Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mid-week check in

Despite the eating not going great this week, this week is going well!

Having the client in this week has proven very challenging from an eating aspect, but they will be gone after tonight so I can get back on track and the full week is not lost.

I do acknowledge that I have a very hard time making healthy choices when faced with un-healthy options, but the client visit is only 2 times a year so I chalk it up to a "special occasion" with a finite end date/time. Tonight we are going to a cooking class as a team-building activity....and I will enjoy my wine as well!

Tuesday morning I ran 4 miles - a normal Tuesday morning. But the best run in a long time! Cool, dry temps, losing the camel-bak, having eaten well the day before, running with different people, listening to music, and running on fresh legs could all have been contributors to the great run. My body does not like humidity, not matter what my weight. So I am hoping the drier weather is indicative of feeling better about running.

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  1. So glad you are back. Look forward to your posts. Missed you while you were grieving and recovering.