Sunday, December 11, 2011

5K #2

My official time was 38:19.

I am looking forward to my first chipped race so I know my real time. I think it was about 38:10 or even 38:05. I need so much practice on remembering to hit Stop on my iphone when I cross the finish line.

This race was in Boston along the Charles River. It was perfectly flat. It was 27 degrees when I woke up but was probably in the mid-30s by race time at 11:00 am. I wore running pants, long sleeve wicking shirt and short sleeve over it (my long sleeve shirts aren't long enough - don't want the gut to hang out). I am so glad that I didn't wear my fleece - I would have been hot. I did wear a hat and gloves and my fleece until it was time to line up.

We left the kids at my parents and my husband with me. My next race I may have to go by myself. Scary!

My husband took a few pictures of me running. I know no one looks good running, but still. Yuck!

Was the race easy - no. By no means am I even remotely close to thinking running 3.11 miles is easy. Was it really hard - no. It was flat. Did I come close to wanting to walk? Nope. I have found that walking is really hard for me. Okay, running after walking is really really hard for me. Actually there were times during the race that I wanted to start running a little faster, only to realize I still had almost a mile to go. I was just ready to be done. This is why 5Ks are good for me. Running for 40 minutes max. I get bored of things really easy. I just don't have the time for more than 40 minutes. I will say that the thought of running 5 miles does sound appealing...some day. Baby steps. Right now I am at a 12:30 mile. I'll work towards 12:00. I am cool with taking this all real slow. I don't want to hurt myself.

I was a little disappointed that I came in 24/25 in the 40-49 age group. This group of runners definitely seemed more seasoned.

My next run is on New Year's Day. I am not sure how much I will get to run in the next 3 weeks. I would like to get to do some more C25K and run at least one 5K - but with the holidays in full swing and work being crazy, which requires several middle of the night stints, it will be hard to establish a good rythym.

Eating....yeah, it is the holidays. I made it to WW again this week which is as much as I can ask for. I turned over my WW work to someone else (I was in charge with all the advertising to make sure we could keep the meeting going at work). A HUGE weight off my shoulders.

The fact that I am going to end this year at least 15 lbs, but most likely 18, lbs heavier than last year is extremely disappointing. I would love to be back down to 184 by March 17  but I have learned not to try to hit a weight by a date. It never, ever works.


  1. That's a great time! I look forward to the day I'm back to running 30 minutes straight through again.

  2. I went a month between 5k's and didn't run but one time, but I still lessened my time on the second one. I agree with you, walking after running is a no fun, you just want to keep running!