Friday, November 30, 2012

Quietly trying to get back on track

In the 5+ months since my last post, the weight has continued to creep up to yet again another all time high of 236ish.

But also since the last post, we have schools, new routines. We also lost my mother-in-law 3 weeks ago which was very sudden (she had been battling lung cancer all year but was beating that. It was another rare type of stomach cancer that came on fast and furiously) and that really was the catalyst to get back on the wagon.

So I am going to clean up my blog, start posting religiously.

Tomorrow morning I am walking back into Weight Watchers. Saturday morning is completely alien to me, but it is 7:30 am so a great way to start the day. It won't interfere with Saturday activities. Target, BJs and ta grocery store are nearby so I can get all my weekend errands done on the way home. I hope I like the leader. I hope the meeting isn't too packed. Another incentive of Saturday mornings is it keeps me honest on Friday day and night. Friday day is my day to work from home and can be a "off plan" day - especially when I was doing WW on Thursdays (honestly, I would do WW on Thursday at noon, then not eat well until Saturday). And then I will have incentive to cook a healthy, low sodium meal on Friday night, a night we may typically eat out.

I also signed up for a 5K on New Year's Day. I know, completely insane! I haven't even attempted to run, or even walk, since February 5th. I mapped out a 5K course around the new house - it is kind of quirky because once I get off our road, I am on some really thin, windy roads so not very good for running. So I am going to just walk the course on Sunday to see how it goes. No guarantees I will actually do the 5K on the 1st (I did it last year) - but they do have really cool medals!

I kind of started the progam on Tuesday after signing up for WW online, so it isn't like I've been pigging out all week hoping for a max weigh in on Saturday. And then I will look forward to the next Saturday when we hear all about the additions to the program.

I am trying to take this kind of casually. I have found in the past that when I get superorganized before I start then I jinx myself and don't do well. But when I make small changes here and there and kind of track, I do well.

I am nervous about starting with exercise as well. Honestly, I have never lost weight while exercising because I know I overeat after working out - not because I think I deserve it or because I overestimate the Activity Points, but because I am I am going to try to drink a ton of water and not think about the hunger (easier said than done) because I am so eager to get moving again!

I  need to find some good blogs to read. I've been reading all along but haven't been commenting (sorry Leigh!) because my heart hasn't been in it, or a lot of the blogs I have read in the past aren't blogging anymore (and on the rare occasion they update, it is to say they've gained - like me) - and then some of the blogs I read people have reached their goal (yeah!) - But I need to find some where people are starting the journey or near the beginning and are doing really well.

Seeing so many people gain weight back over the last 12-18 months, just like me, scares the crud out of me. I never, ever, ever thought I would be one of them, or would gain so much, so fast. But it is time. My blog was supposed to be fit by 40 and that came and went, then in my 40's. In a few months my 40s will be 1/4 over - It is time!

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  1. So, let me say..I'm very proud of you for coming back and sharing in all honesty where you're at. I've been in your place before and I know it's not easy.

    Please know I'm here working on it with you.

    If you click on "View my Complete Profile" on my blog you'll see a list of blogs I follow. There are some new ones on there that are currently fighting the fight.

    I think these three for sure:

    I also spent some time clicking on others' blog rolls to find new people that are still fighting the journey. I'm inspired by those that are at goal, but I'm still in the fighting stage and need to see others currently winning. :)

    Have a good meeting tomorrow morning!