Monday, February 23, 2015

Trying to get back into it.....

It is definitely hard around these parts. They were threatening more snow last week and this weekend - The end of last week didn't amount to much. My husband did have to snow blow on Sunday but it was only 2-3". Thankfully it didn't rain the 1" we were expecting because that would have wreaked havoc on everyone's roofs.

Last week was school break and my eating was completely out of hand. Thursday I had a huge deliverable and I was taking some time off in the afternoon to get the kids out of the house, so I snacked like crazy - to the tune of a box of Buffalo Wheat Thins and a bag of chocolate covered cranberries. After going to the bouncy place, my husband met us and we went to a Japanese Steakhouse, lots of fancy drinks and all. Friday I took the kids to the movies in the afternoon.

But school is back in session (though my husband did just have to go pick my daughter up because she complained of a stomach ache. Great.....) but I have told myself I need to get back on track.

1) Wear my fitness monitors and try to get in more steps
2) Drink my water
3) No soda or hot chocolate
4) No buying my lunch
5) No snacking when I get home or desserts

I am going to try to do that this work week and see how it goes. I HAVE to get back into the 180s (Scale this morning said 193 :(  )

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