Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hanging in there....

It is already Wednesday. Too bad it isn't Thursday! Hard to get excited for the weekend when we have SO much going on, but one of those things is a date night for our anniversary, so I can't complain.

My period hasn't shown up yet, which isn't a bad thing. Hopefully it shows up today and if I keep the 28 days for the next 3 months then I will get it right before we leave on vacation which would be perfect timing. Traveling with it sucks, but since as of late, my best 2 weeks out of the month are right after I get it, which would mean those 2 weeks would be the 2 weeks I am on vacation. That would be perfect timing!

Tuesday morning I went for a run with a couple of people. It was perfect weather - 50 degrees, no humidity. I ran 3 miles in 35:45 which is less than 12:00 miles, so I am not complaining. Tomorrow will be 70 when I run with probably 100% humidity so I won't be quick. But I will get it done!

I've been working on my long run schedule for the rest of the year. During the summer I will be switching to Saturdays so my Sundays are free for family stuff (hopefully some hiking). I don't want to completely forego Weight Watchers this summer,  so I am thinking that I can run down and get weighed in before bringing the kids to camp. It means I don't get to go to a meeting, but I need some of the accountability.

Eating has been okay so far this week. Scale isn't moving, but that is not to be expect at this time of the month. I am not sure if I will get in my meeting this week - Our Saturday is jam packed and trying to run 5 miles at 8 am will leave me too little time, but since we are going out Saturday night maybe I will just be stinky until I can shower in the afternoon. It will probably be a game-day decision.

Yesterday was perfect weather - 80 and no humidity and sun. I wish every day could be like that. It will be hot, hot, hot for the next 3 days and then back to the 60s for the weekend. I know we aren't allowed to complain about the weather when it gets home because it has been so crappy so far this year.

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