Friday, August 2, 2013

Sucky, sucky, sucky week!

According to the scale this morning, I am up 5.2 lbs since Saturday. Not surprised.

Last week my son was complaining of a tummy ache. Friday night my husband slept with him, as I was still sick. Saturday me and my son stayed  behind while my husband and daughter went to an amusement park. He watched TV all day long, but wasn't too fussy. He fell asleep at 8 pm (not normal for him) and at 10 pm woke up agitated about his stomach. I was literally up all night long with him until 4 am - I fell asleep on his floor. So obviously I didn't go running on Sunday morning. And for 3 days my hip was killing me (I had bursitis in my hip during college from sleeping on a hard fouton). I had visions of not being able to run again.

Sunday he was a bit fussy during the day. It was my husband's birthday so I watched my son for the day. As we were walking out the door to go to dinner, my son really started crying like he had been overnight. So took him to Urgent Care. They tested a bunch of things and decided it was probably gas. Again he fell asleep right away at 8 pm and woke up at 10 pm screaming, so my husband took him to the ER. Again, after xrays and a bunch of things, they thought it was gas. They got home at 4 am and I hadn't really slept.

Monday my husband stayed home and took him to a new pediatrician. Monday night he was the same - I was up all night and took him to a pediatrician again. Again, thought it was gas. Gave us instructions on changing his diet.

He slept well Tuesday night and I felt comfortable sending him to my parents Wednesday and Thursday.

Meanwhile my eating was pretty bad - combination of pure exhaustion, routine being thrown off, and depression of being sick and not being able to work out.

"Highlights of eating"
--After Urgent Care on Sunday, we met my husband and daughter out for dinner - I was starving, so had lemonade and appetizers
--With my husband's birthday, we had a delayed birthday celebration and lots of yummy cake and ice cream in the house (so definitely dessert more than once this week)
--Tons of work stress and exhaustion, had lunch in the cafeteria, including fries and Coke, 2 days
--Wednesday night my husband and I had a impromptu date night which included drinks, appetizers and dinnerl
--Thursday night my son came home and was back to his "normal" self of being very whiney, and before dinner (pizza) arrived, I found myself eating 5 store bakery M&M cookies

I am hoping and praying this coming week can be better, more organized (though I need to make 4 dozen cupcakes for my daughter's 7th birthday)

I am still sick, but it seems to be a little better so I am hoping I can fit in a run this weekend. I am dieing to get back to running!

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