Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Recap

This is not a post I wanted to write, because, well, 2015 for the most part sucked. I shouldn't say that, January was really good. I ate well, I ran a ton, we thought my Dad would live another 18 months, and then February came and it all went to crap. The snow came, the running did not, my dad's health took a nose-dive and I spent every Sunday visiting him and saying good-bye each time, and until then none of my weight-gain had been attributed to grief (the 8 lbs I had gained were 4 lbs the 2 weeks after my 1/2 and 4 lbs at Disney, none of which came off).

The negatives (in addition to the obvious big one - my dad dying)
I gained a ton of weight (to the tune that the scale said 211 yesterday)
I didn't cook anything new or good
We ate out way too much (too much $ and too many calories)
Coming home at 2:30 starting in September was not good for my waistline
I ran a lot during the week, but not a lot on the weekends and those long runs were not good runs
I had to bag out of more races than I ran due to weather, my own illness, and kid's illness
Besides running, I didn't do anything else to move my body (no biking, strength training, swimming, etc)
I didn't spend enough time on my own hobbies
We spent more $ than we should have 
I didn't hit my goal of 500 miles

The positives
We traveled a lot
We were able to do a lot more with the kids 
I ran 38 more miles than last year (438)

Here is to a better 2016 - tomorrow I will write about my hopes for 2016 (I won't say resolutions!)
Here are pictures from the year - there aren't a ton of me, because weight gain = me hating to have my picture taken
Our typical New Year's Eve shennanigans

My typical way of starting out the New Year - the other 2 ladies both ran marathons in the spring - more power to them - something I have zero desire to do!

I ran a ton in January and then it started to snow and snow and snow

But New England had something to celebrate

I ran the BAA 5k in April - slower than the year before, which was my first sign that weight gain really does make you slower

Easter is a time of rebirth even though we knew a life would soon end

And it did - this is me, my mom, my brother, and my kids at my dad's burial in June

Because I didn't want to sit around and mourn my dad, we saw every New England state, plus New York. This was my favorite weekend - Maine.

I ate lobster

And I ran 

And I relaxed (this is actually New Hampshire)

My daughter ran her first 5k in September

We enjoyed the fall

I ran after thanksgiving

And we enjoyed Star Wars and Christmas

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