Friday, February 19, 2016

Didn't quite finish the 3 days.....

I had bought Shakeology last year, but only drink it some of the time. I keep saying that I am going to get back into it as an afternoon snake to ward of the most stressful time of day for me.

Last month I had bought their 3 Day Refresh kit which consists of:
1) Shakelogy for breakfast + 1 fruit (I use frozen bananas)
2) Fiber sweep mid-morning  (this tastes a little citrusy - but honestly, I drank it holding my nose)
3) Vanilla shake for lunch + fruit (I use frozen bananas) + veggie/fat (I had peppers or carrots with hummus)
4) Veggies/Fat for afternoon snack
5) Vanilla shake for dinner (no fruit) + your pic of a few veggie recipes which included a fat

The first 2 days I was home because the kids are on school vacation - My schedule was a little off, which really meant I wasn't eating until later in the morning, but I did pretty well. Because it was school vacation, it was easier for me not to be eating a normal dinner. The first night only 1 of the kids was home and it was kind of a everyone-for-themselves dinner. The second night we had frozen pizza and salad, so I only had the salad.

The 3rd day I went to work. I brought my breakfast shake with me (make with bananas, you don't have to eat it as quickly, made with ice, you want to eat it quickly). I decided I would go home at lunch time so I could make my shake there.

I am not sure what made me decide mid-afternoon to ditch it all (which really meant having a normal dinner). My afternoon snack consisted of 4 WW string cheese and the rest of a bag of croutons (yes, you read that right. They are these garlic croutons and really, really good!)
I didn't have anything for dinner planned, so I sent the rest of the family out. I had zucchinis and asparagus to cook. I roasted the asparagus, spiralized the zucchini with garlic, but also made 3 oz of spaghetti and ate it with cheese. But then topped that off with some sour dough bread I was saving for the weekend with fig jam and goat cheese. Yummy!!

So it is Friday. Originally I was going to go running with a friend in Boston, but I haven't been able to run and I still am not 100%. We have to finish filling up our POD for our basement project. And I am going to TRY to eat "normal".

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  1. Here is the thing about not quite finishing......did it reset you back to a 'normal' (or shall I say healthier) eating pattern??????? If it did...then VICTORY!