Friday, January 16, 2015

Slow start to the year.....

So much for posting more frequently in 2015. I put my lap top next to my bed so I would be more tempted to post when I crawled into bed to escape the coldness of the winter. But I've been reading quite a few books this year, so the laptop has been ignored.

Another downfall to ignoring the laptop is I haven't been logging my (almost) daily weigh-ins. I've been stepping on the scale for the most part (and mainly horrified with what I saw - more on that later) so didn't feel the need to record it. My laptop takes a while to get logged on, so I would do it while the kids were eating breakfast. So back downstairs the laptop will go.

Yes, the eating has been pretty horrible so far in 2015. I continue to be very busy at work, which has resulted in numerous all day meetings - in which breakfast and/or lunch are brought in, or we get a break for lunch and I am so mentally drained that I want to buy lunch instead of eating what I brought. Last week I bought my lunch FOUR times, and that included a regular 12 oz Coke each day! AND I was going home and snacking heavily while making dinner.

Needless to say, the scale was awful last Saturday - like into the 190s awful. But I went to Weight Watchers AND I got on the scale. I am continuing my promise to go to WW as many weeks as I can this year and step on the scale every time. Running on Saturday is no longer an excuse not to go to WW.

I have told myself that I want to run at least 2x a week and run at least 10 miles a week.

Jan 1 I did my 10K, so I ran 3.8 miles on the treadmill that Sunday. I got the Gilmore Girls series for Christmas, so 1 episode is 43 minutes. So it will be nice to see how the distance I run in 43 minutes may change, though I am pretty much a treadmill wimp. I can't run as fast on it as I can outside.

Last week I planned on getting up and running and just couldn't bring myself to get out of bed, even though everything was laid out. Finally for Friday morning the running group was doing 4 miles, so I jumped in. Sunday I knew I had to do 6 miles and the bike path is now iced over, so I had to do it in our neighborhood. Most of the streets around me are narrow and windy, so I have to do some backtracking - I fit in 6 miles, but I will need 7 miles as well so adding in an extra mile will be serious backtracking. Mental toughness!

This week was more of the same - bed was just too inviting. I did get up at 4:40 am Thursday but there was a coating of snow and ice outside, so I bailed on the group. And I went back to bed....for 2 hours.

I forced myself to get up this morning because I wanted to stick to my 10 miles. I did 3.8 on the treadmill. So I will do a 10K distance, at least on Sunday. It is supposed to rain, but I will be out there!

Eating has been a little bit better this week, not perfect. I did bring my lunch downstairs to eat with a friend, and I ate sensibly when she and I went out yesterday. I didn't weigh myself this morning, so not sure what the scale will be like tomorrow morning.

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