Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthday dress

I wanted to find a dress to wear for my daughter's 5th birthday this summer. I found one that would match well with the fuschia dress I had bought for her. And then there was the decision....

Size 14 or 16.

Size 16 I knew would be a sure fit. But I wasn't sure if the Size 14 would fit me right now. When I was 11 pounds lighter back in February, all my honeymoon clothes (and my wedding dress!) fit me - all of them were size 14.

I really, really didn't want to buy the Size 16 - I knew it would be too big, I knew I wouldn't get much use out of it. But it was the safe choice.

I chose not to go with the safe choice. I ordered the Size 14 on-line. I thought perhaps it could be an inspiration to get it to fit in the next 7 weeks.

It arrived yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised that it fit! But if definitely could fit better and hopefully it will by then. But at least I won't be stressing about trying to fit into it, because that pressure never seems to work.

Yesterday was Day 1 of re-commitment #796. But it went well. The only blip was that I could have had 1/3 of the frozen pizza we had and known I was eating 9 points. But I chose to have a bowl of the yummy homemade mac and cheese my friend dropped by with - I didn't have seconds though (though I wanted to SO badly) and I had a ton of salad - something my body has been craving like crazy.

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