Friday, May 25, 2012

I made myself get on the scale...

Not a pretty # - 219.0. But I did it. I haven't stepped on the scale in over a month - life at home and at work have been so stressful that the old habit of 'if I step on the scale and I don't like what I see, I am going to have a crappy day' came back. But things are getting better, plus I knew I was gaining even more weight, so I needed to see the damage.

The good news in my life is that we are buying a house. We close on June 27th. Our current house has been on the market for about 10 days. Logistically it would be nice to close on our current house after the new one, but financially it would be nice to do it the same day, but I think we've reached the point that if we don't have an offer now, that isn't going to happen.

It is going to be a long summer as all the kids daycare/camp is near our current house, not the new house. So I am going to have a double commute twice a day. Which means breakfast and dinner could be on the road a lot this summer! But I am prepared to do what I need to do to eat healthly foods myself.

The first thing I did this morning was calculate the points of my granola and as expected I was horrified! My favorite cereal was discontinued several months ago and I have not found a good replacement. This morning I bought a new cereal and will start measuring again.

I stocked up on ice cream treats for the summer and got myself some skinny cow ones.

I will continue to weigh myself each day.

I need to up my water intake again.

less sugar, less salt.

I can not commit to exercise at this point. Now that the TV season is over, I am hoping I can start getting to sleep earlier and I would like to do C25K again - it was been almost 4 months since I have run. But at some time we are going to need to start packing up the house and thus my nights may get long again.

In my dream I would lose 20 lbs by Labor Day weekend which would bring me to 199. But 20 lbs in 14 weeks is pretty agressive for me knowing that we are moving during this time and that our schedules will be completely influx. I would to at least like to get down 10 lbs.

I wiil, i will, i will post a lot.

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