Friday, December 20, 2013

Quick drop by....

Woops, I didn't even realize I never posted last week - I hate not being able to post from work.

Here I am on a Friday night - I am not 100% sure if I am going to WW tomorrow morning. I really should.

I did got last week - I was 195.8 at the time. So a loss of -.8. But I've been majorly feasting since then.

I ended up getting sick Friday night (sore throat) but we still went to an all-day holiday party. Eating as so-so there. Sunday I was sick and even with a sore throat, grazed all day. Monday I was diagnosed with strep and Tuesday I was home for a sick/snow day (but working).

Wednesday evening my kids went to my parents, so my husband and I went out to a dinner - a fairly nice one. 2 glasses of red wine,  onion soup, spinach salad, a side of lobster mac and cheese and some ice cream pie for dessert. Yummy!

Since I didn't get to do much holiday stuff last weekend, I have a ton planned for this weekend, which includes lots of cookies and cheese (not together!), topped off with a Chinese Buffet Sunday night.

The eating will just continue through Christmas Day, but then I am DONE! No waiting until New Year's Day. Get it all done now!

Me and I friend were talking today about maybe doing a New Year's Day 5k, which means I need to get on the treadmill! But my cold (which was a head cold in addition to strep) is moving down to my lungs.

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