Friday, September 9, 2016

Can't muster up a re-cap, but I am here

We've been back from vacation for almost 2 weeks and I have managed to write, but I wanted to put something out here.

Vacation was great and it sucked. We went to Montreal for 3 nights and stayed at Smuggler's Notch in Vermont for 4 nights. Montreal was staying in a hotel room in a city where they speak a different language and need a passport to get there and we did lots of touristy things. Vermont was staying in a condo with lots of space and lots of trees and there was lots of lounging and very peaceful.

The part that sucked was that I wasn't feeling good about myself. I found myself doing a lot of hiding in pictures or choosing not to be in pictures at all. We went to 6 Flags Montreal (La Ronde) and I was worried about fitting into rides. I hated my clothes. I didn't like being in my skin.

When we got pack, I purged the pantry. I stopped drinking wine and soda. We started another Walking Challenge at work so I've been walking more (mainly on my treadmill which is now conveniently in our newly finished basement). I've run some!

I did also have to go to Kohl's to buy size 18W jeans :( But hopefully not for long. I refused to buy size XL shirts- I would have been swimming in them. So I will continue to occasionally embarrass myself with shirts that are too short.

I've been hoping to get back to Weight Watchers and this time starting from scratch. I was/am hoping for tomorrow but yesterday my mom tripped and broke her elbow so had to have surgery, all this on the same day her house was going on the market, so it's been a little crazy. So I may be spending another night at her house and/or I may just be too tired to go in the morning. But i hope not. I'll let you know!

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