Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dinners x 2

My portions at dinner continue to be a problem.

Last night I made taco stuffed shells. I've been wanting to make stuffed shells for years. Literally. And I was looking for a recipe to use the ground beef I had bought, so decided to finally make it. We weren't going to eat until later because my husband was going to be late, and I wasn't going to be able to even start making dinner until 5:30.

I ate my snack that I brought to work, but didn't eat, when I got home at 5:00. And snacked on some Monterrey Jack I was using for the meal. And we sat down around 6:40 and I proceeded to have 2 helpings.

This is my problem....Last year I didn't make a single new recipe, but gained tons a weight eating yummy stuff in the afternoon because dinner didn't seem inspiring and was totally boring and I was home in the afternoon for the first time and stressed about juggling being home and working.

Now I am finally cooking again and not caring that the kids won't have 1 bite (but at least they aren't complaining they are hungry!) But I like what I make so much that I have seconds.

I am not a big leftover person (in this case I made 2x the filling and froze it - score!) - I am mainly not a leftover person because I eat the same lunch every day and I know the Points in it and I don't keep track of points for dinner (another issue, I know) but  if  I don't know the points in my lunch as well as my dinner, then that is an issue as well.

Here I am typing this at lunch instead of taking a walk like I did on Monday - but today is 85 degrees (though thankfully not humid). I will have a lot of walking to do on the treadmill tonight because I've been sitting all morning.

I like the idea of only running 1 morning during the week - at least for now. I get in a run I normally wouldn't, but then only have to get up way too early once during the week. Baby steps. Doesn't need to be 2x a week or nothing.

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