Friday, August 26, 2011

Skipping jeans day....

I am wearing my stand-by capris again today, even though it is Friday. I tell myself (and if anyone were to ask) that it is because it is muggy outside. But really it is because I am scared to try on my jeans. The Size 18 pants are long gone and I refused, absolutely refuse, to buy more. But I don't think the 16s will fit.

Today the scale said 202.8 which suprised me because I had 2 large servings of spaghetti last night for dinner. After today I am on vacation until after Labor Day. We are home for 6 out of 10 days and I plan on eating really well those days. Even the days we are away I am going to try to not overdo it. How awesome would it be to start the school year off at 199.8?

But for today I am not being "good". I am having my 'last' breakfast at work - which really is 2 breakfasts - a sandwich and a yogurt parfait. And I didn't bring my lunch or snacks either.  I am going to enjoy my food today and then cleanse the system after today!

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