Friday, December 30, 2016

Bye Bye 2016

What a long, strange year it has been....I will not be sad to see it go.
But it hasn't been all bad - First are the good things:


March - Great Wolf Lodge for my son's 7th birthday

April - Disney trip and cruise

August family vacation to Montreal and Smuggler's Notch

December trip to New York City at Christmas time

The major thing was finishing our basement

I finally got my red front door

We painted our office and dining room (and all our bedrooms - not shown)

I started New Year's with my typical 5K

I ran 3 races (3, 4, and 5 miles) over 3 weekends

I ran a 10K before getting on our boat

I finally ran the 6.66 Devil's Chase

But overall it was a long, sad year
While we didn't lose any of our remaining (1) parents, my husband did lose his grandmother, our last remaining grandparent.
The biggest thing was my mom selling my childhood home. It was her choice and I feel better with her in a retirement community, but emptying the house took up 1/2 my Sundays this year

The house situation (both hers and mine) was mentally draining. Due to busy weekends, my running took a major hit. I only ran 177 miles (the previous 2 years had been slightly over 400). I didn't get up in the mornings because I was just so drained. I bagged out of more races than I actually ran. I did a #runstreak for 14 days - it was supposed to be Thanksgiving to New Year's, but after 2 weeks we lost heat in part of our house on-and-off for a week - it was very stressful (and very cold) so going down into a cold basement on the treadmill wasn't going to happen. And I haven't run since then (December 7th)

My weight - I am back to where I was in November 2012. I never, ever thought I would be there. It sucks. 2017 I really have to do something about that. But what I want in 2017 in another post.

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