Friday, October 7, 2016

What a low, low month....

So the going back to Weight Watchers didn't work out. After my 1st week, when I stepped on the scale a week later I was up almost 3 pounds and decided not to go and haven't been back since. But I am planning to go tomorrow. Originally I was going to wait until after all the hecticness of October was over, but I have time tomorrow and for the next several weeks, so I am making it a priority.

The last 3 weeks since I last posted have been just really, really bad. I've barely had weekends with kids stuff and then going to my mother's every Sunday to work on the house, and even some nights during the week. This weekend both days I will be with her, but she is moving on Wednesday, I am taking Thursday off, and she closes on her current house in 3 weeks and then I am hoping things will be a little bit more normal for a bit before the holidays role around.

During this period, I was barely running, eating lunch in the cafeteria every day and just feeling really lousy about myself. The 2 year anniversary of my 1/2 Marathon has come and gone and knowing that that was the beginning of this cycle of gaining weight - 40 lbs in 2 years.

I've got to reverse this cycle and get back on losing weight. Losing weight makes me feel so good about myself. But I've only been successful when life isn't crazy. I need to learn to be successful when life is crazy, because life just is crazy.

So here I sit, working at home, one of my stressors and times I tend to overeat, knowing that I need to be "good" today.

As of this morning my weight was:  223.4. I so badly want to be under 220!

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