Friday, December 30, 2016

What I am looking forward to in 2017

I don't really feel like doing resolutions. Goal may be a better word, but there are also just things I am looking forward to

TRIPS (the lack of trips is actually something I am looking forward to too!)
  • 2 week trip out west
  • Booking a trip to Universal for 2018

  • Built-ins in family room: Entertainment center and 2 book shelves; new paint and flooring

  • I am setting my goal to 365 miles. No, I am not going to streak. But I want to get out there every Sunday and 1-2 during the week (even if that means the dreaded treadmill)
  • More steps - wear my Garmin every day and log my steps - try to get to 10,000 even if that means walking on the treadmill - but do need to get up from my desk more often
  • We hope to get an exercise bike soon - my big exercise goal for 2018 will be to do a Sprint Triathlon so need to get biking
  • Need to get into the pool as well - I may take adult swimming lessong
WELL  BEING (not going to make a goal of how much I will lose - that never works)
  • Weigh myself every day
  • Re-join Weight Watchers (well I am still paying for it, I just don't go)
  • Sleep more
  • No soda, no buying lunches
  • 100 oz of water a day
  • More variety of meals (don't care if the kids (or even my husband) doesn't like them)
  • Eat less
  • Me time - get back to (or start new ones) my hobbies - piano, photography, scrapbooking
  • Get outside more
  • Work harder at work
  • Be more present in my kids' lives
  • Less screen time (except if I am reading a book)

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  1. Happy new year!!! Awesome list of goals...or should I call it the roadmap to 2017???