Monday, June 2, 2014

What a busy and fun weekend....

I was 187.2 on Saturday morning, despite the pasta dinner, so I changed my official weekly weigh-in.

Me and my 7 year old had a blast at Color Me Rad. It was in the 40s when we woke up, so we put on running tights and long sleeve white shirts. But by the time we got parked at 8:30, it was warmer, so we changed into tights and tank tops.

The course was a lot hillier than I expected. It was at a farm, so the course was on plowed fields. But you had to climb a steep hill to get up to the fields, and then it was up and down and traversing a lot for 3 miles, and then came down the hill at the end.

Trying to explain "pace" to a child is not easy. She ran a mile in 6:35. I tried to explain to her she wouldn't be able to do that here, but all she knows is running as fast as she can and walking. I encouraged her to run some, especially because I wanted practice running up and down hills, but we did a fair amount of walking as well. In the end, probably did 50-50.

After we got home (it was a nightmare getting out of the "parking lot" (ie another field) - we sat for 40 minutes and didn't move an inch, and then once they didn't allow any more cars in, we were allowed to get out. We took a nice long shower, then she had a soccer game and then a birthday party. During the birthday party I spent my generous gift card to Crate & Barrel - that was so much fun!

Sunday I knew I wanted to get a run in. I wasn't sure how much or where. I knew I wouldn't drive to the bike path. I didn't set my alarm. But I was up early anyways. I did eat something (whole wheat waffle with strawberry jam and part of a small banana) and headed out in the neighborhood. I had thought maybe I would try to get in 5 miles. But I started out fairly quick (which leads me to believe that my slow pace during the week is mainly due to starting to run within 1/2 an hour of getting up, plus not eating anything). I was loving just running, running, running (which for me meant less than 11:00 mile). Then I wondered if I could possibly PR a 5K, so I bolted for 1/2 of the last mile....but too fast and I couldn't keep it up (or really didn't desire it...if I had had a metal, or even a spectator waiting at the end maybe I would have) - I finished in 32:18, probably the fastest non-race 5K I've ever run.

Last night I figured out my training plan. I officially won't start until July 6th. Which leaves me for June to be this weird month.

With 2 non-traditional races (May 31 and June 21), a 10K next weekend which will probably lead me without the ability to walk for days, a vacation and a non-kid weekend, I am not sure how many miles I will rack up during the weekends. I can get in 7 during the week no problem, but I want to get in 6 miles at least 2 more times besides the 10K.

Then come July, I have a 2 mile fun run on the 4th, and then the 6th I am supposed to start with 7 miles! (not to mention the BBQ and fireworks the night before and then a BBQ after).

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