Thursday, June 16, 2011

Starting over...

Time to get back on track. I know I sound like a broken record.

Scale this morning: 196.0

The last couple of weeks have been extremely stressful and the stress will continue but I need to channel it better.

My husband ended up needing to have emergency surgery on his foot after he dropped a knife on it and now he is in a cast for 4 weeks - no walking, no driving. Then a boot and PT for who knows how long. So I am now Mrs Mom and Mr Dad. He feels miserable because he is at home and can do nothing. But we move on.

One advantage is I am taking over the planning and cooking of meals for the time being and I hope that helps to have positive results.

We started a new session of WW today. I have affectionately gained 8 pounds since the first day of last session, but am up 10.6 from my lowest of 185.4 on February 25. I have not been in the 180s since March 18 except for a quick blip on April Fool's Day.

What happened to the exercise I was so fond of only 2 weeks ago? I had a excrutiating pain in my shoulder blade - I don't know if it came from running or I slept wrong. It still hurt like heck when I husband got hurt. So between the pain and being close to a nervous breakdown since he got hurt, I haven't been sleeping worth anything. So it needs to start again.

So this is where I am. Goal is to be 184 by my birthday - 2 months away. Can I lose 12 pounds in 9 weeks? I hope so!

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