Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodbye Irene...

We survived fine - just a little water in the basement and a lot of downed twigs and leaves. I hope I am not kidding myself that daycare will be open today. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be Mommy and Daughter days - little brother not invited!

The last 2 (okay, make it 3) days have been pretty off foodwise.

Friday we unexpectedly ordered pizza out instead of in. I did get a greek salad as well to share with my husband.

Saturday morning was rush, rush, rush around the get errands done before the hurricane arrived. I was up really early so ended up having 2 breakfasts plus a snack, then my daughter and I went to the mexican restaurant we had all been planning to go to but my son desperately needed a nap so my husband stayed home with her. We ate a ton of chips, but no soda. Our evening plans were canceled so we had sausage BBQ we had planned for Sunday.

So we woke up Sunday with very little food in the house so we all kind of grazed, though not heavily, all day and dinner ended up as Breakfast for Dinner. I skipped the sausage and had fruit instead.

The one thing I did on Sunday was plop the kids in front of the tv (I never let them watch tv ALL day, but I did yesterday so I could get stuff done). I organized all of the binders I have for recipes, as well as the binder I have that has all the ideas for food for kids, so after we hook up the printer again and I can print everything out, we'll be good to go. All organized for new and delicious and healthy food for the fall.

The next couple of days, okay, let's make it the next week, will be equally as hectic and out of routine.

Tuesday September 6th can not quick enough!

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  1. Glad you made it safely through Irene and got lots done. :)