Friday, December 11, 2015

Good choices on Thursday

Thursday I made some good choices and some not so great choices, but I was fairly conscious with my poorer choices.

Wednesday night me and the kids made Tollhouse cookies, the majority of them to be frozen for Santa. I only had a tiny, tiny bit of batter. Win in my book!

Thursday morning I ran almost 4 miles - even extending my run as the rest of the group was only running 3 that day.

Thursday I worked from home in the morning and we had a hectic afternoon. I ate my normal meals, even including lunch (where normally I would have made 2 boxes of Mac and Cheese with the kids and eaten 1/2 of it myself).

We had parent/teacher conferences, after which we came back before heading to the Mall.  Not knowing when we would eat, I did have some not-so-healthy snacks before leaving - 3 cookies and some Chex Mix (with the cashews removed).

I passed up free samples at the Lindt store (as well as the ton of Lindt my husband brought home!)

We went to the Cheesecake Factory for a very early dinner (like 4 o'clock early!) - I had water, passed on the bread because I don't love their bread, and had a appetizer version of a chopped salad (probably still had 1000 calories!) and summer rolls. And we all passed on dessert. I got into bed at 10 and realized I was starving - of course I was, I hadn't eaten in 6 hours! But I went to bed.

So some very conscious decisions made :)

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  1. Good job on the decisions! It's one decision at a time that will help you reach your goals!