Tuesday, February 7, 2017

4.4 lb gain in ONE day!!!!

Yesterday I was super sluggish

Pre-breakfast -
Banana (normal)
Banana/Flax tortilla/Nutella (extra)

Breakfast -
Cheerios and yogurt (normal)

Snack -
2 cheese sticks (normal)
Whole large tub of tabbouleh (extra)

Lunch - bagged the lunch I brought and bought
12 oz coke, burrito, corn and rice

Snack -

Dinner - mismatch
Chips and salsa, leftover corn fritters, cake and ice cream

I drank very little water and moved very little (less than 5K steps)

Yesterday my weight was 226.8 and this morning it was 231.2!!!!

I did quite a bit of a purge before trash day this morning, but the ice cream and cake are still in the house because today is my daughter's 1/2 birthday so she wanted to keep it around :)

Today I am working from home because of snow and because the Patriot's parade is today, but I am trying really, really hard not to eat anything out of my ordinary and to drink quite a bit of water. As of 11 am, so far, so good. But there is a lot of time left in the day.

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