Monday, May 15, 2017

Bring on the new week....

I am glad it is Monday - really! I have lots to look forward to this week (lots of season finales, but then I also look forward to TV being over!) and then next weekend celebrating our anniversary (12 years!)

Last week through Saturday were pretty busy. I felt off for days, wishing my period would come (it isn't due until this Wednesday) and as of this morning it still isn't here. I just feel so much better the first 1/2 of my cycle. Bring it on!

Friday the kids had a half day. My husband came home mid-day so my son wouldn't have to go to the dentist with me and my daughter. Then she and I went to the mall, mainly window shopping. She is at the age where she is kind of inbetween stores. At almost 11 she has outgrown (in terms of style, not size) Justice, but in other stores, she would be the smallest size and even then I feel like some of the styles are too grown up for her.

Friday night she had a softball game and we went through McDonald's on the way home at 8 pm. By that time I had decided that I wasn't going to Weight Watchers. Saturday was going to be such a busy day and I hoped to get in a 5 mile run after. Sleep had a different story. I chose to not turn on my alarm and slept until 9:00. From 10-4 we were busy, busy, busy with sports. My mom came to see both the kids' soccer games and do a mini-Mother's Day celebration.

At 5:00 me and a friend ran our 5 miles finally. Sundays weather was going to be awful, so I knew I had to get it in. It felt great! I never run at that time of day. I was definitely sluggish at first, but got some energy towards the end.

Sunday I slept late, late, late. My husband made us brunch around 11:30. Then until 4:00 I ran around like a maniac doing all the normal weekend chores that I had hoped to do on Saturday but didn't have the time. And then finally at 4:00 I went up to our room and watched TV for the rest of the night (and later convinced my daughter to paint my toes :) )

So now it is Monday. The scale is way up (222.8) and has been for a few days. But even with my period coming, I am going to try to be "good" this week. I know I feel so much better when that happens. And I NEED to feel good!


  1. were a busy girl!!!! I'm glad to hear that you got some good sleep in days!!! That's so important!!!

  2. Make a plan. Do what you can. I remember when we were done with Justice; moving onto Aeropostale and H&M (with supervision) ... One daughter pushed limits, the other was satisfied with leggings and sweatshirts...she's still in leggings and sweatshirts...