Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Trip to the Doctor

Thankfully a scheduled trip - a physical. I hadn't been in almost 18 months. I was still 196.0 on the scale this morning and weighed 197.0 at the doctor (so nice to not have to move the 200 bar on the scale). Last time I was 218 so a 21 lb loss. I did tell her that 4 months ago it would have been a 32 lb loss, but hopefully I will be moving in the right direction again soon.

My blood pressure was good - I was a tad nervous since I have been so stressed lately. Though I have never had issues with my blood pressure - if anything it has been low. I got pricked to test my cholesterol and blood sugar. Hopefully those come back okay.

She does want me to get a colonscopy in the next 18 months. Ugh! But both my parent are on the 3 year plan now so now that I am 40, she wants me to get one.

She commended me on my weight loss, saying any weight loss is great. She is on the heavy side - I've had 3 female doctors in the last 20 years, all which have been pretty heavy. But at the same time it was nice to not be completely chewed out because of my weight, which some of my friends' doctors have done. Of course my mother wishes my doctors would do this. Yeah, 10 years ago my GYN go on my case for weighing 172 at the time. Did a lot of good - I quickly gained 30 pounds after that.

I don't expect a loss on the scale this week. My tracking lasted all of 2 days. But I will start again. Keep on trucking.

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