Thursday, February 26, 2015

So far so good.....

I wish all weeks could be like this (okay, without the bad weather).

It is almost noon on Thursday and so far things are going well.

1) Wear my fitness monitors and try to get in more steps - Wearing them, not getting as many steps as I would like
2) Drink my water - Pretty good
3) No soda or hot chocolate --GOOD
4) No buying my lunch - GOOD
5) No snacking when I get home or desserts - GOOD

I am having lunch with a co-worker and I am NOT going to buy my lunch. I will pop my trusty Lean Cuisine pizza in the microwave and go meet her in the cafeteria.

The movement hasn't been very great. I continue to be busy at work, but not stressed,  so I have been sitting more than I would like. But I have been also getting up and doing some laps around the floor. But the highest I've reached this week was 7,500 which isn't great.

On the downside, I know why I've been able to be successful this week
1) No work stress
2) Not as much Dad stress
3) Simple, boring dinners
4) Ability to go to bed early

When the routine is there and not very exciting, I do well. But I can very easily get thrown off which is what I need to work on. Life is not easy and in order for me to be successful, I need to be able to keep myself in check through the good and the bad.

This weekend we are going to a college hockey game and will go out to dinner before. I will check out the menu and pick something reasonable. No beer. And I don't need snacks at the game.

Sunday I actually have a race! It is the 4 mile of my 3(which got postponed last weekend)-4-5 race. I haven't done any running this week. But I didn't do any during the week last year anyways, so I will just go and have fun.

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