Thursday, April 19, 2012

Neither here nor there....

We had to walk away from the house that we put an offer on - the foundation was not straight in one area and they had made attempts to brace it. After we told them we were walking away, the sellers said they had all this documentation stating the foundation had been testing and was secure. We had to tell them 'too little too late - that is what disclosures are for' It killed me to walk away because there just haven't been any other houses even remotely in our price range in the towns we want to live in. Yet we continue to get our house ready for the day we do find a house we love.

And yet we continue to live in limbo about everything - our house is disorganized as we try to organize it - but even then it wouldn't be the way we would want it permanently. And once it is staged, trying to live with it like that and with 2 small children.

With sadness the last race I had signed up for and had to blow off was last weekend - maybe next year. Maybe after this weekend I can start to get back on track, slightly. The treadmill is in its new home in the basement, the mornings are light, I shouldn't have any excuses after this weekend. I hope and pray.....

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  1. I'm sorry about your house. I find that the fact you are still thinking about your health means all hope is not lost. This is a lifetime commitment and you are going through a lot of stress. Things will fall into place in due time.