Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Let 2014 be gone!!! Bring on the New!!

The good from this year:
I am down 11.2 lbs from December 31st 2013
I succeeded in my goal to wear a racing bib in every month of the year
I ran 20 races
I ran 400 miles
I ran a 10K
I ran a 1/2 Marathon
I PRed my 5K
I did TWO Spartan races

And that is about all that is good, and I wouldn't even call them all good
I am extremely disappointed that I am only down 11.2 - Especially since I am up 7.6 from my lowest in 2014 (which was on September 20), but really up 5.2 from where I was all summer.

While I participated in 20 races, many of them were "fun runs"
I didn't truly race since April (when I PRed 2 races in a row)
While my stamina increased, my time didn't really
I gained weight in the second half of the year

I looked back at my goals for 2014 and realized I didn't really make any. I just commented on my goals from 2013, but I will comment on them as they relate to 2014:

--Live life - play with the toys and games we have; craft crafts with all the stuff we have; make the recipes I've cut out; watch the movies I love; play outside; play inside; go camping; explore the woods; take day trips; take weekend trips - just be!  This is my #1 for this year - This was another fail for 2014 and will continue to be my #1 goal for 2015

--Less time on-line - Big, big fail in this department, but I should be able to do better - Another fail for 2014 and I really need to make an effort this year - I spent so much time on line trying to be inspired by other people that I wasn't living my own life enough and my kids have started to comment on it

--Eat healthy, less, more variety - Seeing that "losing weight" wasn't on my list, I can say I ate healthier because I am 32 lbs less this New Year than I was last, but I also had some pretty huge gains through out the year (including the last 10 days!), so I hope to do better in this category, and making more variety of foods is definitely on my 2014 list as well - Another thing I need to work on this year. No one on my family was interested in eating differently so we ate the same boring things all year and I am sick of it!

--Move my body - inside, outside, for fun - I did C25K and I ran more often and longer (the max being 7 miles) than ever, but I need to do more - strength training, cross training, more races, but also get outside and move my body with my kids - Yes I ran a lot and did a few brief stints of strength training, but I need to do more than run.

--Live on a budget - Another fail - Major medical bills but us far behind where we planned on being on 1/1/2014, so we need to build back savings, save for a long Disney trip, and buy us all bikes. We are going to be pretty drastic this year, which we need to do anyways. - We did successfully save for our trip to Disney and came out of the holidays with a paid-off credit card, but we need to do much better at saving this year.

--Have more patience with my kids and my husband - More failures - Definitely can do better in this area

--Pray we don't lose another parent this year - Thankfully this is one area we did succeed, not that we have any ability to change this, though FIL was ill this year - Unfortunately this did not come true in 2014 as we lost my FIL and with my father ill, we are expecting the worst for 2015.

--Blog a lot more - I barely made 40 posts this year! I want to make at least 250-300! Around 150, so not what I expected. They've blocked blogging sites at work, so it made it harder. - I really didn't do well this year and look how my weight-loss did (didn't do) - I think I need to move my laptop next to my bed so I can check in more frequently.

What else for 2014?
I am excited about getting bikes, and camping, and going to Disney, and doing some other small trips, and cooking all the recipes I've been collecting, and doing all the crafts I've pinned, and read the books I've been buying, and just being, just doing, and as part of that eating healthier and cleaner and eating less, and losing weight (can't say how much) and moving, moving, moving.
Over all, aside from the running, 2014 was far from a stellar year. I need to make 2015 better on all fronts! I am not making running goals because I need to focus on losing weight and getting more fit.
 I can't wait for 2015 to happen!!!!!

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