Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekly Weigh-in #35

Blew off WW yet again - scale said 209.0 - though I did make tacos for dinner Friday night, when usually I just eat a PB&J sandwich.

Today is a new day! 2+ weeks of lack of exercise, stress, and stress eating, it is time to real myself in and try to lose the SIX pounds I've gained in 2 weeks.

Last week was such a blur - My daughter's 7th birthday, so cake and ice cream. Craziness all around. Saturday I did a lot to get organized (retail therapy weekend #2!) and then Saturday night was The Melting Pot to celebrate my daughter's birthday with my parents. Heaven food. But my stomach ached that night and that with the many drinks and the early departure to the beach, I blew off my run as well :(

We brought a picnic to the beach, but for our one trip a year, I brought soda and cookies and Smartfood (but also carrots, sandwiches and grapes). Dinner was a disaster.

I was scared to get on the scale this morning. 208.2. At least I did it. No more blowing off Weight Watchers - that is how one regains 50 pounds.

I am just trying to get through this week - the last week of camp, the last week of camp and work and daycare until vacation, the last week at my husband's old job before he starts a new one next week. Real routines can't set in until who knows because his first month or so he'll be working 9-6 instead of 7-4. But we'll be okay.

I haven't menu planned this week. Bad me. I am trying to eat up the fridge and freezer and pantry in anticipation of buying anew once school starts again. I'll try to eat healthy on vacation (after all we'll be with my parents, the health food nuts). I've asked for no treats for my birthday.

But I won't let this week get away from me
-No eating in the cafeteria
-Drink lots of water
-No snacks while figuring out dinner
-No eating out

Back on track, here I come!

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