Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Hopes and Desires

I won't use resolutions or goals - those words have never worked for me in the past!

Eat cleaner
Don't buy lunch at work
Walk more steps and track them
Weigh myself every day
Drink  more water
Go out to eat less often
Do more physical activity besides running
Be more present for my kids
Be wiser with my $
Cook/prepare a bigger variety of foods

Goals are supposed to me measurable and I don't want to measure - Yes I want to weigh myself more often and keep track of my steps, but I am not saying I will run X# of miles or lose X# of pounds.

I do want to try tracking my food (I need to re-calculate the new WW points for my favorite foods)

But I don't want the pressure of a # (I may re-consider the running # because that does help keep me motivated).

I want to go into our cruise in 106 days feeling good about myself - no, I won't be at a weight I want to be at, but as long as I am out of the 200s and have made an effort, that will be good. If I had to go tomorrow, one I wouldn't have a lot of clothes to wear and 2, I wouldn't want many pictures taken of me - sucks for a trip we are spending a ton of $ on.

2015 was a bad, bad year. I'm am hoping 2016 will be better!

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  1. Happy New Years! I think you will do fabulously in 2016. I am like you. I DO track, but I don't want measurable goals. I want to just be able to say "I did my best!"