Friday, November 21, 2014

Not a great week.....

I did make it to WW last week - the scale was 187.4, so .2 shy of 45 lb loss. But the scale did not stay there at all. I am on a new project at work and I've had internal and external meetings all week which had included breakfast AND lunch. And not enough exercise and not enough water. So as of this morning the scale was back over 190 and I've chosen to go running in the morning instead of going to WW.

Some people love the Great Plate WW meeting where you try to pre-plan your Thanksgiving plate, but I don't love it because I don't love Thanksgiving. I don't mind cooking it, I just don't love eating it. Stuffing is usually the only thing I want seconds off. A couple of years ago I stopped making appetizers so we would have more room for the meal. But oh yeah, I do drink egg nog while I am making the meal.

BUT on a good note, I am wearing a size 14 mini skirt (yep, a mini-skirt!) with my knee-high boots and a size L shirt today and I am looking skinny (though not really feeling it after all the crap I ate).

I am going to TRY to eat well in the next week, so when I celebrate 2 years with WW I can register a 10 lb weight loss for the last year (35 for year 1, 10 lb for year 2) and start the next year (the WW year) strong and hopefully in a year I won't only have recorded a 10 lb loss.

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