Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weekly Weigh-in (no longer obese!)

Starting Weight: 232.2
Last Week: 188.8
This Week: 185.2
Change from Last Week: 3.6
Total Loss: -47.0
Goal: 149

185.2 = BMI of 29.9 - "Overweight" - no longer Obese!!

I really kicked ass this week - I was in such a funk of the bloating, that I just stayed on plan this week.

Though on Wednesday, when my At Work WW meeting, I was at 188.6!! I had decided that I was going to go to my regular WW meeting this morning, so I stayed vigilent and it paid off.

Not only am I at 29.9, I am at 20% lost! I got the new 10% charm (opposed to the old key chain) and I got another one too. 50 lb washer is just 3 lbs away!

I will admit, I am pretty terrified. I've seen 185.2 before. I saw it on 2/27/2011. For one day. And then work got crazy and I started gained. Then at the end of March 2011 my husband got laid off and started cooking wonderful dinners and I kept gaining. And even when I did C25K the first time in the Fall of 2011, I kept gaining. And in February 2012 we decided to move, which required a selling of one property and buying another and I kept gaining. And we moved and it took a while to get settled, and I kept gaining. Until 12/1/2012, when I re-joined WW after seeing pictures of me at Disneyworld and after my MIL passed away. I had seen the scale say 236, though it was 232.2 when I re-joined WW. Yep, 50 lb gain in 21 months!

And what I didn't mention was that I was still going to WW during the first 6 months of gaining. That is part of why I am scared of the At Work WW - The atmosphere was not the same. I didn't feel the same support from co-workers. I didn't feel comfortable talking to them about issues.

So now I think I may continue with the 2x/week WW meetings! The scale from the At Work doesn't get registered into the main computer, so I can keep them separate. I may not make all of the Saturday morning ones, but knowing that I can go there and weigh-in (if you go to 2+ center meetings in the same week, you can only weigh in at the first one) at both.

But I need the scale to keep going down and I am going to do everything I can do do that, even if it is just .5 lb a week - slow and steady wins the race!

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  1. Congrats on getting out of the obese category! I did that a little while ago and it was a great feeling.

    I also know how you feel about getting to a lower weight and worrying about regain. In fact, I just posted about this on my blog. In early 2012 I got to my lowest weight in many years and then promptly regained when we were looking for a house and moving. I ended up gaining over 30 pounds! So, yes, it is scary. But, I remind myself that my circumstances now aren't my circumstances then so things don't have to happen the same way.