Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer is almost over.....

Wow, it's been almost 2 weeks since I posted. I've been busy having fun and trying to relax.

Sunday August 18 I set out to run 6.22. Since my friend is training for a 1/2 marathon, I am on my own now. I knew I would meet up with her somewhere on the trail, I just didn't know where. She was running 8.5 and had started way before me. I met up with her shortly before I was going to turn around, so I turned around a little early so only did about 6 miles, which is fine!

2 days later was my birthday. I was on vacation with my parents and family and as a birthday treat to myself I went running :) I've had plenty of adventure vacations, but this was probably the first where it was a typical vacation where I incorporated my own exercise. The area we were staying was all dirt roads and very hilly, so 2 new experiences. I ended up running 4.75 miles, with one very long hill - I did walk for a short portion of it. And then I had to run downhill as well which was hard on the knees.

The rest of the vacation was spent relaxing, but some exercise as well - a long kayak trip, tennis (I love it - want to get back into it!) and swimming.

But since we've gotten back (a week ago) I've been a blob. Both mornings last weekend I slept in (missing WW). This week was back-to-school and while I said I would get up and workout, I didn't. But that was because my back has been killing me at night - I tweeked it pulling a 45 lb bag of kitty litter out of a cart last weekend, but it is also because my husband turned the mattress because his back was hurting, but only turned it 1/2 a turn. So I've been waking up at 4 am every morning in pain - it goes away when I get up and walk around (and take some advil).

I did sign up for Boot Camp at the Y starting in a couple of weeks - 5:30 am twice a week, so I'll have to get up around 5. Which should get me used again to getting up early so I can also work downstairs. No more running outside as it is too dark.

Next weekend I have my Diva Dash (which I am totally not prepared for!) and then I'll be really training for my 6.66 on October 26.

The scale said 206.2 this morning, so still 26 lb down, but I really need to make a push to lose the 6 lbs. Next week will still be hectic, but after the race I should be able to concentrate on our new routine.

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