without eating. Thankfully the surgery went well.
* Friday June 23 - I was supposed to go to Maine to spend the day with my family and pick up my daughter, but since I hadn't gotten stuff done around the house, I didn't go and got a TON done and then did major shopping at Michael's and Target
* Saturday June 24 - Got more stuff done, family came home around 1:00, got more stuff done, went out to dinner
* Sunday June 25 - We all took my daughter to overnight camp - her first time going!
* Monday June 26 - My son started day camp (his 4th year there) and back to work for me.

No, you didn't miss anything about running because I haven't run in 2 weeks :( Just so busy and so tired (and throw in some hot and rainy days too). I am supposed to do 7 miles tomorrow.

Eating has been incredibly poor :( I didn't get to enjoy my usual good feelings in the first 1/2 of my cycle. Now I am approaching the 2nd half. But I am trying to get back on track!

Friday, June 16, 2017

6 Miles for Breakfast

I was planning on doing 6 miles Saturday morning, but when my runner friends said they were doing 6 this morning at 5 am, I jumped at it, even if that meant getting up at 4 am so I could eat something an hour ahead. They were definitely hard miles - I am not used to getting up that early, I hadn't slept very well the night before, and I sure didn't eat well yesterday! But the miles are done! It was also more humid than we thought (about 63 degrees, 80% humidity) but thankfully it was cloudy and an occasional breeze.

I had lunch out yesterday which I hadn't done in a while (and won't do again for a while) - I had a burrito and a Nutella shake - they really are to die for!

And then for dinner we had our "end of school celebration" which includes spaghetti, salad, ice cream and cupcakes.

My grocery shopping was fairly successful. I don't plan on cooking any time soon, so it was stocking up a lot for the pantry and very little produce, which is a little sad. But I will stock up on all that next week, and will buy just what I need if I find us having any dinners at home next week.

I am working a 1/2 day today but from the couch where I am trying to relax my sore and tired legs. I can't complain because one of my runner friends is my daughter's teacher and another is a pharmacist, so they will be on their feet all day.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Almost vacation!

I did survive all of Wednesday eating well and being at home. A miracle! A lot of it was because I had weighed in that morning and really wanted to see what the scale said in the morning if I ate normally. It said 219.6! But then I got dressed and went to work (My husband is working from home today so I didn't need to be on kid duty) and I started having cramps and I calculated that today was Day 25 so feasibly I could be getting my period and alas I did - but thankfully no accidents since I am wearing very light cream pants!

Which brings me again to the fact that my weight is always so low on the day I get my period. It has been this way for years. It is very bizarre.

Of course I sat down at my desk and tried to calculate the odds of having my period during our 2 week vacation in August. Ideally I would get it at 25 days next month and the month after - yes that would mean that my heaviest day would be the day we fly - nothing more fun than a heavy flow day and having to deal with airplane bathrooms. But that would also mean that the 2 weeks of our vacation would be be my "good 2 weeks" which of course would be perfect. But we will have to see. Seeing that my cycle can be anywhere from 25-35 days, it will be a crapshoot. Joys of being in your late 40s.

This morning would have been perfect for running. But I chose to not lay anything out and just get up if I woke up. But I didn't. My husband's alarm was set for 6:20 since he is working from home. I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up with the alarm. I guess I really needed that sleep!

Since I got to work early I should be able to get out early and then go grocery shopping and then go home and do the last push to get everything ready for overnight camp. Just get me through the next 2 days!!!!

My daughter's team won her softball game last night so she is playing again Friday night (though it is supposed to rain) and then if she wins that there would be a game next week. We don't expect to win Friday (okay, we didn't expect to win last night either!). We just want to be able to do the Happy Dance at 3:15 on Saturday when my son's soccer game is over.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Happy Hump Day

The end of school and vacation (1 week for me, 10 weeks for the kids) is so close I can almost touch it, but I've got so long to go before I can officially say I am on vacation.

Monday was my daughter's elementary school graduation. Then I immediately had to go to work for a client meeting - I drank 8 oz of water in the 5 hour meeting and didn't get any steps in. Dinner was every-man-for-himself.

Tuesday was a crazy work day which meant lunch in the cafeteria. I consciously brought my debit card in hoping I'd get to have lunch with a co-worker, but instead I just grabbed my normal and kept on working. Last night's dinner was Tacos - probably the last Taco Tuesday for a while.

Today I chose to work from home. My daughter has softball tonight (last night if they lose - is it bad to hope they do so they don't have to play at 6 pm on the last day of school?!). Father's Day cards aren't made, coaches Thank You cards aren't written (Thankfully the teacher and bus drivers are, so that is a good thing). So much laundry needed to be done and put away. The dishwasher needed to be run and put away. And so, so much work to do. I did a pretty good job at a lot of it. I just need to get the kids to clean the gerbil cage and make Father's Day cards when they get home from school. I won't let them do the "but our brain is hurting from school" excuse to chill when they get home because we know they are doing NOTHING at school this week!

I also did a pretty big purge of the pantry/fridge/freezer. Not a lot of bad stuff, just some outdated stuff. I know I've been saying this for years, but I really hope to cook with all the stuff in my pantry this summer. I NEED to make different things.

And I was able to say to myself "I am not hungry, I am just stressed" this afternoon when I was looking aimlessly at the pantry.

I weighed myself this morning for the first time in a while (not good when I don't remember when it was) - 221.6. Some due to Taco Tuesday, some to do impending monthly visitor, and some due to the fact that I've just not been good lately. I really, really need to buckle down and get deep into the 210's before we go on our big vacation.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Up, up, up the mountain.....

My history with Mt Monadnock go far back. I would see the mountain almost every weekend for the first 13 years of my life when we would go to my grandfather's for the weekend. I had an opportunity to hike it when I was at camp when I was 11, but I was too scared. My senior year in high school we had to hike it. I hiked it a couple more times in my early twenties, always being one of those ill-prepared hikers in jeans, very little water. When I was 29 I started dating someone and that was our first date and we hiked it many times, including New Year's Day several times. And in 2002 I hiked it every month, January - August in preparation to hike Mt Rainier. And I hadn't hiked it again until yesterday.

I had wanted to do it on Mother's Day but it was pouring, and every weekend since we've been busy or the weather has been bad. Yesterday was our last chance before my daughter goes to the same camp I went to at the base of the mountain. Of course it was going to be 90 degrees.

I also wanted to test out a lot of our gear to bring on our trip.

Father and Son, ready to go

Getting close to tree line

Still a ways to go to get to the top, but at least we can see it

A little hazy, but beautiful views

The hats kept our heads and faces out of the sun, but unfortunately we had major fails when it came it sunscreen and our shoulders.

We had some other fails yesterday
1) Not bringing enough variety of food - the picky kids wouldn't eat much of the Gorp I made, and thus didn't get enough food
2) Forgetting that we need to eat every hour, even if we aren't hungry - we wanted until it was too late
3) Camel-Baks are great, but despite us telling the kids not to drink too much, they very quickly ran out of water - I think we each need 2 bladder's when hiking in Utah

Going down was very, very rough. I don't remember the descent being so technically challenging. By the end my hips really hurt. Overall the trip took almost 5 hours, a lot longer than I expected. We stopped for burgers on the way home and after a long bath I crashed early.

Last week was a major fail over all. Just so much going on with end-of-school stuff. More of the same this week, but I am going to TRY to do better.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Darn Tollhouse Cookies

The week was going well - I was tracking my food on the Lose It app. I was eating what I was supposed to during the day, even when meeting friends down in the cafeteria (tracking helps with that, along with having my debit card in the car, not inside). Tuesday was wet and raw, all sports had been cancelled, my bored daughter decided to bake. Our favorite Tollhouse Cookies. She made them all on her own - she now feels comfortable taking the pans in and out of the oven. But between Tuesday and Wednesday I ate way too many of them! Yes, I tracked them. The app has them at 170 calories a piece! I probably had 8 a day!

I've been binge watching Felicity and staying up way too late, so I haven't gotten a run in (Tuesday would have been too rainy anyways, but I didn't have an excuse for this morning - I even woke up at 5:15 without my alarm (sun in my room, something we haven't seen much of lately) but I had only been asleep for 5 hours at that point, so I went back to sleep for an hour.

I am running on Saturday this weekend so we can go hiking as a family on Sunday. It is going to be 90 on Sunday. Welcome to Spring in New England.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend. I am kind of glad it is over, so I can get on the business of getting the next 2 weeks of school and work over with and then a week off!

Friday afternoon my daughter and I went to Target and bought a ton of stuff for her for camp, then went grocery shopping and bought mainly healthy stuff!

Saturday morning I slept in a little (weight, 220.4) but then spent a few hours doing chores and organizing around the house before leaving for a full day of sports that started at 10:00 am and ended at 9:00 pm!  I went to bed almost immediately so I could get up and run.

I was awake at 5:00 but forced myself to lie in bed and rest until 6:00 am. I then drove to my favorite rail trail for 6 miles. I won't be able to get back here for while, so I took in the beauty. The 6 miles wasn't real easy. I took 2 small walk breaks - one at 3 miles when I turned around I walked for .1 miles, and the second was at about 5 miles - usually I don't walk across a street but I decided. More of a mental hurdle than and physical one.

After I finished running I walked up the path a little to hang out by a brook. I wish I had brought flip flops with me or I would have gone wading.

The rest of the day was spent doing more chore and getting stuff ready for camp, and then the day finished out with my son's baseball game. It didn't get over until 7:00 and we were all starving so we went to Papa Ginos - I had 2 small pieces of pepperoni, a couple of small breadsticks, and a lot of Greek Salad. I was way over in calories today, but with 6 miles under my belt, I am okay with that.

On to Monday!

Friday, June 2, 2017

June 2nd Weigh-in

221.4 - It is what it is. My eating yesterday wasn't stellar (I bought lunch, which also meant a 12 oz coke). But today I am going to eat well (always a challenge WFH). I've purged everything from the house and today's grocery shopping will be very healthy - no temptations in the coming week!

Not sure if I will got to WW in the morning - I've really got to figure it out. Next Saturday I am chosing to run on Saturday morning so I can be on kid duty on Father's Day, and Saturday after that I will have spent all day at the beach and having a wonderful meal with my family.

But I am NOT giving up. Summer is here (feels like it today, but next week, not so much). Bring on the fresh fruit and veggies.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1st!

My second favorite month!
Did I weigh-in. Um, no :( But I went running (more on that later!)

The long weekend was pretty busy. Saturday was spent doing errands and cooking for a BBQ we were having Sunday night. But also trying to relax and rest for my race Sunday morning.

A 4:30 wake-up call for the race that started in Boston at 7 am. Mentally the race was pretty tough - it was humid (but not sunny thankfully), and the mile markers vs. my Garmin were way off. I ended the race with 5.52 miles. Other people around me were 5.25 - 5.4. At the end of the race you have a long way to go to the finish line and it is deceptive - it ended up being .5 miles. I finished in 1:01:32, which was great for 5.5 miles! I would have even been happy with that time in 5 miles. 2 years ago I PRed in this race with 55 minutes. I hope for faster next year.
Always nice to add bling to my collection.

We were home by 10:00 - we would have been earlier but trying to get out of Boston with all the road closures for the race (there is also a 1/2 Marathon) took a while.
Since my daughter will be away for the 4th of July, we celebrated a little early.

Eating has been pretty poor. I did weigh-in on Saturday and it was 219.8, but who knows by now! I did a major purge yesterday - no junk at all in the house. But it did last longer than it should.

I didn't get in a run earlier in the week, so I finished May with 26 miles. I almost went on the treadmill yesterday to get an even 30, but friends were running this morning instead of Friday so I wanted to join them.

I got to wear new sneakers this morning. I try to change my sneakers every 100 miles because in the past my plantaar fascitis will flare up after that. You can't see in the picture but they are graduated color which remind me of the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino.
The run this morning wasn't overally fast, and even though it was humid, it felt good to be out. I am really going to try to get out 2x during the week in June. Got to take advantage of the morning sun while I can!

Friday, May 26, 2017

The week that wasn't......

What a week - thank goodness it is Friday!

It isn't that it was a BAD week, I just felt a little lost that seems to happen when the tv season is over (officially I still have 1 episode of Prison Break coming on Tuesday). The weather was pretty gross. It was just heads down trying to get to the weekend. The LONG weekend!

We had sports, sports, sports through Wednesday and then we have a week off until next Wednesday - it feels like vacation!

Eating has been pretty bad but the worst is I haven't weighed myself since last Friday. I tell myself I WILL weigh myself next Thursday - June 1.

Only 3 more weeks of school then vacation and 1 week off for me! But it is going to be a busy 3 weeks!

I didn't get in any running this week :( I had everything laid out for today (okay, I've had it laid out since Monday night). I've just been really tired this week - weather, period, depression, who knows. This morning I was definitely going to meet a friend even though we knew it was going to be raining. I am okay running in the rain. But it was POURING. And 48 degrees. So we bagged it.

Sunday is our 5 mile race. It's going to be in the high 40s so I am not complaining! And I've ordered a new pair of sneakers. I do every 100 miles. Even though my feet feel okay because I haven't been running real far, but I want to get ahead of myself. And new sneakers makes me feel good - and starting NEXT weekend I will increase my mileage up to 5.5 miles to get up to 7 miles later this summer.

Besides the race we are going to get some yard work done, camp organization, summer organization, and a Memorial Day parade on Monday if the weather holds out.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Overall sucky eating

Things have been pretty bad food-wise since Thursday.

I was on kid-duty Thursday because my husband was out of town. I got us fed before sports activities so we ate around 5:00. After the games were over, which went really late despite the 90+ degree weather - around 8:00 people talked about going to dinner, which we did. We were all starving. We went to the 99 - I had water to drink, a chicken wrap sandwich with coleslaw instead of fries, so not terrible.

Some time Friday I decided I definitely wasn't going to Weight Watchers. My period still hadn't come at Day 30 but I was eating like crazy. With lots of activities Friday evening, I decided we all should go out to dinner - something we NEVER do on a Friday night. I also never suggest going out before  long run. It's not like we went for Chinese. But Italian - I had some bread, some pasta (with a creamier sauce) and greek salad.

My run Saturday morning SUCKED! I was so dehydrated. But I got the 5 miles done (I did take 2 small walk breaks). Then it was go-go-go all day until Date Night.

Date Night was great - 2 bottles of red wine, lots of bread, cup of onion soup, salad,  8 oz fillet au poivre, sauteed green beans, and chocolate cake and ice cream (shared). Heaven. But I was definitely hurting the next day with the 2 bottle of wine, more of which was drank by me since my husband was driving. And red wine, ugh....We should have gotten white.

So I ate like crap on Sunday because I was hungover.

But finally the monthly visitor arrived at Day 32. Ugh. So now I will almost definitely have it for our vacation - the next 2 cycles will indicate where during the vacation.

This week is going to be another crazy one but I am REALLY going to try to eat fairly clean this week because I have my 5 mile race on Sunday.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Too busy to eat badly - can I keep it up?

For a third day in a row, I ate what I was supposed to at work....well, almost!

Yesterday morning I was so busy running around I forgot to eat my banana, or drink much water, so when I got to work I realized my stomach was growling. I borrowed one of my fruits from my afternoon snack instead of stopping in the cafeteria on the way to my desk (another great reason not bringing cash or plastic into the office is a great thing!)

A meeting was called for 12-1, which is allows annoying. I had planned to go home at 1:00 so I could do a load of laundry and cook something for us to all eat later before another crazy evening of activities. The 12-1 meeting went to 1:45 and I had a 2:00 call with many of the people on the call. They wanted to keep chatting but I forced me and colleague off the phone because neither of us had eaten lunch (everyone else was working from home so probably was eating lunch while on our very long call). I didn't have time to heat up my Lean Cuisine pizza, but I had my morning snack (which I hadn't had yet because I also had meetings from 10-12) and some of my afternoon snack.

Finally at 2:45 I was able to run home and cook some pasta to eat between 5:05 and 5:15 when we were home for 10 minutes. The stress was at an all time high, but I didn't cave. In that 10 minutes I heated up a tiny bit of the pasta for myself (and more for the kids) because I had made pesto with some leftover basil and I wanted some. And then I made myself a Shakeology smoothie and out the door.

I really wanted to fit in grocery shopping last night, so I decided to drop the kids so they could do warm ups, ran to the grocery store (it was a medium-light load), ran home, put it away and ran back to the fields. Okay, I didn't literally run, but you know what I mean. I only missed some of the games and we got home at 8:00 and I didn't eat anything else, even though the kids were famished. I didn't have the excuse of exercising to eat!

I had laid out my clothes for this morning, but after a restless night sleep, I turned off my alarm around 3:00. I just couldn't bring myself to run in 70 degrees, 80% humidity so early in the season! I wish I had run, but everyone who did said it was awful.

Scale was way down this morning which means my monthly friend should be arriving (Day 29 today) - I don't know why I also see a huge (like 2 lb huge) dip on the day it arrives. So weird.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hanging in there....

It is already Wednesday. Too bad it isn't Thursday! Hard to get excited for the weekend when we have SO much going on, but one of those things is a date night for our anniversary, so I can't complain.

My period hasn't shown up yet, which isn't a bad thing. Hopefully it shows up today and if I keep the 28 days for the next 3 months then I will get it right before we leave on vacation which would be perfect timing. Traveling with it sucks, but since as of late, my best 2 weeks out of the month are right after I get it, which would mean those 2 weeks would be the 2 weeks I am on vacation. That would be perfect timing!

Tuesday morning I went for a run with a couple of people. It was perfect weather - 50 degrees, no humidity. I ran 3 miles in 35:45 which is less than 12:00 miles, so I am not complaining. Tomorrow will be 70 when I run with probably 100% humidity so I won't be quick. But I will get it done!

I've been working on my long run schedule for the rest of the year. During the summer I will be switching to Saturdays so my Sundays are free for family stuff (hopefully some hiking). I don't want to completely forego Weight Watchers this summer,  so I am thinking that I can run down and get weighed in before bringing the kids to camp. It means I don't get to go to a meeting, but I need some of the accountability.

Eating has been okay so far this week. Scale isn't moving, but that is not to be expect at this time of the month. I am not sure if I will get in my meeting this week - Our Saturday is jam packed and trying to run 5 miles at 8 am will leave me too little time, but since we are going out Saturday night maybe I will just be stinky until I can shower in the afternoon. It will probably be a game-day decision.

Yesterday was perfect weather - 80 and no humidity and sun. I wish every day could be like that. It will be hot, hot, hot for the next 3 days and then back to the 60s for the weekend. I know we aren't allowed to complain about the weather when it gets home because it has been so crappy so far this year.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Bring on the new week....

I am glad it is Monday - really! I have lots to look forward to this week (lots of season finales, but then I also look forward to TV being over!) and then next weekend celebrating our anniversary (12 years!)

Last week through Saturday were pretty busy. I felt off for days, wishing my period would come (it isn't due until this Wednesday) and as of this morning it still isn't here. I just feel so much better the first 1/2 of my cycle. Bring it on!

Friday the kids had a half day. My husband came home mid-day so my son wouldn't have to go to the dentist with me and my daughter. Then she and I went to the mall, mainly window shopping. She is at the age where she is kind of inbetween stores. At almost 11 she has outgrown (in terms of style, not size) Justice, but in other stores, she would be the smallest size and even then I feel like some of the styles are too grown up for her.

Friday night she had a softball game and we went through McDonald's on the way home at 8 pm. By that time I had decided that I wasn't going to Weight Watchers. Saturday was going to be such a busy day and I hoped to get in a 5 mile run after. Sleep had a different story. I chose to not turn on my alarm and slept until 9:00. From 10-4 we were busy, busy, busy with sports. My mom came to see both the kids' soccer games and do a mini-Mother's Day celebration.

At 5:00 me and a friend ran our 5 miles finally. Sundays weather was going to be awful, so I knew I had to get it in. It felt great! I never run at that time of day. I was definitely sluggish at first, but got some energy towards the end.

Sunday I slept late, late, late. My husband made us brunch around 11:30. Then until 4:00 I ran around like a maniac doing all the normal weekend chores that I had hoped to do on Saturday but didn't have the time. And then finally at 4:00 I went up to our room and watched TV for the rest of the night (and later convinced my daughter to paint my toes :) )

So now it is Monday. The scale is way up (222.8) and has been for a few days. But even with my period coming, I am going to try to be "good" this week. I know I feel so much better when that happens. And I NEED to feel good!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Feeling down

It isn't always easy to figure out why you are in a downward mood. I wish I had the easy answers.

Yesterday at work was fantastic - A couple of people were out, so I had few meetings, few distractions and was really able to be heads down and get a ton accomplished. And I ate well!

I went home mid-afternoon because my husband and son had a tight schedule of them getting home and then needing to get out the door for a baseball game. I did think about joining them later, but honestly, I didn't want to go because it was too freaking cold. It was only about 50-55, and probably dipped more once the sun started to go behind the trees at the field. So I opted to stay home with my daughter. And then some nibbling and grazing happened :( We finally made some pasta around 6:30 and I headed upstairs to catch up on DVR and get under the covers because it was chilly (the heat is still on though).

Maybe I was feeling down because the firing of Comey was just another reminder of what a screwed up country we are living in right now. I have been watching a few shows (Quantico, Scandal, Designated Survivor) that are dealing with a someone "alternate" universe in terms of Washington, but knowing that is so easily could happen. It is all a little scary.

I was really looking forward to going hiking with my family on Sunday for Mother's Day, but now it is looking like it will be raining. I may still chose to do something, even on my own. I'll have to wait and see. My mom is supposed to come up on Saturday to watch the kids' soccer games, but even those seem a little damp.

And the next few nights are pretty crazy as well. And Friday afternoon I am taking a 1/2 day, not for fun, but the kids have a 1/2 day and I need to shlep them around a few places.

I am trying to enjoy this mid-May week when everything is green and lush and blooming, but the temperatures in the 50s just isn't allowing it.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

3 Fails But Not Out

Today is Tuesday, another day. A day I hope to be more successful. I've had 3 fails in the last day

1) Work was crazy yesterday - but not really bad, just crazy. At 12:30 I was starving. I had my credit card in my back pocket because I needed to order something for my daughter's camp. Yep, ran down and got lunch, including the regular Coke. Credit card going back in the car this morning.

2) Last night we got Blue Apron for the first time in a while. The kids didn't eat it so I had 2 helpings. There are just not enough vegetables in those orders. So I think I am going to go ahead and actually cancel my subscription. It is such a pain to constantly go in and skip a delivery. And it is so expensive.

3) I laid out my running clothes last night. I was going to go on my own. I just didn't sleep well. When my alarm went off this morning it was 35. No thank you. Come on spring!

Here is to  better day. I am eating the food I brought. I am making a healthy dinner for myself before baseball.

Monday, May 8, 2017

The weekend

Last week was fairly rainy, but Friday afternoon it start pouring buckets. All sports Friday evening and all day Saturday were cancelled.

I kept up my good eating on Friday night, but once I knew all sports were cancelled, I turned off my alarm for Saturday morning. I woke up at 7:10 (so 10 minutes after my meeting started) and the scale said 219. I could have gone to the 8:30 meeting, but I didn't want to leave the house if I didn't need to. Since I was awake, I got up and got a ton of stuff done around the house. It was wonderful.

Friday my husband was angling to go out to dinner for Cinco de Mayo, but there was no way I would go to dinner on a Friday night (and he admitted when he drove by the mexican restaurant at 5:30 on Friday that it was mobbed). But Saturday I did want to go to lunch - we hadn't been out to eat as a family in a long time. So we celebrated a little late. And I had a huge margarita. Saturday afternoon I did break open the Hersey bars I had bought and had 1 - the rest went in the trash this morning. I just can't have them in the house.

Sunday started with a 5 mile run at 8 am (so I got to sleep in an extra hour) with a friend. We ran a route in town that had lots of up and down. We chatted through the first 3 miles and then I told her to run ahead. The last 2 miles were long, but I ended up running 2 minutes faster on a route with elevation, than I had the previous week on my own on completely flat ground.

Mid-day we picked up my mom and brother and headed to the cemetery. This cemetery is famous (ie famous people are buried there) but is also an arboreteum and a great place to bird watch. Being such a perfect day, it was pretty crowded.

Last week I ordered lenses to attach to your iphone. The pack was only $20. So I had fun playing with it.

This is the wide angle.

This is just normal with my phone.

This is the telephoto - which is the hardest lens to get right.

And these next few are with the macro lens.

This is the path where my dad is buried.

Family shot. My dad is buried further down the pond near where the weeping willow is.

Mother's Day came early this year.

On the way home after dropping off my mom and brother, we stopped for ice cream. Big ice creams. It was almost 3:30 and we had had lunch at 11:00 before we left, so we were all hungry. By that time the clouds were out and it was chilly. But the ice cream was yummy none-the-less. I hate to know how many calories my large scoops were. The drive to the ice cream stand is gorgeous - all huge houses, with beautiful grounds and the lilacs are out. May is my favorite months and this week is my favorite week when the trees and flowers are in full bloom (the leaves on the trees aren't out all the way, but the flowering trees are).

Another crazy week coming up - and a not-very-warm one as well :( While it looked (and felt) like spring yesterday, the rest of the week won't. I am crossing my fingers that Sunday will be nice enough to get a hike in with the family.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Cinqo de Maio and Friday

I love Mexican food. Next to pasta, it is my favorite ethnic food. But I won't be celebrating Cinqo de Maio today (or should I say, another fabricated holiday I think brought to popularity by Corona) because today is Friday and even though I will be up tomorrow, I am still going to Weight Watchers.

Yesterday was another "bad day" - For lunch I made myself a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese and ate almost the whole thing, and then in the afternoon I got myself into the leftover Hersey Bars and Marshmellows from last weekend. To the tune of 3 Hersey Bars and lots of Marshmellows and then I proceeded to take a nap on the couch for 2 hours.

But it is done. Today I went grocery shopping this morning and I didn't buy anything "bad". I did buy my 1 single serving of Nutella to have with my banana and flaxseed tortilla to have for my dinner. But even though I am working from home I WILL eat well today.

This weekend is pretty up in the air because of all the rain coming. Who knows how much of the kids' sports will be cancelled (or potentially postponed until Sunday). We have no rainy day plans. I have a few things I want to get done around the house, but all the things I WANTED to do aren't rainy day activities. What a rainy spring this has been so far.

Sunday I will get out for a 5 mile run, even in the rain. Then the next 2 weeks I need to run 5 miles on Saturdays right after Weight Watchers.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the Fourth

For the Star Wars fan in me, this is a good day. And a day to be distracted. But it is also a solemn day - it is the day my dad passed away 2 years ago.

And how did I start the day? With a 3 mile run! Girls in my running group were going out at 5:45 so I decided to join them instead of doing it on my own. And we did the less flat 3 mile loop which I hadn't done in a while - it is the same route as 1 of the 5Ks our town holds. It is the site of my 5K PR 3 years ago (31:32). I am glad we did this route so I can use it as a baseline - 36:15 (ie 12:05 minute miles).

I can't help but think about how far I've fallen in the last 3 years. My dad was diagnosed shortly after my PR. I told myself I wouldn't let him illness affect my weight loss - by that time I had lost about 42 of the 50 lbs I ending up losing. Right after that PR, I started 10K training and then 1/2 marathon training. I continued to lose until the 4th of July and my weight kept steady until the end of September 2014. But once the 1/2 was over I started gaining. I just looked and I gained 20 lbs between then September 2014 and May 2015. I kept that steady for 5 months but 2 bouts of bronchitis in October 2015 and February 2016 both put on 10 lbs each. And for the last 15 months I've been floating around in the 220s, low 230s. It could be worse - it could have been a lot worse!

 But I really do feel like I am starting to come out of this 2-3 year fog. The spring will do it to you also - May is by far my favorite month of the year. But with the selling of my mom's house done, the basement done, the family room done, vacation this summer planned, summer camps planned and booked and paid for. Yes, spring sports are hectic, but there is room there for me to go to WW on Saturdays and do my long runs on Sundays - those routines that bring me peace and joy.

And speaking of our vacation, today is 100 days - The real countdown begins!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Nutella Won

I need to do a better job of using the journal I bought at Weight Watchers to try to keep track of my cycles, eating habits, etc.

This week is another stressful week in terms of work (things I majorly procrastinated last week in favor of fun more challenging work items now need to be done) and lots of school sports and activities. Add to that ovulation time which I now feel is a major trigger for me eating wise. And then add on tomorrow (May 4) is the 2 year anniversary of my dad's passing, but in good news, it is the 100 day countdown to us leaving on our trip.

I woke up on Monday with the scale 221 - so 1.6 up, same Tuesday. This morning 221.8. I need to reign it in.

But yesterday afternoon I came home from work early to WFH and the crap in the house won. First it was a bowl of hot fries and potato chips (hey, at least I put it in a bowl) and then the jar of Nutella. Yup, the whole freaking jar (not the huge jar but still a good size) - I was working like crazy (and actually getting a lot done). At least I followed that up with a Shakeology shake for my dinner (we had a school concert to go to so no real time for anything more).

I know I should give myself a break this week being the anniversary. But I do need to reign it these behaviors. I've told myself time and time again Nutella is not something I can have in the house. No more.

And I worry about next school year when I will go back to being home more in the afternoon like I was last school year and I gained weight like crazy because I would binge before the kids got home from school. So I really do need to work on these triggers so they don't repeat themselves.

On a good note, it is Wednesday. And tomorrow I am taking a 1/2 day off to take the kids to the vet and attend an event at my son's school, and we have NO sports tomorrow night. And my husband is making dinner! AND I can hang up our countdown to vacation and start crossing off the days!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

5 mile run and hitting 100!

After running the last 2 mornings and a lot of kid activities yesterday and sitting out by our new fire  pit (just a portable one) last night and waking up continuously overnight smelling like smoke, it wasn't so easy to get up this morning. My alarm was originally set for 6:00 but I stayed in bed until 6:40. After eating and changing and driving to the rail trail I started around 7:45, 45 minutes later than I expected.

I wish I had taken my allergy medicine before I left!

It was slow going but I got it done. Towards the end I pulled off the trail to stand by a brook. It was beautiful.

And with that my first 100 miles of 2017 were done (in 2016 I hit 100 at May 21, but didn't run again until June 4, and in 2015 I hit 100 on March 31). So seeing that I ended up taking March 9 - April 9 off from running, this isn't bad.

Unfortunately I won't be back to my serene rail trail for a while. I've got a 5 mile race (and this one I will do!) over Memorial Day weekend (5 weeks away) and while it isn't hilly, it does have some rolling hills through Boston so I need to run where there are elevation gains and losses. Plus my running schedule will be a little off with Mother's Day and our anniversary coming up. But I will be back in June when I plan on working on extending my mileage up to 6-7 miles.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Weekly Weigh-in and Saturday Run

Knowing I had weigh-in this morning kept me from having anything when I took my daughter through the McDonald's drive-through at 8 pm last night after her softball game, even though I wanted to. That and the nutrition information on the order board which is much higher than the drinks we've been getting at Starbucks.

My scale said 219.4 this morning. I was pretty excited. I have about a pound to get to my 5% (the scales at WW fluctuate week-to-week on the difference between my scale and their scale - anywhere from .6 to 1.6 - they didn't used to - they used to always be 1.4 lbs).

Because I needed to go for a run and it was already pretty warm, I wore running shorts and a tank top to my meeting. And then drove to my run. I did the same 3 mile flat route I did yesterday - My time was a minute slower than yesterday, but that was to be expected since I don't usually run 2 days in a row and know I need to run 5 miles tomorrow. Tomorrow will be 30 degrees cooler.

Run done! 95 miles for the year. Later in the morning I went to my daughter's soccer game and in the 2nd half she came over complaining of an ear ache. The girl has had 1 ear ache in her life and she was less and 1 year old. She finished out the game but was in a lot of pain. Instead of calling and waiting for an urgent care appointment with her pediatrician, we went straight to our town's urgent care center. Ear infection it was. She's had a pretty nasty head cold the last few days. Poor kid. But the big thing is she is now old enough to swallow pills. Where did my little girl go?

It was 2:30 but the time we were done with Urgent Care. We hadn't eaten in 4 hours. Yes, we went to Starbucks. At least I didn't get whip cream.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Morning Run

I didn't run during my daughter's practice yesterday. Instead of I took a the opportunity to make a quick run to the grocery store. We didn't need a ton because I don't feel like we ate that much food this week, but the basics (milk, produce). I will probably end up going again over the weekend because I did zero menu prep (we've got another crazy spring week coming up).

But I am determined to get to 100 miles run by the EOD Sunday (ie the end of the month), so I knew I had to get out this morning for 3 miles. I had friends going out but not until 6 am and we were meeting 10 minutes from my house. But I did it. Only 2 other people showed up. It was great to run with them again. At one point 1 person was struggling a little (it was quite humid out) so the other person stayed back, but I had to keep going because I needed to be back. Plus I refuse to walk any more. My time wasn't too bad either, but this is a completely flat course.

My plan is to get in another 3 miles done tomorrow right after my Weight Watchers meeting. Not perfect but better than doing 8 miles on Sunday!

The scale said 220.4 this morning. So close! I am taking it slow and steady this week and hope to be as successful next week (even if the scale doesn't reflect it) before I enter into the 2nd half of my cycle.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday check-in

After the euphoria of my Tuesday morning run, the weather has been pretty crappy since then as has my mood. But food has been okay. Exercise - nothing :(

Tuesday I ate well during the day at work. We had a long, long meeting Tuesday afternoon so I didn't get my snack and I didn't leave work until after 5:00. Dinner was practically on the table when I got home - Taco Tuesday. I had my flaxseed tortillas unstead of the hard shells. I had 2 of them and filled them up pretty well, so overall I probably overate some.

Wednesday morning it was pouring. It is the day my husband goes into Boston early but my alarm was set for 5:30 to ride the bike. When his alarm went off at 5:00 I could hear the rain and even though I didn't need to go out in it, I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep.

Wednesday I ate well during the day and had my snack at home when I got home early afternoon to get the kids off the bus. After piano lessons, I just heated up some pasta that I had made for the week, because I needed to use it up. I did heat it up in real butter. And I made a huge salad to use up a lot of our produce. And I had 2 helpings of pasta and salad, so not great.

This morning I had laid out my clothes to get up and run.  The hourly forecast had "dense fog" for most of the overnight and morning. I just didn't feel comfortable running on my own in fog and I just couldn't bear going down on the treadmill. My daughter has soccer practice tonight at 6:15 - I figure I can get in a run while she is at practice, especially since where she practices is on the route of one of our town 5Ks.

The scale said 221 this morning - it has been slowly, slowly moving this week. I am hoping I can be strong the next couple of days. Seeing 219.8 on Saturday would be phenonmenal!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How Monday Went and a Tuesday Run

Monday was our first hectic day of spring sports.

I ate well during the day, eating all the food I brought instead of buying (not bringing my cash or cards into the office with me is a huge help!)

Both kids had to be at the baseball field (thankfully the same one!) and we had to leave at 5:15 and they didn't get home until 4:30. I left work early (normally Monday is my later day) so I could help with the chaos. Thankfully I had made a bowl of pasta the night before so we just had to heat some up for them and a hotdog for my son. Nope, no vegetables. I made myself a bowl of sweet potato noodles with taco seasoning, 2 hard boiled eggs, avacado, goat cheese and dried cherries. I didn't have time to finish it before we had to leave. And we got home about 8. Both kids wanted a snack so they had a cut up banana, one with PB and one with Nutella. They wanted them in a hot dog bun but I told them they didn't need a bun at 8:00 at night. We've all been hitting the carbs a little hard lately.

I lay out my running clothes and my alarm was already set for 5:30. I was on the road by 5:50. I was a little nervous because I hadn't run on my own in the morning in a couple of years but it was fantastic. I felt so much better 1) getting enough sleep 1) psychologically not seeing the clock say 4 anything and 3) running in light. It will only get lighter for the next 2 months! I wish I had started this a few weeks ago.

Running was a little bit fueled by my desire to hit 100 miles for the year by the end of the month, which means I have to run THREE times during the week. I had hoped to hit the 100 miles by the end of March (ie by the end of Q1) but I didn't mean to take a break from running for 1/2 of March and 1/2 of April. But I do want to keep it up. And tomorrow I plan on getting up and using the exercise bike (I can't get outside on Wednesdays). Thursday is supposed to be foggy but I need to do that on the treadmill then just to get my 100 miles done! And then need to pick up the pace - 100 miles in 1/3 of the year doesn't even allow for 400 miles a year!

During my run I was on such a high - I was trying to pinpoint what exactly it was - was it the light, was it the spring air, was it just running. I know the light had a lot to do with it, so my mind kept going to "how can I run during the light hours more once June 22 comes along" - I think when I was consistently running outside in 2014 I think I made to mid-July before I felt that it was too dark to feel comfortable running on my own. Currently I work from home on Fridays, which is typically not a run day for me. I can work from home a 2nd day, but I wouldn't start that until the fall. Wednesday is the day I would prefer, again, not a typical run day for me. If I were to do that, then I would look to run between 8:20 and 9:00 am after my son gets on the bus. So definitely something to think about! Granted, I wouldn't get a shower right away before I started my work day, but I can also get some work done earlier in the morning because I wouldn't be showering.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weigh-in and a Run

I ate normally on Friday. I actually was at the office until 4:00 on Friday - something I haven't done in a long time. It was so a gross, rainy day, I knew if I stayed home (where the rest of my family was) I wouldn't get anything done.

Weight was 222.2 on Saturday. Can I get below 220 this week? I shall see. It is the beginning of our hectic Spring Sports schedule, which means not many family dinners for the next 8 weeks, which can be a positive (I can make what I want for myself for dinner) or negative (eating on the run, eating at weird times, potentially eating out).

My husband took care of the Saturday sports, so I could stay home at get a ton done - help my son with a school project, organize my clothes (I pulled a lot out which unfortunately don't fit - I put them upstairs for when they do, in addition to donating a bunch of clothes that when they do fit I know I won't want to wear). My daughter and I took a quick trip to Kohls where I got some new sports bras (I only had 2) and a couple of work shirts (in XL, which may be way too big). I am not buying more in XL - I just refuse too. I also got a new pair of sandals for work. Then we went to Target to get some bins to better organize our food pantry. And I got some work out shirts (unfortunately, again, a bigger size, probably too big) but anything to get me out the door feeling good.

Saturday night I made pasta for dinner and set my alarm for 6:00 so I could go for a run. It sure wasn't the tank-top weather of last weekend. I drove to the rail trail I love. So peaceful!

I did 5 miles without stopping which I hadn't done in a while (because I had been running around my house which meant inclines and hills). I just need to get my running mo-jo back and to me that means going back to basics - which means a flat Rail Trail. I did it in 1:05 which is a lot slower than I used to, but I need to just not think about "the way it used to be" That is my new baseline and hopefully over time I will get quicker. It just felt fantastic to do what used to be my normal weekend routine - WW on Saturday, run on Sunday.

Friday, April 21, 2017

What a long week it has been

Last weekend we were busy with sports, and spring cleaning and Easter.

Finally Saturday afternoon the kids were able to dye eggs.

Easter morning I headed out for 5 miles - I walked some (I was trying out a new water bottle to fit in my FitBelt - total fail - I need something I can put back while still running). But I got it done. By the end of the day I had 22,000 steps!

I got my annual picture of the kids in their ears.
Monday morning the kids and I woke up at 3:30 am to go to to Lexington, MA to watch the re-enactment of the Battle of Lexington (My pictures are still in my real camera). We came home and the 3 of us watched 3 different TVs all day long - I watched the Boston Marathon. I hate, hate running in the heat - I felt so bad for everyone!

The next day we headed out on an impromptu trip up the New Hampshire coast. The weather wasn't great, but I hadn't been on this road (to my recollection) so it was fun.

We brought stuff to spend the night - the kids had a blast swimming (I did swim some, but also relaxed)

I was in a cranky mood most of the weekend. So I wasn't completely surprised when my monthly visitor arrived on Wednesday, after 24 days. But 2 days later I am already feeling much better.

I didn't go to Weight Watchers last week - I really, really need to get back into it weekly, not every other week like it seems I have been doing. Honestly. I have NOTHING going on the foreseeable future so I should be able to go....every week until our vacation. There are 16 Saturdays before I go - the only one I could see missing is in late June. The day before I will be at the beach with my family. Oh yeah, and the day I pick my daughter up from camp - I think I need to be there at like 8 am. So out of 16 Saturdays, I am going to try to get to 12 of them. I think that is a good goal.

When we got home on Wednesday I purged a bunch of food out of the house. There is still some Easter candy left which I will throw out at the end of the weekend, if not before (I figure the kids have eaten everything they really like) and when I go grocery shopping tonight I am NOT buying crap!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Not a good week, not a bad week

The scale has been way up this week, but still left over from the weekend - I soley ate almost the whole bowl of chicken, artichoke, pasta salad over the course of 3 days.

I ended up not going to Track on Wednesday. It was pouring in the afternoon and while it was sunny when it was time to go, it was raw, and I chose to attend the Ice Cream Social fundraiser at the kid's school with my whole family. They are only young once and they look forward to it every year, so I didn't want to miss it. I was glad I didn't because I got to socialize with parents I hadn't seen in a while.

I also didn't run at all this week. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings were all in the 30s. Okay, this morning I was a tad hungover. We brought my kids to my mother's last night, but not until after sports, so we didn't get there until 8:15 and then my husband and I had a date night and didn't get home until 11:00.

Needless to say, Weight Watchers isn't happening tomorrow morning. The craziness of the spring sports schedule is in full swing, along with everything I need to do for Easter, I just am skipping it.

Kids spring break started today. Mine officially starts in a couple of hours. I am off until Thursday. We don't have a ton planned, but it will be nice to not be at work. I've only had 2 days off since the holidays, 1 being for the stomach bug, 1 when I chose to take their 3rd snow day off.  And then I don't have any time off again for 2+ months.

Easter isn't my favorite holiday. I love, love, love Spring. But I don't love it when Easter interferes with our Spring break. But I do like it when it is later in the calendar year. I hate, hate, hate it when Easter is really early, when you still have weeks to go to feel like spring, especially here in the Northeast. Next year it is April 1. Yes, it is April, but still way too early. The year after that it is real late - the last weekend of our Spring break. But I do like decorating, and I do like the cooking (the meal I make is so easy) and I do like getting some of the annual pictures I take. Other than that, I no longer have a girl who is willing to dress up. And we aren't religious so there is no church involved. Sunday will be 82 - I kind of wish I hadn't invited my family and we could go to the beach or something!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Sunday was a perfect day

 I wish Sunday could have gone on forever!

Instead of waking up at 7:00 and running with the group (many who walk/run), I slept in until 8:30 ad at 9:15 headed out around my neighborhood. It was almost 50 when I headed out - so I wore a short sleeve shirt! The sun was bright so I had to wear sunglasses! I was in heaven! I had hoped for 4 miles, but since it was been 1 month to the day since I had run, and knowing we were going for a walk as a family, I decided 3 miles was okay.

I spent the rest of the morning getting our 4 backpack and hydration packs put together since they still had tags and in boxes from Christmas. After lunch we put on our new hiking shoes and socks and clothing (all except my husband who thought a cotton long sleeve shirt and jeans would be comfortable!) and headed to the reservoir down the street. It is about 2-2.5 miles around (if I can figure out how to use my new GPS, I would know!)

Having the kids carry their own water on their back is the best idea!

After the walk, I surveyed the lawn for other signs of spring. While we haven't done our spring clean-up yet (hello, a week ago there was snow in the ground!), there are a few signs

Being the real first nice weekend day of spring means the first grilling.

This one had no front teeth last summer, so corn is a lot easier to eat

 I am practicing with my real camera, so made the caprese salad look all pretty.

Not pictured is the chocolate cake my daughter picked out at the grocery store. The remains and the rest of the ice cream went in the trash after dinner (the rest of my family hates it when I throw away treats. Well, if they had will power like me (ie none!) then it would be a different story!

But now it is Monday. Another warm day, but not as sunny. Tomorrow is supposed to break records. The kids have 4 days of school this week, then Good Friday off and spring break next week. I am taking 3 days off next week so hopefully the weather cooperates!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Weekly Weigh-in

222.2 on the scale at home, 224.2 on the scale at WW. It has been a little frustrating this time around that the difference between the 2 scales has been all over the place. Before it was consistently 1.2-1.6 pound difference. This time I have seen .6 and I've seen 2.0 (though generally the 1.2 - 1.6 difference)

I was slightly disappointed that the number wasn't slightly lower. A gain of 2 pounds in a week (thought a height of 5 pounds), though the number last week was pretty low (a loss of 4 pounds that week). Just means I need to work that much harder to get the number below 220. And work hard is what I plan on doing this week!

This weekend we are having our first grilling of the season, which in our house means steak tips, chicken artichoke pasta salad, caprese salad, and some sort of dessert. I asked my husband what he wanted for dessert, making it clear that it would be something I would buy, not make. What he wanted isn't my first choice, but I will go with it, and he asked to have ice cream with it and I refused - we don't need anymore ice cream in the house. We still have some from last weekend (and my daughter asked me when she got home from school yesterday if I wanted some with her for her afternoon snack and I obliged, not thinking about WW this morning). With the exception of the artichoke chicken pasta salad, I should be okay with everything.

So I will work hard this week and see what happens in a week!

One of the things we were talking about in the meeting was what to do when a gain happens. As well as the ever-popular topic of weighing yourself every day. For me the two go hand-in-hand. Historically, when I've stopped weighing myself every day, or even if I weigh myself but don't track it anywhere, is when the gains happen. Yes, I've gained weight, lot of it, while routinely attending WW meetings, but eventually I do give up and stop going to the meetings. But I do NEED to weigh myself every day. But I also need to stop dwelling on the fact that 2 1/2 years ago, when I started gaining weight again, that I couldn't stop myself. That I didn't get back on track enough. I don't know how much of it was because me dad was in the depths of dieing. In October 2014 I gained weight after my first 1/2 marathon and then more when we went to Disney shortly afterwards. I should have taken the bull-by-the-horns at that point and stopped the 10-15 pound slide. But he had really started to decline and the despair was started. But who knows. I just never, ever, ever thought I would be back here, 40 lbs heavier (at one point 50 lbs heavier, back at the starting point). And I admit, I think that in the back of my mind has made it harder for me to really be on board this time. "Oh, I'll just gain it back again" But I can't do that!!!!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Already!

As a parent, the saying "The days are long, but the years are short" really does ring true. I kind of felt the same about this week. While I was in it, the days were dragging and dragging, but I can't believe it is already Friday afternoon.

I have no clue what the scale will say in the morning. It was 223.2 this morning, so up 2.6 from last Saturday.

Eating has been so-so. After a not great weekend, I purged a lot of stuff but still nibbled on some stuff on Monday. The rest of it went in the trash Monday night.

I did buy lunch 1 day this week - I think it was Monday. And with my credit card no less. I've been leaving my cash and debit (and usually my credit card) in my car so I am not tempted to buy lunch. But I had my credit card with me because I needed to buy something on-line. Work was crazy and I was in a hurry so ran down and bought lunch (which yes, did include a 12 oz coke).

One night I chose to have frozen turkey burgers on flaxseed tortillas instead of hot dogs and buns like the rest of the family.

But last night I made pasta and I was especially hungry so had seconds.

Wednesday was exciting - it was Beginner Track Day. Through my running group I am doing a 4-week track program. It is only 30 minutes long each week, but we did drills and 3 separate runs around the track running as fast as we could. Wow that was hard! I was running as fast as I need to in order to do a sub-30 5K and I could barely make it 1 way around the track (1/4 mile). I am definitely sore - more so today than I was on Wednesday.

Part of what has made this week hard has been the weather. Yes, the snow from last weekend is gone, actually all the snow in our yard is finally gone, but it has rained like crazy and just been cold and raw. The kids soccer games are cancelled for this weekend because the fields are too wet.

Sunday I hope to get out for a walk in the woods so we all can break in our hiking shoes (not boots). It will be a little muddy, but over spring break I am hoping to take the kids up a mountain, so I want us to use our shoes a little before.

Saturday is supposed to be raw again (so thankfully the games are cancelled) but Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be 60,70,80. And then it will get back to normal temps (ie the 50s)

I've got 2 hours before the kids get home. I am trying to keep my resolve to eat healthy!

Monday, April 3, 2017

5 lb in 2 days

That is what happens with me - I swing huge in either direction. I don't lose or gain a smaller amount.

Friday I did really well. I ate my small dinner very early - I was actually hungry when I went to bed which isn't good. And the scale said 220.6 when I woke up on Saturday. But I didn't go to Weight Watchers :(  It was snowing and sleeting pretty hard. And I couldn't go through the basement to get to the garage because we had people sleeping down there. I could have gone out the front door and then opened the garage door from outside, but we had another person sleeping in the office by the front door. So no matter what I would have woken people up - many of whom had been up very late the night before.

I started out Saturday pretty well. Breakfast/Snack/Lunch were pretty good. But then everyone was getting stir-crazy with the whether, so we made chocolate chip cookies, had chips and salsa and guacamole when we had other guests over for the afternoon. And a large pasta dinner.

Sunday our guests were gone before we even got up. And even though it was no longer snowing and got sunny (and almost 60 degrees), then only time I went out was at 9 am to do a catch-up grocery shopping trip.

It was a lazy day, which included cookies, and ice cream, and leftover pasta. So when I woke up this morning the scale said 225.4!

I know some of it is "fake weight" so I will try to be really good this week and see what the scale says on Saturday. What a long, long week it is going to be.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Sitting on my hands this Friday

Yesterday I ate pretty well. Late in the afternoon me and my daughter had a hair appointment and we were done before 5:00. Usually we order pizza from across the street but it just seemed too early, so I decided on frozen pizza as well and the remnants of what we had in the fridge for salad makings (no lettuce though!). I had 2 small pieces, some salad, and ate a banana as well.

This morning the scale said 222.4 - Have seen 222 in a while.

Since we are getting snow today and tomorrow (better than the 27" we got on April Fool's Day 20 years ago, which was 2 days after Easter when it was 65 degrees). I drove the kids to school and went grocery shopping (along with everyone else) so I don't have to go in the snow later on. Plus we are having friends for the weekend, so I needed to stock up on....well, junk.

So here I sit, another Friday working from home, with regular food, but ice cream and cookies and cheese and crackers. But I am going to do well today! I really want to go to WW tomorrow, but I am thinking the weather won't really be good for it. But since I won't have anything to rush back for since all sports are cancelled tomorrow (plus we are between winter and spring sports seasons), I may still go.

Our friends aren't coming until after dinner, so there is no reason why I can't have my normal nutella/banana/flax wrap pre-Weight Watchers weigh-in dinner.

Give me strength for Friday and for this weekend!
We have having friends over for cocktail tomorrow afternoon and then they may stay for dinner, but even if they don't, our weekend guests will be here. I just am going to TRY to eat normal - I don't need alcohol, I don't need cheese and crackers, I don't need ice cream. But if I have any, it will be a small amount (except alcohol - I won't have any of that, because then I will have too much of everything else.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Feeling Optimistic

As I get further in my 40s, I feel that my mood and my weight is more-so defined by where I am in my cycle. After 17 years on the Pill, PMS and periods were really nothing I had to think of. My period lasted 36-48 hours, always came on Tuesdays around noon, and except for the fact that I always had insomnia the Sunday night before, life was normal. But now I definitely feel that the first 2 weeks are good - and that even counts during my period, but from ovulation to the end, I want to eat like crazy which is never good for the scale.

I am going to really try to work on having more than 2 good weeks out of the month. I say that now as I am at the very beginning of the month, and even though AF is a pain to deal with, I feel pretty good, which gets me to feeling optimistic about my weight. The scale this morning said 223.8. Which I know is a full 4 lb away from being out of the 220s. But it is a place I really, really need/want to be!

I said that I want to lose 3 lbs a month. I am hoping that I can be 223.0 by Saturday (weigh-in day, but also April 1st). So on one hand, that means that I wouldn't hope to be out of the 220s until May 1st which seems a lifetime away right now. But also gives me inspiration to really work hard the next few weeks and maybe reach that goal early. Not that this would happen every month, but I still kind of feel that I am starting over since I've been ping-ponging around with my weight in the 2+ months since I started WW again. So if I am really diligent between now and Easter, I could see that magic 21#. It has been way too long. I remember doing one of those 3-day liquid things last February and I think I saw 219 for 1 day. But other than that, I had pretty much auto-piloted myself from 200 to 220 between September 2015 and February 2016.

I am still eagerly awaiting the shipment of clothes I ordered from Columbia, so I can really get a "before" picture and have a thought in my head of where I want to be physically (not necessarily weight-wise) but the time we leave on our vacation in 4 1/2 months.

And Thursday night I am finally getting my hair cut and colored again - it has been since right after the New Year, so I am badly in need! I can't wait to get the length cut some more as well!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

End of Tuesday already?!

I didn't even realize I didn't post about the weekend, not that it was that exciting.

I was successful with my eating on Friday.

I went to Weight Watchers on Saturday - 224.2 at home, but instead of having me +1.0 they only had me +.6, which means the difference between my scale and their scale was 1.0 instead of 1.4 which I am used to.

Saturday we did a ton of errands as a family - 5 HOURS worth. I had a good, healthy snack before we left. After 2 stores we went to Bertucci's for lunch - two roles, 2 helpings of salad, and 2 small pieces of pizza.
3 stores later I got a very unhealthy, but very yummy and much needed coffee drink from Starbucks.
Dinner was healthy (zoodles with leftover pasta) because yet again I THOUGHT I would run in the morning, but I didn't.... :(

Sunday I ate fairly well knowing I had my physical the next day and blood would be drawn. Part of the reason I was okay not running because I know that can alter blood results, as could my "recovery" food.

Physical went okay. She was happy I was losing weight on my own. Blood results were okay - Everything in the normal range, but I will be interested to see blood sugar and cholesterol after I lose more weight.

I told my doctor I wanted to see her in a year instead of 2. My hope is to be 35 lbs lighter in a year and then 35 lbs the year after that and that would have me be in the normal range. 3 lb a month. I should be able to do that! I did it in 2013. Now I just need to do the work.

I need to exercise and run, but this weather continues to get me down. Come on spring!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Shopping when Plus Size

About this time last year I had to go shopping again because I needed some summer clothes for our upcoming cruise and nothing from the previous year fit. Thankfully Kohls was my lifeline when it came to buying size 18W shorts. I unfortunately need the W after the size until I am well into the 100s, which I am far from now. Last time around I was able to get into 16 after 16W before going down to 14.

But the clothing I bought last year isn't really right for a trip out west where we will be doing short hikes (2-3 hours) in sweltering heat (Moab, UT) and less-hot (Yellowstone). And I hope to get the family doing a lot of hiking before then, so I need hiking shorts.

LLBean - Fail
Lands End - Fail
REI - Fail

Even the stores that do go up to 18 (which most of them don't), I NEED the W! Thankfully it appears at the Columbia site is coming to the rescue.  I ordered 2 shorts and 2 shirts. Both are 1X (god I hate the "X") which is 16W - 18W. Even if the shorts are a little snug, I will have them in-house as an incentive. I don't usually need plus sizes on top (*sigh, there are some places I just don't gain weight!) but the length seems attractive which I feel like I need right now, to enjoy myself more. I can't wait for the stuff to come. Why can't all retailers be like Amazon Prime - I am so used to my 2-day shipping!

Horray For Friday

I am so excited it is Friday, though a little sad that my "vacation" is over - ie my manager will be back from vacation. I like her and she's very hand's off, but knowing that she won't even pop in on IM or email because she has been in Europe visiting her kids, has been nice.

Tomorrow I WILL go to Weight Watchers, so yet again, a Friday of trying to be strong-willed when it comes to eating. My dinners the last couple of nights have been so-so (meaning I have had seconds both nights, but not drastic).

Yesterday I had to leave work mid-day because of Parent/Teacher conferences - My last meeting of the morning was post-poned so I ducked out a little early to head to BJs to pick a few things up. With a hectic spring schedule starting any minute, I made sure we had enough paper towel and toilet paper to last us a while, plus I got a bag of chicken nuggets and Buffalo tenders. Not food I am incredibly proud of, but definitely necessary for our spring schedules. Also, I did my normal grocery shopping Thursday night so I don't need to go out tonight. Everyone in my family was very disappointed I didn't pick up any junk (ie no chips, no ice cream). The one indulgence I did allow my daughter was a loaf of yummy looking bread (from the bakery section), but I don't plan on having any.

Another thing to keep myself on track is that I have my physical on Monday, so more blood.

While it has been cold part of this week, I feel a little spring in my step that the 10 day forecast doesn't have any days until 40. And there is rain, which hopefully will get rid of some of the snow.

We have some very exciting shopping this weekend. We are getting new bed pillows for the whole house. We are in desperate need of them, so we are biting the bullet and just buying them all at once.

I am also going to do some shopping for our trip - I worked on what we need and will space it out over time. My big purchase will be a Garmin for hiking. And I got my REI rebate, so I will go shopping there too.

I pulled out all my camera stuff and my dad's camera stuff and will determine what lenses to bring on the trip. As much as I would love to bring the huge lens he has, it isn't practical for this trip. While I would like to get some nice pictures, just seeing the sites and being with my family is more important. But I do want more than just my Iphone as a camera!

Happy Weekend! Be strong!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hump Day!

Thank goodness it is Wednesday - I just want this week to be over. It hasn't been overally bad, I just want the weekend!

My eating has been so-so, though this morning the scale was still up 4 lbs from 9 days ago! Yesterday, at the last minute I left work a little early to go get my Iphone screen replaced. I had a 4:00 appointment and then had 90 minutes to kill, at an outside mall, with no phone! What a weird feeling. I wandered around for 45 minutes, window shopping but not buying anything. I was looking for anywhere to get a book or a magazine but it is a high-end outside mall so nothing (though an Amazon bookstore is opening soon - I didn't know that type of thing existed. Remember when Amazon was only books?!) I decided to get something to eat because i was a little hungry and knew I probably wouldn't be home in time for dinner, so I got a small burrito (which is actually the middle size) and a small Nutella shake (again, the middle size). And then I decided to go back and sit in my car. My car was parked behind the GAP and there was a big sign at the GAP saying "free wi-fi" and it did reach to my car so I could use my work laptop for the second half. How sad we are to be tethered to our devices all the time.

Today I am working from home again. My manager is out through this week so I am taking advantage of that and WFH (other co-workers normally WFH on Wednesdays so there would be NO ONE from my group in the office today!). I did yet another purge of the fridge/freezer/pantry and I already made my grocery list. My family isn't very happy that there is very little "fun" to eat in the house, but for now that is what I need.

I haven't run in almost 2 weeks. My high of the 70 degree weather in February has crashed and burned because of the cold and snowy weather lately. Yes it was 55 yesterday which melted some snow, but not a lot. The snow banks are still huge. Today it was 37 when I woke up but will be 20 by the end of the day and 15 when I would get up to run in the morning. Since our step challenge is over, I have been incredibly sedentary. Not good.

So  I am hoping, praying to be good today while I WFH. There isn't a ton I could get into, but there are some marshmellows and some semi-sweet chocolate bits that I could do damage with, but won't!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Can I Turn It Around???

The gluttony has continued - I am really hoping I can turn it around before next Monday, my physical.

Friday I worked from home and I made my way into a bag of mini-Reeses. Why, why, why did I even have them in the house? Such a weakness of mine.

Friday night was my son's party - I had 1 piece of pizza and a piece of cake at the party, but was actually starving when I got home, so had ice cream with chocolate cake way too late.

I slept in on Saturday instead of going to Weight Watchers.
I had Mac & Cheese with my son for lunch.
I went to see 'Beauty and the Beast' with my daughter - popcorn, soda and raisin-nets.
Spaghetti and zoodles for dinner, more ice cream.

Sunday I didn't run - I was just annoyed on the last day of winter that we still had so much snow and it was not warm (but not really cold - maybe 30 with some wind) - I worked ALL day researching stuff for our trip this summer.
Finally at 5:00 we went to On the Border to celebrate my son's birthday - 2 margaritas, chips and dips (salsa, queso and guacamole) and Shrimp Fajitas. Then ice cream and cake when we got home.

I purged the rest of the ice cream and cake when we were done.
So I SHOULD be able to eat well this week. I need to! My stomach is hurting from over-eating.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A horrible few days

And everything was going so well....Some months I feel that ovulation time is just as bad as period time.

Monday night for dinner we had Korean BBQ pork. It was too cold to grill, so I just pan cooked it and made some white rice in the Instant Pot (to date, the only thing I have made in it). I completely overate and my stomach was killing me. I wonder if it was also because I had had rice which I don't usually eat.

The next day was the blizzard and I had taken the day off. Besides some crafts, I also made:

1) Rainbow Jello
2) Chocolate Chip Cookies
3) Taco Pizza (because it was Pi day and Taco Tuesday)

Wednesday the kids had a delay because it was icy and then I was home alone. Pretty much all I ate all day was chocolate chip cookies. I felt like crap and go into bed at 6 pm.

Today is another day. I am going to TRY to eat well for the next day or 2 - Friday is my son's birthday and birthday party and we then have TWO other eating activities over the weekend to celebrate.

As for exercise/running, I haven't run since last Thursday. I haven't actively exercised since Sunday. Yesterday I think I got 3500 steps! It is freezing out and the snow is here to stay for a while. I need to get my heart back into the treadmill and bike. But at least I am still weighing myself every day - even if the # is kind of scary.