Monday, December 26, 2011

Not my greatest run ever....

For December 26th in New England, it was beautiful weather - 39 degrees at 10 am. After the horrendous winter we had last year, I would be okay if it was in the 30s all winter and had no snow (okay, a storm or two, followed by a nice thaw would be okay). Last winter we had snow on the ground from December 1 - March 25. It was a long, long, long cold, snowy winter.

I could really feel the lack of exercise and overindulgence in my run. And serious dehydration too. Pretty quickly I felt lower back and ankle pain. I pushed and pushed myself to go 2.46 miles in 33:42. It was really hard but I was proud of myself for pushing myself even that hard. I was miserable and I thought I would give up after a mile, then 1.6 miles, then 2.0 miles. I could have pushed myself to 3.11 miles but I would probably have practically been walking by then. I was afraid of hurting myself and I want to be able to get in a 5K run prior to my race on Sunday.

I was also distracted during the run, trying to rearrange my dinner schedule from now through Sunday. Usually on NYE we have cheese fondue and chocolate mousse. With how dehydrated I was today, I don't want all that cheese the night before so we'll have boring old spaghetti. My kids are only 5 and 2 so they won't care! I need to drink a ton of water and let up on some (not all!) of the treats before then.

It felt really, really good to get out today. I wish I had found the time in the last 2 weeks, even to get on the treadmill downstairs. But I got out today so i am happy. I do need a race to look forward to to keep me going though - without the NYD run, I probably wouldn't have gotten out today.


  1. Way to get out there though! I did 2 rather sluggish miles outside today. Not my best run either!

  2. Great job on getting out to run!