Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Year Undone

I originally started this "blog" a year ago, shortly after my 40th birthday. It was originally called 'Getting Fit by 41'. Well, 41 has come and gone and I am exactly where I was a year ago. On August 30th I saw 200 for the last time until July 19th. The lowest I saw was 185.4 on February 25th. But the last 6 months have brought almost a 20 lb gain. They have also brought my husband being laid off, work being out-of-control busy, and my husband experiencing a freak household accident which had him incapacitated completely for 6 weeks, but unable to drive for 8. Alone, any of those would have been okay, but all together have been too much for me.

We have changes coming up - mainly being our leap into the world of elementary school - as our first child start Kindergarten in 10 days. At one point I hoped to be at my goal by her 5th birthday. Another time I hoped by the start of first grade. Now I have no goal (though a lingering one is by June 2013 for my 25th High School reunion - of which I will NOT attend if I have not made substantial progress).

Accountability has to be key. For the last couple of weeks I have stepped on the scale almost every day - too see if get even higher in the 200s, but not once have I recorded the weight in my spreadsheet or here. I have not attend Weight Watcher meetings as I have not been at work on a Thursday in a month. I haven't even checked in in 2 different on-line "challenges" I have been part of.

I need to get back to all of that. Daily recordings in my excel spreadsheet and even daily entries here if that is what it takes. But definitely entries here. Weekly checkins with my online challenges. And attend WW if I can (for instance I will be out again next Thursday) - hopefully the next session will be renewed.

But on a good note, I asked my husband for sneakers for my birthday so I get to go pick those out very soon - maybe even this weekend.

With our new routine starting soon, I hope that means early mornings for me (gotta tell my husband that no, he can NOT watch tv or study in our room at night - I want lights out at 10:30, even if that means watching a 10 pm newscast of people I don't particularly like).

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....

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