Friday, February 10, 2017

Crappy, Crappy Week

I do so well when the situations are controlled and I am horrible when they are not.

I only was in the office on Monday
Tuesday - Snow, that really didn't happen until the afternoon
Wednesday - Was pure ice (though it ended up being 50 degrees later in the day) - there was a 55 car pile up on the road I take the work
Thursday - Blizzard
Friday - 2 hour delay

My eating has been horrible - too much left over cake, yesterday kids had a snow day and my daughter made chocolate chip cookies (my food that would be my last meal). Even this morning I was eating cookies for breakfast and then made my daughter take the rest of them to school with her.

I am not bringing the kids grocery shopping with me this weekend - I need a junk-food-free weekend! Next week is Valentine's Day, but it doesn't need to be another Halloween.

Tomorrow morning it will be snowing again so I am calling it now - I am not going to Weight Watchers, but that doesn't mean I am going to eat like crazy today!

I will still hit the reset button Saturday morning like I always do.

The good thing is I've gotten 2 runs in on the treadmill this week (though I hate the treadmill!) Tuesday was before dinner and then this morning. I was supposed to do 3 miles yesterday and I could have done them outside before the storm started but I was worried about ice with everything that would have melted with the 50 degree weather and then re-froze over night. And I just didn't get to it yesterday so I forced myself this morning. I had not excuse. With a 2 hour delay the kids didn't have to be on the bus until 10 (and I had a 9:00 conference call).

I still need to menu plan and create my grocery list for next week. Lots of fruits and veggies!!!

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