Thursday, June 26, 2014

Didn't mean for a 2 week hiatus

Work was crazy and so was the end of the school year and getting adjusted to summer schedules and all....and I will admit the eating has been far from stellar - but that isn't the reason I have been away. I just really haven't had any time.

Shortly after I last wrote, we went away for the weekend, including all of us taking Friday off (well, except for my son, because the previous day was his last day of daycare, ever!!!!!)

I was nervous about going away, especially since the day before I hit 185.8 which is a BMI of 30, but is also a 20% weight loss. Of course I haven't seen that number since :(

The day we drove up, it was pouring so we couldn't go to the theme park, so we hit the movies, but not before hitting the Lindt outlet and the Stonewell Kitchen outlet! But I did eat my bag lunch from home. And made wise choices at dinner. And at the park the next day (I didn't get to go ziplining because our schedule got thrown off because of the rain :( ).

Being in the White Mountains made me long to be back hiking and backpacking and rock climbing and camping and kayaking. Someday. Soon! The second night and at the 2nd theme park on Sunday, my food choices weren't as good.

I felt bloated and gross. On Tuesday my weight was up 5 lbs!!!!! Which was a decade up - ugh! I only went to work 2 days and then had 3 days off - my daughter's last day of 2nd grade, and planned and executed her early birthday party and generally ate poorly. Again, it left me feeling bloated and awful.

But I am back on track. I hope to have a good weekend eating! Though TOM will be here soon.

So back to running.....The week I last wrote, I got my 2 runs in, including 4.5 miles the day before we left (more than my "normal" Thursday run, and then 4.25 the Tuesday after and 4.75 that Thursday. All of this without any fuel in the morning. I've got to start getting up a little earlier to get a little something in me so I am not so tired when I go out.)

Saturday the 21st me and my friend did Foam Fest, which is a foam, water and mud obstacle race. So much fun!!!! I purposely didn't sign up for the BAA 10K the next day because I presumed I would be sore and tired, but not so, so I got up and ran a 10K (not race) anyway. I ran in the same time as my 10K race (with all the hills) so I probably could have done pretty well in a race.

I got out this Tuesday and today I woke up to what sounded like pouring rain, but I knew I wanted to get my miles in to hit 50 for June. When I went to the bathroom it didn't appear to be raining much at all so I decided to head out to get in 3.9 miles. Part way through it started pouring. But it was a warm rain :) It was a lot of fun. And by the time I got home, soaked, it had pretty much stopped.

I am a little worried about my left foot. I am feeling slight plantar fasciitis soreness. I am so worried about overdoing it. Running a 1/2 is just not worth it! I don't have to get in all the miles - I just want o be able to do some running and strength training and biking on the bike trainer. So I will proceed with caution as I go into the beginning of 1/2 marathon training (I am doing 7 miles this weekend).

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