Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Very bad, but getting better.....

I ended up going to Weight Watchers through October 17th, but then stopped until last weekend and when I returned on 12/5/2015 I had gained 9 lbs (in less than 2 months) so I was also in a new decade of weight, and not in a good way :(

I am not surprised that I gained so much weight, but very, very mad. The gain was due to eating lunch at work a lot, which included a 12 oz can of regular coke. But we were also eating out a lot. My father dying awarded us a little extra money and because we were so busy and stressed, it was easiest to go out a lot. And during these meals out I was having alcohol, which I hadn't really had much of in years. It tastes great but not good for the waistline or wallet.

In gaining 30 lbs since 9/20/2014 I have miraculously not gone up a size (I was just barely getting into a size 14 so very quickly last year they didn't fit, but it wasn't like I had gotten rid of my 16). But now I am to the point where the size 16 are starting to feel snug. And there is NO way I was going to buy new clothes. And we are going on this very nice, very expensive vacation in April and while I can't lose all the weight I've regained, I can do a lot in 4 months to make myself feel a lot better about myself.

I didn't realize Weight Watchers was changing their program when I returned but I am very excited. I've read some people's opinions on-line. I need the incentive to eat less sugar and less saturated fat. Less sugar = less belly fat which will help me tremendously.

I think I am going to step back from running just a little. I strongly believe in less sleep = weight gain. Getting up at 4:30 am Tues/Thurs was taking a toll on me. I don't want to stop running all together and I don't want to just run 1x a week, so I am going to try dropping my Tuesday am run and just run Thursday am (4 miles) and then a "long run" (6-8 miles) on Sundays.

I have had a hard time losing weight while doing a lot of exercising, so that is why I need to step back a little bit. But I also have to get better at moving during the day.

I have a folder on my hard drive which I have "Pictures of Me" going back to high school. I added tons of pictures when I was losing weight and I looked at it a lot because it also had my "before pictures". And I was looking at pictures from our Christmas card photo shoot (at home with the timer) and I came across a picture of me that was awful and went to add it to this folder and realized I hadn't added any pictures in a year. Part of it was that there aren't a ton of pictures of me in the last year because as I was re-gaining weight, I no longer wanted pictures taken of me. And the few pictures I do have, I didn't want to add to this folder.

But I went through the last year, added all the pictures of me regardless of how bad, and now I am moving forward towards wanting to have tons of pictures taken of me. While I need to lose weight for long term for me health, the immediate reason is to like the pictures of me come April because we are spending a ton of money and I want to have beautiful photographic memories.

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