Saturday, September 14, 2013

Another week gone....

This was a really long, really crappy week. I wish I could say it is all going to get better, but I don't see it being so for a while.

My eating was fairly crappy this week. After eating a lot during football I continued to eat the leftovers during the week while I was making dinner.

Dinners were pretty unorganized - my husband was getting home late so we didn't all eat together. I hate disorganized dinners. Thursday was the first gymnastics class and we were supposed to get pizza, but I couldn't get through to the place, so we ended up going out for dinner instead and I was starving when we got there.

Bootcamp started this week - Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 am. Everyone else in the class is so thin :( But not in great shape. I like the class. I think they change up the course each week so we'll see what next week brings.

Yesterday we had dirt delivered for our garden beds - 10 yards. I planned on going running this morning, instead of going to WW, so I could move dirt the rest of the weekend. I didn't end up running this morning, and I am glad I didn't, as I am beat from moving dirt! We aren't even 1/2 done but I am not sure I will be able to do as much tomorrow. I expect to be very sore.

Despite not going to WW this morning, the scale said 206.4 this morning. TOM arrived yesterday. I really need to get the scale moving in the right direction!

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