Friday, December 19, 2014

Will get back to it in a week.....

It has just been such a crazy few weeks and that will continue for another week, but once Christmas is over (and I don't mean January 2nd) I hope to get back on track.

My weight is definitely up - I haven't been weighing in every day which is never a good sign. But a lot of mornings I am just busy to step on, other times I've been getting on but haven't found my way to my computer to log it.

Last weekend was really busy.

Saturday we had an all-day Christmas party at friends house. I started out really well - had eaten  before I left, but as the time progressed my will power died. I didn't drink because I had a race in the morning.

Sunday I had a race at 11:00, so ate quite a bit before the race and celebrated with a large group at a Burger and Beer place. Yummy! And I was beat for the rest of the day so our dinner was just a ton of appetizers from the freezer.

This week has been crazy. My husband has been in the city all week, so leaving before we get up and coming home very late, so I have in essence been a single mom. I've managed to do a lot of baking and crafts with the kids, but my Bites, Licks and Tastes have been overboard.

But on a good note, I have been getting running in, so I am down to just 12 miles needed by the end of the year!

This coming weekend and next week will be fun and full and all my favorite foods, but come Friday I will be back on track!!

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