Monday, February 22, 2016

Brand new week

Monday morning, how refreshing. The kids are back to school. Even though the 50's aren't in the 7-day forecast, either is snow, and even if it were to snow, Spring is less than a month away!!  While I dance a jig when Groundhog Day arrives, March 1st is even sweeter, even if they make us wait an extra day this year.

This weekend was very productive - our basement is now clear and clean. I will feel even better once the POD is picked up (today) and the Junk is hauled away (hopefully tomorrow - I had scheduled it for Thursday but it is supposed to be howling, torrential rain on Thursday so I re-scheduled for tomorrow). And then we just wait for the permits to be approved and for the contractor to say he can start.

Friday night we finished loading the POD and realized it wasn't big enough, so some stuff would have to remain in the garage, which means I will be parking in the driveway for the next few months. I've definitely been spoiled the last 3+ years - my first time ever having a garage.

Saturday we moved some stuff into the garage, both to store and to be hauled away. Then in the late afternoon we drove down to IKEA to look at closet organization, sinks, and entertainment centers. We decided on a kitchen sink for our basement - we don't like the utility sinks that are on the market and we decided we don't really need deep. We just want bigger than a bathroom sink, so we are going with the single farmers sink. We also will use their closet organization in our "sports closet". We didn't see entertainment systems we loved.

Sunday I moved all the Junk from the basement into the garage, so the basement is now swept clean and ready to go, except to move the kitty litter upstairs when it is time., not so great. Not horrible. The scale is definitely back up some of the 5 lbs I lost on the cleanse, but PMS is rearing it's ugly head, so I am not going to fret. I am just going to try to eat my normal foods, try to not binge in the afternoon and have a Shakeology. We will see how the week goes *cross my fingers*

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  1. Very productive weekend.

    I'm with you on the eating. I did 'ok' this weekend but otherwise I had been doing horrible...and I do not want to go back up on the scales!!! We can do it!!!