Monday, May 22, 2017

Overall sucky eating

Things have been pretty bad food-wise since Thursday.

I was on kid-duty Thursday because my husband was out of town. I got us fed before sports activities so we ate around 5:00. After the games were over, which went really late despite the 90+ degree weather - around 8:00 people talked about going to dinner, which we did. We were all starving. We went to the 99 - I had water to drink, a chicken wrap sandwich with coleslaw instead of fries, so not terrible.

Some time Friday I decided I definitely wasn't going to Weight Watchers. My period still hadn't come at Day 30 but I was eating like crazy. With lots of activities Friday evening, I decided we all should go out to dinner - something we NEVER do on a Friday night. I also never suggest going out before  long run. It's not like we went for Chinese. But Italian - I had some bread, some pasta (with a creamier sauce) and greek salad.

My run Saturday morning SUCKED! I was so dehydrated. But I got the 5 miles done (I did take 2 small walk breaks). Then it was go-go-go all day until Date Night.

Date Night was great - 2 bottles of red wine, lots of bread, cup of onion soup, salad,  8 oz fillet au poivre, sauteed green beans, and chocolate cake and ice cream (shared). Heaven. But I was definitely hurting the next day with the 2 bottle of wine, more of which was drank by me since my husband was driving. And red wine, ugh....We should have gotten white.

So I ate like crap on Sunday because I was hungover.

But finally the monthly visitor arrived at Day 32. Ugh. So now I will almost definitely have it for our vacation - the next 2 cycles will indicate where during the vacation.

This week is going to be another crazy one but I am REALLY going to try to eat fairly clean this week because I have my 5 mile race on Sunday.


  1. The victory isn't in the fact that you never have weekends where you eat 'sucky'. The victory is in how you recover come Monday...or Tuesday? Sooo....have it cleaned up ...especially in preparation for that race???

  2. It seems like we are all having this kind of week, crappy eating, but oh so good. Hope you get to feeling better.