Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Monday fail....Tuesday flying

I knew that Monday evenings are hard - not having dinner until 7 pm and being home with a 6 year old for 2 hours. I ate well all day, had my normal snack when me and the kids got home at 3:30. And then by 6 I wanted a small snack - I had some cheese, dried fruit and nuts.....and then more cheese...and more, then rice cakes with Nutella.....and then ate dinner.

So I told my husband that having a family dinner on Mondays just wasn't going to happen - the kids could eat before she goes to soccer and then my son will want a snack later on and she'll want a snack when she gets home, and I will probably do a Shake and then a small snack later. I know family dinners are important, but 7 nights a week are impossible.

First night of "new TV" and I already didn't get to bed at 9:30 as planned. I've been wanting to sort through pictures on the computer for months - usually I do it every few months, I haven't done it since Easter! So I spent several hours picking the good ones out and later I will go through and edit them. So I didn't get upstairs until after 9 and wanted to unwind, so I watched a DVRed show and didn't go to bed until almost 10.

But I did get up at 4:30 and ran. There were a ton of us running today, but not the faster people. After suffering all summer with the humidity, I wanted to test my legs, so I ran ahead on my own. 4 miles with an average page of 11:18. My music stopped pretty quickly and I didn't want to fumble with it, so I ran music-less.

I want to hit 400 miles during the Tufts 10K, and I need 41.5 miles, which is pretty aggressive. I have charted a plan of attack, which includes a 10 mile run (I want to see the work they have done to expand the rail trail, so the only way I can do that is to run the 5 miles to the end....and 5 miles back :) ). I haven't run more than 7 miles since mid-May when I ran 13.1 (and then didn't run the actual 1/2 Marathon race).


  1. Family dinners are important, but so is your sanity! :-)

  2. I'm almost a month behind, but yes...family dinners are important, but often not possible with sports schedules.

    I'm jealous of your 11:18 mile for the 4-mile run. Good for you!!